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February, 25, 2014

It’s inevitable; we’re all turning into our Mothers


Name: Laura Bull
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One weekend whilst visiting my boyfriend I came to the epiphany that we all turn out like our mothers. It seems to be as inevitable as dying.

This came about after I had spent near enough, the entire weekend nagging him to dust his room. For the record, I had written my name in the dust and my finger was black afterwards. To stop making a mess of the bed I had just made (and numerous other things which I wont mention as the list would go on forever…) is when it hit me…I sounded just like my mother. This epiphany made me wince and recoil at first and left me feeling slightly nauseated with the knowledge that no matter how hard I tried not to, I acted and sounded just like my mother. I came to ask myself the question of; is it possible for me to avoid this, or is it genetically inside of me to be a reincarnation of my mother?

A classic mother-daughter moment

From here onward, things exclusively became worse. After getting ready to go out one evening, I went down stairs to be met by a smile off my mother. You’re probably thinking what is wrong with that? Truth be told everything that could have been wrong was indeed wrong. The smile my mother was giving me wasn’t one of those; ‘hello in passing’ kind of smiles, no. The smile my mother was giving me was one of those; ‘I remember dressing like that when I was your age’, kind of smile. Obviously, after knowing this I went straight back upstairs to change into an outfit which I knew would definitely not make me resemble my mother in anyway shape or form.

Photo By Marimoon

But as the night grew on and my feet began to hurt, I began to wish I had stuck with the kitten heels – as my mother wore when she was my age, rather than the stupid six inches I had on. Several hours later, having two extremely numb feet, I came to the conclusion that it isn’t so horrible or as devastating as I make it seem that I am in essence, my mother reincarnated. In fact, I would be rather worried if I was not just like my mother as she is after all, the woman who went through nine months pregnancy of me kicking her from the inside out, a painful birth, to then have ended up with me; a pain in the ass for the past nineteen years.

After this thought, I came to the revelation of simply embracing who and what I am. I am my mothers daughter and I would not change this for anything in the world. She is the strong, independent, courageous, caring and beautiful woman who has raised me to be who I am today. So, from this day henceforth, I stopped avoiding the inevitable and instead embraced it. With my first move of embrace being not that of a hug, but rather an embrace of my mothers nice dresses being on me and not her.

Photo By 藍川芥 aikawake


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