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April, 02, 2009

Why I love Facebook

Our debut Video Article of the Month is from Amy Smith who has produced a video on why she loves Facebook. She talks about how she uses Facebook to organise events, why it’s a good way for keeping in touch with friends and how it helps you to maintain a fun and active social life.

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  1. Sadaf

    Facebook!!! My friends have told me to join it. I said to them its one of those stupid thinks like hi5 or bebo. Face book is cool. Coz i have all my friend their….

  2. Fran

    I use Facebook to boast about how good my life is!

  3. Nik

    Though it can be distracting, I find it useful. ADVICE Don’t get addicted to the apps! 😛

  4. Victoria

    I am a big fan of Facebook too 🙂 I have been thinking about closing down my account as it can be a bit distracting!