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April, 29, 2009

The Complete University Guide

The Complete University Guide will soon be publishing their updated annual league table. As an additional benefit for student visitors to their website, they are featuring some Opinionpanel top ten university rankings. Did you know, for example, that the University of Dundee?s students now regard their city centre campus facilities more highly than nearly every other university (with the exception of the University of Oxford) in the UK? Dundee has just invested £200 million in improving its facilities. Maybe that has something to do with their success!

Module 2 of our Higher Expectations – a study aimed at university marketing professionals — provides this kind of data covering over 100 universities based on 80 factors and attributes. Perfect for university marketing departments looking to benchmark and understand their strengths and weaknesses. To find out more, check out our Higher Expectations study.

Campus facilities — overall 2007/08* — University of Oxford 63%, University of Dundee 62%, Loughborough University 57%, University of Cambridge 56%, University of Leeds 55%, University of Sheffield 55%, University of Glasgow 54%, University of Nottingham 53%, Queen’s University of Belfast 53%

(% who strongly agree that their current institution has good campus facilities overall)

Base = 12,424

Fieldwork, November and December 2007

*2008/09 data out early May 2009

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    The complete university guide.. OMG! 🙂