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March, 25, 2011

New BIS report by OpinionPanel on Attitudes to Science among 14-16 year olds

Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) publishes OpinionPanel report on Attitudes to Science among 14-16 year olds.  It shows just how important science is to the young — 81% of respondents were amazed by the achievements of science, and 65% felt that it is important to know about science in their daily lives.

However females were not as positive about science as males.  However, overall Science was the most popular subject in school (16% favouring it), followed by English.  Maths was only most popular for 8%.  And nearly half plan to study science after their GCSEs – this was the most popular subject choice.

For a quick summary click here.

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  1. i have to disagree when i was in school two yrs ago most of my physics and biology classes were female.

  2. Wojciech Marcinek

    I still think that Maths and Science (Physics in particular) should be closer together.
    For starters, when choosing to do Maths or Physics at college, the other choice should be recommended.