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Articles > Rant July, 05, 2011

In Praise of Student Drinking…

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Simon Cox’s vid won the July slot in our Article of the Month series, so congratulations Simon, your £50 cheque is winging it’s way to you now! His video is quirky, fun…very different. Let us know what you think in the Comments section!

Sam Williams
Panel Manager

PS If you’d like to win £50 for next month’s AoM, just drop me a line with your synopsis.

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  1. Zoe Cheale

    the content of this video – fantastic but the display bad if this has been animated like many educational science videos are would of been much more visually engaging the picture changing felt cheap and quickly hashed together. next time badger the animators of your university 😉

  2. Stephanie Mercer

    asolutely epic video.

  3. Gediminas Tamenas


  4. sarah harman

    Well Done

  5. Abimbola Ayanfeoluwa Adetoye

    This is interesting.

  6. justin case

    why does everyone have such a hard on for the thermodynamics error? bloody good video on the whole if u ask me.

  7. Nana Dokua Hamilton

    Well done indeed Simon! What interested me the most about your article is that you were not presenting your article by just word by mouth but rather was incorporated with some photographs which indicate the phrase and or the sentence you are wording. To me it is very attractive, easily to understand and catch the meaning. Lastly you also mentioned that drinking is a lifestyle choice and the things that could drag individual into this habit as well as you mentioned the consequences that could result people from binge drinking. Truly you can also be a counsellor. Impress!


  8. William

    This a nice video but the pictures makes it irritating.

  9. Rob

    I do not understand why this is ‘article of the month’. As previous comments have pointed out, not only the argument but the quality of the video itself is poor – and that is clearly not one of the laws of thermodynamics.

  10. A.

    The mishap concerning Newton’s third law of motion kind of ruined the whole thing.

  11. HeatherLizzyPOO

    What a fab video!! Drink up

  12. karl burnip

    load of crap:just not interesting,quite poor too
    in fact total drivel !!

  13. Jun

    Great video, Simon. You may want to check out this video about another popular beverage among student folk!

  14. Scientist

    That isn’t one of the laws of thermodynamics.

  15. Steve

    You should hook up with Bo yo on you tube and become a sensation. Cheers to the new law in thermodynamics. Keep on drinking!!!

  16. Dean

    ^ seconded!

  17. Toby

    Only one problem… for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction is NOT one of the laws of thermodynamics…. Please will you credit Sir Isaac Newton in future and not forget one of the most important scientific minds this country has produced.
    As a Penalty i feel you owe any physics students you meet one alcoholic beverage.