October, 23, 2013

University experience in GIFs


Name: Sophie Bichener
Member of: Student Panellist
Joined: Dec 2010
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Ladies and gentlemen… This, is your life… The next few scrolls will totally sum up your university life from start to finish.

Got your place at uni and are being bombarded by ‘freshers’ facebook events…

During freshers week,

Coming home at the end of a long and enjoyable 1st year…

The Start of second year (with similar expectations as first year)…

butttt in reality,

“…Where am I?!”

Towards the end of second year,

Parties become slightly more desperate and a little weirder…

And finally, into third year,


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  1. Ross Walker

    spot on!

  2. Luke Swanton

    Sounds epic, cant wait =D

  3. Jokubas Kudaba

    Looks awesome :D

  4. Alexandra Freeman

    So far so true!

  5. Jake Liken

    Guess this is going to be one hell of a journey then for me.

  6. Patrick Carty

    looks like I’m in for an interesting few years!

  7. Sarah-Jane Hewson

    Is it strange im looking forward to it all haha

  8. Meddo freddo

    I’m a first year… and this scares me haha