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Articles > Current Affairs June, 02, 2014

UKIP: Victory for the Lazy Party?

Liam Collins
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It was rumoured that the back slapping and applauding taking place within UKIP HQ on Sunday, had been heard in all depths of the country. Allegedly, reaching Alex Salmond’s subdued haunt in Scotland, as UKIP achieved their goal: victory at the European election. This is their moment, the anti-establishment underdogs doing it for the people at last. That is, if you forget about the billionaires, property tycoons and former Conservative politicians who back the party for their own decadent reasons.

Photo By Derek Bennett

Photo By Derek Bennett

Let’s not take anything away from UKIP. They’ve managed to win the European election without possessing any existence of a coherent manifesto; xenophobia and eradication of freedom of movement, are hardly a political ideology to base a political campaign on. Whilst simultaneously, fighting a plethora of controversies surrounding their candidates and party members for their alleged homophobic and racist attitudes  — along with, the calculated and relentless enactment from Nigel to present himself to the public as ‘one of us’ — despite being private school educated and a former banker. So congrats to those tireless UKIP workers who made this political utopia possible.

Are Farage and co now set to whip up a storm in European parliament? Screaming and shouting: ‘we are tired and sick of the paradigm that is stopping good British people from getting jobs. We don’t want your bloody immigrants coming here, ruining our British identity of scones and tea with your delicious fair trade coffee and sourdough pizza.’ For that to actually happen, they would have to be punctual in Brussels. The turnout for UKIP MEP’s in Europe is appalling, ranking the lowest out of all 76 parties. Their leader and man of the people Nigel Farage, has only taken part in 43% of the votes within European parliament over the past five years. Keith Taylor of The Green Party, declared: ‘Many people don’t realise that a vote for UKIP is a vote for the laziest party in the European Parliament.’ So at least we know we have the boys in purple and yellow, on the front line fighting for what’s right for the British people. Or maybe not, most probably down their ‘local’ having a pint of cask ale.

Sadly a lot of what will be discussed in the European Parliament will not reach the general public’s ears. Which is why, it is paramount that our elected MEPs are present on the frontline fighting our cause, for a Europe that is to the benefit of Great Britain. Vital issues, such as: TTIP, sustainable energy, working and agriculture laws will be discussed, but our viewpoint will largely be ignored due to our predicated unpunctual elected MEPs. It is fair in a climate of apathy and Oxbridge educated MPs too become disillusioned with politics; but electing uninterested and idle MEPs is beyond counter-productive. Last week another scandal surfaced, of a UKIP councillor projectile vomiting words on Twitter; what has been said, the vast majority of UKIP’s support wouldn’t dare utter.

Those who did vote UKIP, need to ask themselves one question: why would a party so OBSSESED with leaving the EU, be so desperate to be part of the European Parliament? As UKIP’s very existence inside Brussels, justifies the political presence of it. In the fight for political pragmatism, the battleground for a EU referendum would surely have been better fought on the national scale.

Unless resentment is redirected at those responsible: bankers, fat cats and those who brought the globe to it’s knees — and not hard working immigrants — the lazy populist right will continue to flourish in Britain and Europe and we will be left to pick up the pieces.

Liam Collins is a reporter from Shout Out UK – one of Britain’s fastest growing alternative news network.

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  1. Ben Reid

    I certainly agree with your view of the paradox of UKIP hating the EU yet only staying afloat as a party due to the European Parliament! If, we do leave the EU (and I hope we don’t), then UKIP will have nothing to campaign for. I honestly think that the main political parties have covered this issue enough. That is, except Labour, who are as quiet as a rabbit caught in headlights.

  2. Daniel S.

    /quote “xenophobia and eradication of freedom of movement, are hardly a political ideology to base a political campaign on /quote end
    You sir just made my day.

  3. Alexandra Joy

    It is similar to how the nazi party came into power, Hitler took ideas he heard every day, and made them into his policy. Honestly the xenophobia, racism, ableism and homophobia is something that he believes to be a popular opinion, however people vote because they don’t look into the policies of the party too much. If they looked, they would find some not too tasty things like mandatory abortions for children found to have downs syndrome, but because people like what they are wanting to do with health care, and “fixing” the immigration issue, people jump on board without realizing, unfortunately.

  4. Tracey Arthur

    The media has contributed greatly in promoting UKIP. The media constantly focuses on right wing parties such as UKIP. but why not focus on good parties like the Green Party?

  5. Maariyah Pandor

    Very interesting.

  6. Aisha Yakubu

    The fact that some of you believe we use the word ‘Racist’ too much nowadays shows that you haven’t been educated enough into its history. Doesn’t that fact that it’s used SO much show you something? Racial discrimination is not limited to Black people, as many would imagine. Nigel, very clearly, is eliminating as many culturally diverse towns in this country as possible. He wants out of the constant in fluctuation of immigrants coming to the country – yet he ceases to explain how this country works to those who are, in simple terms, stupid. This country doesn’t just let people in. Asylum seekers, yes. They deserve to be somewhere where they are not threatened for their life. I refuse to engage in the selfishness of this country who just say “they take our jobs, blah blah blah”. We are all ONE race, why must your only argument be about money? When you walk into a clean bathroom in a public place, how many times out of 10 do you see a british cleaner? Exactly. Is limit it down to once in a blue moon. These ‘jobs’ they’re taking are the ones out lazy selves are too ‘prestigious’ to do. I am sick of arrogant people in this country who know nothing about what they’re fighting for. DO YOUR RESEARCH and stop blaming the worlds problems on money, because money and jobs certainly aren’t going to solve it.

  7. Alexander

    Seems a bit stupid that a party against the very idea of the EU bothers to send people for the MEP elections. What makes it worse is that they still get paid for doing basically nothing and staying as far away as possible from the European Parliament. What do they hope to do here? By actively not taking part they are becoming the very reason the EU doesn’t seem to represent our interests.

  8. anon

    I fully disagree with this article, i believe that it is the other parties that have become lazy and i think we need a radical change in this country to get it all running smoothly. I think we use the word Racist ‘ far too much these days, and i believe this is NOT a racist party, yet the press has blown it out of proportion in an attempt to stop people from voting for this party. Luckily it didn’t work as you can see from the results.
    i don’t agree with everything UKip are doing but i think there making a start by taking us from to EU.

  9. Martin Needham

    In answer to the question: “[W]hy would a party so OBSESSED with leaving the EU, be so desperate to be part of the European Parliament?”

    UKIP’s presence in the European Parliament is solely a money-making scheme, Nigel Farage alone has made £2m through expenses, having been first elected in to the European Parliament in 1999; in 2012, the party’s 13 MEPs claimed £790,000 in expenses on top of their €84,000 (£68,000) salaries.

    We often talk of MPs with their “heads in the trough”, yet the scale of the 2009 expenses scandal pales in comparison with what UKIP are currently up to, not only lining their pockets, but bankrolling their party.

    As Farage said earlier this year, UKIP are the turkeys that will vote for Christmas – but only because they can rob it blind.

  10. Andrew Ward

    Some of what you have written has an element of truth, but this is largely an attack against a straw man, which unsurprisingly appears to lead to the conclusion you no doubt wanted.

    I could probably argue that you are a lazy journalist, but I’m a lazy critic so I won’t bother.

  11. Anon

    Everything written in this article is hearsay and gossip spread about in a pathetic attempt to brainwash the people with buzzwords like ‘racist’, without even understanding the meaning of them. Look at India, that is where racism is happening. Look at Russia, that is where homophobia is happening. From the sounds of it, I doubt you have even read UKIP’s manifesto or even tried to understand their policies. There is not one that could be considered racist or homophobic – let me remind you that they are the only party to not accept former members of the BNP.
    You seem to just let the media tell you that they’re the bad guys, and set off on your witch hunt. Ironically, from what I’ve seen from the discussions on Twitter, some liberals are the most vile, sexist and intolerant people I have ever heard from (there must be some that aren’t, but they are unfortunately, drowned out by the vocal radicals), and I would never like to be associated with their views. Perhaps other people feel the same way, and this is just one of the many reasons that they lost all of their seats. They have some serious reshaping to do. The bitchy, backstabbing tactics aren’t working for them, or any party – as shown by the results of the election. They need to improve their own parties, rather than demonising those around them.
    FYI, I’m a former liberal and didn’t even vote UKIP. I just think that they have a bad rep that they don’t deserve.

    TL;DR Listen to all sides of the story and think for yourself.

  12. Kenneth Harvey

    “Those who did vote UKIP, need to ask themselves one question: why would a party so OBSSESED with leaving the EU, be so desperate to be part of the European Parliament?”


    They want to be in control. This is the best available to them at the moment. so they run with it.

    If you crave chocolate and you cant afford Cadbury’s but there is a Nestle bar you can, you get the nestle one.