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Articles > Student Life September, 25, 2013

5 Things I Will Miss About University (And You Will Too)

Sophie Bichener
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The flip side of my last article… Here are the 5 things I really WILL miss about uni:


I think this is the thing I will miss most about University. It’s true what just about every working (and quite frankly, jealous) adult says whilst discussing University; students party too hard, get too much money and don’t do enough work. Well, it’s true, but you  had your turn so let us have ours!
Towards the end of term things used to get a little out of hand on the partying side (I think it’s all the exam ‘stress’). Staying out until 7 or 8am was easily done in the ‘late lounge’ of ‘Red Leicester’ (the night out, not the cheese) at Leicester University and it was often done by me and a few friends! I’ll definitely miss these Wednesday nights whilst heading to work (when I eventually find a job) at 8am on a Thursday morning… Around an hour after I should be stumbling home as a broke student trying to pull my fake eyelashes off  before getting into bed fully dressed (including heels).


Living with your friends is great. Living with boys seems a laugh… Living with girls leaves a lot to be desired but all is fair in love and war (and who gets to go in the bathroom first before a 9am lecture) and everyone usually kisses and makes up. I’ll definitely miss rolling out of bed and being surrounded by your closest mates to discuss, in great detail, what went on the night before.


Any decent student will NEVER admit to this, but it’s true, we will miss the learning. Ok, maybe you wont be feeling this way after your 19th consecutive hour in the library, but when it’s gone it’s gone! Readily available education, articles, books and contact with people who specialise in a wide range of topics only happens at university. I mean, you’re welcome to try and break into the library once you’ve graduated but it probably wont be the same.


Of course you’ll probably still find me running around town in a banana costume but once you’ve left university, dressing up as spider-man and sitting in dark corners pretending to ‘web’ people becomes a lot less socially acceptable.


You’ll find after a long term with little food, no money and lots of drama coming home is the most valued part of university life. Yes, towards the end of the summer holiday you’re about to kill your brother and you and your mum keep bickering like little children but you can’t beat home comforts (especially a home cooked roast on a Sunday). After the long, hard, cold winters of student living, coming home is something to be treasured.

Ok, so I can only think of 5. Please comment below if there are any things I haven’t included that you’ll miss about University. I think I’ve covered the main areas…

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  1. Samantha Ashman

    Haha. One of us, at least, was not a normal student.

    I miss the learning, and meeting my friends outside a seminar or lecture for a learned and in depth discussion. I miss the lectures and seminars, and the vast range of academic materials I could get hold of.

    However, given that I worked more than 40 hours a week most weeks, and nearer 70 hours in the run up to deadlines / exams, I won’t miss the late nights and headaches – nor will I miss the feeling one has after 14 consecutive study hours at home.

    Now, I’m working. I work flexi-time, 7.5 hours a day, and it is BLISS.