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March, 28, 2011

Congratulations to Prize Draw Winner Laura from Leeds!

By Emma Woodwark, Project Manager

Towards the end of 2010 OpinionPanel was commissioned by one of the world’s leading experts in graduate assessment to help trial a new range of in-depth aptitude tests.  Consequently students (from The Student Panel) and graduates (from The Graduate Panel) were given the opportunity to take a free aptitude test.  These types of reasoning tests are frequently used by employers as part of their assessment procedures for the selection and development of staff.  The feedback the respondents received from the tests helped them to find out more about their strengths and development needs, which could consequently aid them in making future career decisions.

The highest achieving participants were entered into a prize draw for a brand new iPad.  When the project was closed the prize draw was run and the lucky winner was student panellist Laura from Leeds University!  Congratulations Laura, here’s what she had to say about winning:

“I never thought I’d have a use for an iPad but since I’ve had it I’ve found more and more ways to use it. It’s great for reading the paper in the morning and books as well. It’s a lovely thing to share with my housemates…we were all using it to show pictures of our travels and using the Google earth app to show where we’d been. Useful in the kitchen for speedy pancake recipes too. I’ve also been using it to plan bike rides which is useful to me as I regularly have to lead these. It’s so fast and fills the gap between laptop, books and TV by providing quick and speedy access to internet and entertainment. It will definitely make long train and plane journeys pass by faster too.”

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