November, 04, 2013

Halloween is dead to me


Name: Victoria Coombs
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For most people Halloween used to be a time where children came round to your house in their beautifully cute costumes, dressed as witches,wizards, zombies and many other assorted beings. You wanted to give them sweets.

Now most people feel like they have no choice; you either give them sweets or you run the risk of having eggs thrown on your car and/or house. Instead of these sweet children coming round your house in their juvenile costumes, you now have girls and boys who are quite obviously too old to ‘trick or treat’, rarely wearing a costume, and demanding sweets or else.


Photo by Colleen McMahon

I have even heard of some people giving out money, as they have either run out of sweets or forgotten to buy any and are afraid if they do not give the trick or treaters something they will wake up the next morning with a dairy mess on the front of their house and car.

Halloween used to be a time of enjoy and celebration when you wanted to open your door, now some people go as far as to turning off all their lights, sitting in the dark for the night and locking up their cars in the garage. They feel it’s better to pretend they are out rather than run the risk of facing these Halloween crashers. Others go and stay with family elsewhere to get away just for the evening.


Photo by Petite Fox

Has the world really come to this? Being too scared to open your door and forced to give out sweets in case the next group of people who come along throw eggs at your property? This has to change! I believe anyone above the age of 12 should not be trick or treating, it may seem unfair, but I personally would like to go through this Halloween knowing with no fear that I can open the door to find young children in smart costume who I would be willing to give sweets to as a reward for their costumes.

We have to put the fun back into Halloween and take out the fear, and I believe I am not the only one who believes this.


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  1. caitlin clutton

    I LOVE halloween! I used to live in the country side so i would travel to a small village where i used to go to primary school to do my GUIZING. there was a population of about 150. most houses would be grand and let us in, but we guized properly, we would tell a poem or a ghost story or something inventive. these days i find that kiddies just show up at your door with nothing. just expecting sweets. First i think that is wrong.
    My second point, i was in memphis this year for halloween, i was so excited about being in the states as they, i have been led to believe are the kings of halloween. i was bitterly disappointed. being that bit older now, my friends and i were dressed up ready to frequent the pub/ clubs and the place was literally dead. not in a good halloween way, there was NO ONE OUT. you let me down mercuh’
    I don’t think the art of dressing up is dead. Whilst at uni halloween was a fabulous evening to have a party and most folk participated.

    p.s. eggs aren’t dairy?!…

  2. joe larcombe

    Kids should know when they are too old to trick or treat so they shoukdnbe prepared to be turnt away

  3. Ross Walker

    When I was growing up the streets used to be flooded with people dressed up and houses decorated but now the streets are empty and nobody wants to make the effort, it is just another day of the year!

  4. Laura Laughlin

    If only halloween was the same as in Hocus Pocus, people just don’t make the effort anymore

  5. Saja Abdulkarim

    I think Halloween is amusing sometimes only when watching films and bought clothes, but when it’s a boring day where trick or treat knock on your outside door that gets very boring

  6. Charlie Chesaites

    Halloween is not the same anymore. Even the younger generation doesn’t seem to enjoy it as I did when I was their age.

  7. Fahad Ali

    Haloween is a waste of a day

    • caitlin clutton


  8. Abbie Williams

    i used to be into halloween when i was little, but all children are. now its just where we are forced to buy sweets for people we dont even know. and if we dont we get egged or they get pretty angry about it.. go but your own sweets then

  9. Maureen Obioha Agwanihu

    In my own opinion I think Halloween celebration is wrong. How can one celebrate darkness, dressing up like witches and wizards, zombies etc. What is good about it? Nothing. Coupled with all the negative actions of throwing eggs to one’s property if you fail to give them sweets…can you imagine that? Personally, I dont celebrate it nor encourage anyone to do so.

  10. Belinda Mahil

    i’m not into halloween in terms of trick or treating but it’s always a good excuse for a party:)!

  11. Jess Watts

    Halloween was enjoyable when I was younger but now I think it’s a waste of time, it feels too American and doesn’t really apply to British culture, it would be much more enjoyable to have a normal night out out as the amount of police around on Halloween tends to ruin the mood

  12. Kirree Swift

    I feel that Halloween is incredibly paganistic and celebrates the darkness in life, which is just plain wrong. I prefer to go to a light party on Halloween instead, it’s much more fun – and warmer! Can see why it may be seen as culture but it’s also highly commercialised. Just save your money for Christmas! :)

  13. sadie scott

    I’ve always loved Halloween, my family used to celebrate it better than Christmas! We’ve never been victims of vandalism because we always decorated up and made people welcome but my mother no longer bothers with it, this year she had someone trying to break in to her house when she was home alone so my Brother went back to be with her, we’re not sure if it was an out of control prank or a genuine attempt at crime but it worried her.

    I agree that people are under no obligation to give out treats, not everyone celebrates Halloween and many people can’t afford to waste the money.
    Handing out sweets with a pet rat in ny shoulder fully dressed up was such fun but I noticed kids were getting greedy, making repeat trips, I even had a few in their teens turn up and ask for sweets without costumes a few years ago. It’s completely wrong! There are no manners anymore!

  14. Humayra Amin

    Now halloween is basically just a day where you can get free sweets as long as you dress up.
    I could do this everyday.Why not?

  15. Em

    Nobody does this where I’m from. Halloween is nearly bigger than Christmas, a time to get as many sweets as possible, hit all the neighbourhoods in town, particularly the wealthy ones as they give out lots! And decorate your homes like haunted houses to let the kids walk through and enjoy. A lot of the houses we visited, had the owners trying elaborate ways to scare all the kids, which we enjoyed greatly. I trick or treated into my teens and we never did any ‘tricks’. There seems to be a weird cultural phenomenon here that makes people do bizarre things…. and then ruins it for everyone else.

  16. Charlotte Hardwick

    I have to completely agree with this. Halloween is no longer an event where children can go out and enjoy a long lived tradition. It’s a time where older teens think it is okay to vandalise peoples property and gardens. It’s disgusting some of the behaviour i have seen in different places and something needs to be enforced to prevent this from happening because smaller children are only going to learn from theses teens and it is going to become gradually worse.

  17. Emma Morcom

    i totally agree, round my old area the behavior of many ‘older’ teenagers seem to take away the fun out of Halloween and create this element of fear so i agree that anyone over the age of 12 should be banned. However that is never really going to be enforced because where realistically are you going to find anyone to police this? that is the only problem.

  18. Reece Fenwick

    The norm of holidays such as Halloween have been destroyed by adolescent teens who think it is funny to vandalize (although with eggs and flour) people’s property just because they didn’t or do not give them sweets and/or money is completely wrong, it gives a bad image to many other teens who realise the idea of Halloween is more for children to collect sweets, and to those who don’t want to cause trouble as well. Until idiots who throw eggs and disrupt the holiday, Halloween will no longer be safe for anyone to enjoy it.

  19. Zoe Coombes

    This seems to be happening with most holidays now-a-days, people are forgetting the meaning and the tradition and just using it for another party. Fireworks night has just been and gone, and even yesterday night (5 days after firework night) people were letting fireworks off, this was also happening days before. As with Halloween I saw no kids in the street only teenagers going to party’s, yes this could be because parents don’t feel safe letting there kids going door to door but when I was younger parents went around with the kids or throw party’s for the kids rather than having Halloween party’s for them self.

  20. Vicki Harlow

    This is all too true, as this Halloween I opened the door to two guys taller than me and wearing black hoodie and masks asking for candy. I didn’t want to give them candy, but I was too scared to refuse them.