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July, 26, 2013

10 Things I Wont Miss About University! (And You Wont Either)


Name: Sophie Bichener
Member of: Student Panellist
Joined: Dec 2010
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10 THINGS (In no particular order, although I’d say No.1 is definitely the worst!)

1. Drama
I know, it all seems like fun and games (if you’re a boy or about to become a fresher) but at the end of your three years at University the drama that goes on gets a little ridiculous. From who’s ‘doing’ who to who’s dating what, it may seem a laugh at the start but can get vicious! I remember looking forward to finding an unknown male in my kitchen and offering a cuppa the morning after the night before but it’s not all plain sailing! There have been tears, tantrums and trauma in every sense of the word and although I love my girls – it’s been hard.


Photo by Miguel Pires da Rosa

2. Work Load
So, you’re a fresher about to set out on the biggest adventure of your life so far, a small fish in a big, big pond. You may be thinking “I’m going to party all night long: lectures smectures”, well you’d be correct! First year is a doss. However, it’s taken me and my peers around a month to recover from the month we spent in the library (for some people even more) hunched over a computer desperately trying to type coherent sentences for hours upon hours. I felt unable to go home and have a guilt-free evening away from work the whole time. I don’t miss it!


Photo by Ali K Williams

3. Silverfish
If you’ve been to uni you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. If you’re at uni and you have that one REALLY messy house mate that you want to strangle every time you watch a slug or a mouse chomping away at five week old pizza they left behind the bin, you’ll know what I mean. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s probably because you haven’t lived in a student house or IT’S YOU… CLEAN YOUR MESS UP! Messy housemates are the worst and there’s no telling them! I learned to live with it but I know it irritates many people so much!


Photo by Abbamouse

4. The SU Politics
Although I was President of the Politics Society and enjoy keeping up to date with politics (hence why I did a degree in it…), the politics that went on in the union was ridiculous. From whether or not the library should be open all hours to how many bananas should or shouldn’t be sold in the SU shop there was always an argument to be had.

They THINK they’re doing this:


Photo by Matt Murphy

When really…

Photo by Tony Gurr

At Leicester, our union execs often stayed at uni long into the night at meetings which were never advertised for the average student to attend and decided upon ‘important’ university matters which apparently ‘benefited us all’. However, you could probably count those that attended on one or two hands. Inclusive and cliquey!

5. Money
Everyone who has been a student understands how, not only hard, but annoying it is to have
an (extremely limited in my case) budget. I was lucky enough to have my parents to support me but whether you have a job or support from home you’ll probably never be able to walk into TopShop and go mad (not even on the sale aisle).


Photo by Stuart Pilbrow

6. Food (…Related to money…)
A familiar sight in the student kitchen is a cupboard lovingly filled with two tins of beans, some tea bags and perhaps the odd overgrown potato which no one knows who it’s owner is. Having no food, with no money to pay for food, is a killer. In the last few weeks of my final year I had crept so far into my overdraft (expecting my card to be declined every time I used it; which wasn’t too often as you could imagine) that I had to make a decision between going out and buying soup or rice. Tough times calls for tough measures (safe to say I chose the going out part…).

7. The Cost of Living (…Still related to money…)
Never mind the food, clothes, products (mainly for girls), the worst part about being a student with limited funds is the course costs! Little do you realise that after your parents have happily sent you off on your way to uni, you will probably be ringing them back up within the week asking (in my case) for;
- £180 for a gym membership (all that pizza has to go somewhere).
- £250 for a bus pass (yes, Leicester is awful)
- £150 for ‘essential’ course texts books, which you’re terrified into buying but really don’t need.
- Plus all the extras for a key deposit, the internet, insurance, student group membership fees. Plus so much more!

8. Leaflets
Whether you’re bending down every time you walk through the door to pick them up (more like kicking them to one side) or pretending to text to avoid the keen student club reps whilst almost running to get to a lecture on time, leaflets are one of the most annoying things about uni. You can’t avoid it. Our postman started throwing them away for us, nice chap. But the ones which insist on blocking your path in order to give you a piece of paper telling you to attend the ‘BEST NIGHT OUT OF THE CENTURY’ are pretty hard to beat. I’m sure after uni most people have mastered the ‘sorry I’m late’, ‘sorry I’m on the phone’/’have no hands free’ or ‘go away’/’no thanks’.


Photo by Karen Eliot

9. Blackboard
It’s been at Leicester for the three years I’d been there. Did my lecturers know how to use it? No. Did they learn? No. Lecturers seem to be desperately clinging on to the dark ages when it comes to Blackboard. Many on my course (It’s History, so many of them probably remember teaching before computers existed) point blank refused to even get along with PowerPoint – we were forced to listen to a long winded presentation with no pictures or words to stare blankly at for the whole time.


Photo by Bryan Alexander

10. Moving
Early on at Leicester you get used to moving everything you own in and out of halls (most of them are used for conferences during the breaks so you have to completely move out). From that point onward, moving everything you own in and out of various different houses becomes extremely tiring. You collect so much rubbish over the three years that the final move out is the worst. Some people I know hired a van, I just sat on top of two boxes and a duvet in the back of my dad’s car (worst trip ever, extremely hungover/still drunk from summer ball!)


Photo by Unknown


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