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Articles > Rant November, 20, 2014

The Apprentice 2014 review

Amali Gamaarachchi
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8.32 / 10

Contains spoilers.

Disclaimer: This is not just an article, it’s an experience.

From potatoes shining in the glistening sun to sliced lemons. This years characters sorry candidates have done it all –and it’s still only week 5. The series started with a surprise twist, as Lord Sugar revealed 6 extra candidates, meaning for the first time twenty hopefuls will be battling it out to become The Apprentice 2014.


Photo By BBC One, UK

Well, this year has certainly been many of firsts. Not least the group names, where the girls chose Decadence to represent themselves. A word defining decay and excessive indulgence, it was inevitable that it would have to be replaced. Whilst the boys settled on Summit. *Pun intended*

And then there was Steven, known for being the social worker from the artic but better known for revolutionising the way we see potatoes. I will never see a jacket potato in the same light again! From the girls, Sarah conjured up the mini-skirt gate fiasco, where she instructed her team to wear high heels and ‘NICE’ make up in a bid to attract more customers. *Furious head shaking*(Steven style). Aside from her obsession with sliced lemons, she also made the hilariously ridiculous pitch to London Zoo, offering a discounted price of £200 for a bucket of toilet brushes. That’s definitely my highlight of the series so far! Genius.

With candidates such as Steven and Sarah there’s no doubt this year is set to be the best yet! (Entertainment wise that is). No actually let me rephrase that: Amali believes this to be the best series to date. Now of course Amali would love to continue this review in third person, but to stop driving her readers crazy she will now stop. That was a tribute to my favourite candidate- Team Felipe for the win!

Now surely there must be a few candidates amongst the mist of this year’s clowns; with a chance of winning the £250,000 investment with Lord Sugar. I see you shaking your head. Hmm I agree, maybe not. Especially since James, (the one who refers to himself as a ‘Del boy’) has been ‘the one that got away’ for the last five episodes. At this rate he’ll talking himself into the final!

Now I’m no banker, but surely it would be a lot easier to call the money ‘money’ instead of the ‘seed capital’? Seems like an idea Robert (aka Mr Shoreditch) would come up with. With all of this jam packed into an hour’s episode, there’s no place you should be than your sofa 9pm on a Wednesday evening.

And remember guys “There’s no ‘i’ in ‘team’, but there are five in ‘individual brilliance’.” Took me a while that one… *still thinking*

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