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May, 15, 2013

Which? and the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) release new research revealing large variations in student workload

Today Which? and HEPI have released the results of a study based on 17,000 of our student panelists. You have helped to reveal variations in the amount and type of scheduled teaching at universities. The research has shown that students studying the same subject at different universities receiving as much as double the amount of contact hours.

Students at some universities study for an average of just 20 hours a week, while others are working for 40 hours or more.

The amount of contact time has a major impact on whether you feel your course offers value for money. Of those receiving 0-9 hours of contact per week, 30% of first-year students said their course didn’t offer value for money, compared with 10% for those with 15-24 hours per week.

University contact hours as a whole have risen by only 18 minutes per week to 14 hours on average since 2006, despite the nine-fold increase in tuition fees in England – now up to £9,000 per year – over that period. This has lead to almost one in three first year students at UK universities believing their course is not good value for money.

You can compare contact hours and class sizes across different universities and subjects with the Which? contact hours comparison tool.
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  1. Kevin Madden

    It depends on what type of person you are. Personally, you can show me something once or twice and i know what im doing, therefore my revision is very minimal, whilst others require slower, step by step instructions and full explinations and they would require more time to revise,

  2. Fritz Hutapea


  3. Luthfun Ali

    Good job 😀

  4. karding dingkar

    not bad 😀

  5. Mark Awesome

    Correct me if Im wrong, but as a mature student I get the impression that university is not just there for you to get a piece of paper with your name one, but also to teach young people how to stand on their own two feet and think for themselves? I think 16 hours contact a week is fine, in my opinion students should be doing most of the work themselves anyway. I mean when you get into the real world and have to work you will have to do everything yourself there will be no such thing as contact time, that includes learning things you never knew before.