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November, 29, 2010

All I want for Christmas is…

Last week we asked 1000 students what was at the top of their wish list for Christmas this year on our Student Omnibus Questionnaire.

Top of the list was – drumroll……. hard cash! Yes, nearly a quarter of students said that they wanted money for Christmas with one student saying “money would be most useful to help me with university”.

Second on the Christmas list was clothes as answered by a fifth of students. This was followed by computers and games consoles which was mentioned by 15% of students.

Unusual answers included a 1906 map of the British Railway System and a Korean War manuscript.

Well, we all just want chocolate here in the OpinionPanel office! (hint hint)

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  1. Wesdijk Elisabeth Paloma

    i would want publication relating to my studies (MIDIRS) or dvd about antenatal classes, or anything relating my studies (Midwifery) but I think it is because I really love my degree 🙂

  2. Emma Hine

    I want more time for Christmas. more time for my essays

  3. Jo

    if i have a wish for christmas it would be a Holiday in the sun

  4. Tina

    Agree with Manish xp

  5. Catherine

    Cash would definately be preferable!

  6. Manish

    If i had the cash i would defiantly send box of chocolates your way. Hint Hint lol.