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March, 10, 2014

Sex, texts & exes; Cringing over my teenage years


Name: Katrina Holmes
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Exes are like a flaccid penis; laughable, embarrassing and hard to forget. Some generous people can be friends with their exes like they don’t have a vivid image of them naked on their mother’s sofa with a so-called sexy g-string on. I, for one, am not one of those people.

I struggle with the fact that there are men out there that have seen my au naturel state at 4 am on a Saturday morning spluttering through a kiss with saliva dripping onto their pre-bearded chin. I think back to them stroking my hairy legs and telling me how beautiful I am when the sanest comment would be to compare me to the finally-found Big Foot monster. It’s almost unbearable to think of my seventeen year old self canoodling a hormonal boy that re-enacted a scene from the 40 Year Old Virgin and couldn’t quite get that trusty genital-raincoat on. Memories like this should be locked away with similar cringe-worthy I-hate-myself moments such as drunkenly fondling a middle-aged barman who was trying to keep my legs from behaving like Bambi.

Photo By Ashley Harrigan

Photo By Ashley Harrigan

Of course, back in the day I had some pleasant times with these exes. We shared a laugh or two. We watched a film or two. We broke a heart or two. But now the decade of my twenties has hit and I realise that their existence haunts my memory, why did I find the shaved Nike tick on the side of his nearly-bald head a turn on?

When I think back over my impressionable years as a teenager, I remember thinking that texting the word ‘babe’ was the ultimate flirting technique. If that was followed by the ever-anticipated ‘x’ kiss at the end, that was it; life as you knew it was over. Being single back then was like a race for the sexually-deprived; who can kiss someone’s peeling dry lips first?

Other memories include some images that could fill a sex-for-dummies book which, if it doesn’t already exist, may just have to be in the pipeline. One ex thought it was a marvelous idea to light some candles one fateful Valentine’s day and surprise me with a ‘night of pleasure’. Unfortunately, he ended up burning a certain area and was sat with a bag of ever-so-attractive frozen peas whilst I reveled in the pleasure of his grimacing. Another brave warrior of a nearly-man tried to seduce me with his culinary skills in the kitchen and ended up buying me Kentucky Fried Chicken as a ‘surprise’; I’m a vegetarian.

The most embarrassing thing about remembering these men is how I behaved and I’m sure they’d probably all agree too. I was the dictionary definition of a joke; I wore socks with sandals. They were the times when I thought Westlife were the sexiest thing since the creation of man and I owned flared trousers. I am appalled. However, the main issue was that I had a heart that always sought after teenage love like it was going to be one giant orgasm for the rest of my life. It wasn’t, I have to add. I was always the one to jump on the romance wagon and declare my undying Romeo and Juliet lets-get-married-and-be-ridiculous together love for them when really the only thing we had in common was our choice in Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

Sometimes, when I’m out and about in the bustle of London life I fear the ex-factor. They could stroll out from some unknown sidewalk and shout out how my virginal skills in the bedroom were somewhat unfortunate to the tourists ready with their cameras to ‘name and shame’. When I see a figure of a man that looks like it could be one of those exes, my heart stops… not from the thought of his hands all over my body and failing to ‘find the spot’ but from the sheer horror of having one of those awkward conversations or an I-remember-how-your-nipples-looked kind of silence.

Photo By Savrae

Photo By Savrae

I have tried in the past to be all hugs and kisses how’s-the-family with exes but somehow it’s always ended with me feeling slightly repulsed when I try to tuck into a small vegetarian sausage shortly afterwards. I don’t wish any negativity onto them but I do wish that they could forget my sordid past of, brace yourself, denim on denim.


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  1. Rose

    Wow awesome piece, genuine and on point. Love it! What drives me even more crazy is that you have explained yourself such that the reader can live in your world! It’s beautiful!

  2. Chloe Houston

    Loved this article!!

  3. Wendmagegn

    You must do sex safely,coz its satisfaction.

  4. sahil

    That was really good esp the “declare my undying Romeo and Juliet lets-get-married-and-be-ridiculous together love for them when really the only thing we had in common was our choice in Krispy Kreme doughnuts.” ahaha been there before 😉

  5. Anna-katrina Warrington

    Laghed my head off the whole way through, cringe-ily relatable

  6. Chelsie Bell

    Haha! Love this article

  7. Justine

    ‘They were the times when I thought Westlife were the sexiest thing since the creation of man…’ Had me literally laughing out loud! Hahaha. This whole piece is truly hilarious, so relatable, clever and extremely well written. I loved it and can’t wait to read more from you!

  8. Gabriel Olalekan

    You should not have sex until marriage.

    • Cameron Hector

      Oh do shut up, Gabriel.

  9. daniel15

    A very funny article

  10. Holly Stainton

    Brightened up my day! Totally true!!!

  11. harvin

    i have realised i havent experienced any of that , well its really up to you how you want your life to go . on way is up there ^ other is being not so sociable work hard get the grades , get in a amazing uni , get the degree and be rich … then have all the sociable life you want really

  12. Becks

    Lol very good writing! Yer u can relate to that I’m glad it ain’t just me lol I dread the thought of bumping into an ex! I cringe at how cool I thought I was and looking at teenage girls today it’s really bit I’m so embarrassed that’s how I must of looked! Cringe lol good article made me laugh and remind me of those days lol

  13. ify


  14. Wendmagegn

    Its very interesting.

  15. Demi Smith

    such a funny ready, i can relate to some of this its quite funny as when you grow up you realise the silly things that didnt matter when you. were young!

  16. Dan Platt

    Fantastic piece from a hilarious writer! More of the same would be great!

  17. S.C.B

    LOOOOOL, love it, absolutely hilarious!



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