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Articles > Life January, 06, 2015

Studying Medicine: The Gamble That Paid off

Amtul Ahmad
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7.50 / 10

When your life revolves around one thing, it’s hard to let go of it. A degree in medicine is an ambition of many, including me. When I was left empty handed I asked myself, am I willing to just give up and never strive for the things I could get in life? I bit the bullet and decided to study Medicine at uni, and frankly, it was the best decision I have ever made.

Chemistry Bottles

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Science has always been a favourite subject of mine, but saying the same about chemistry compared to biology and physics is understated. When I started to search, I came across a degree course called Chemistry with Biochemistry. Never knowing that this kind of degree course even existed, I pursued it. For me there was more to this than just getting a degree and now everyday reminds me of that. Recently I received my first year exam results and when I saw A’s I wondered, what if I hadn’t chosen this degree? Would I have been as satisfied with myself as I am now?
I love being in lectures. The depth of study and the ever increasing knowledge of chemistry delivered by renowned PhD doctors and the enthusiasm and dedication of my fellow students creates an atmosphere like no other. Inorganic chemistry would have to be my most-loved module because there aren’t many mechanisms you have to learn, and also a little bit of maths never hurts, it means less writing in the exam!
Practicals are an essential part of chemistry. When you go to University, the demand for the level and quality of study on a daily basis expected from the student increases. In other words practicals are never easy and there is often a lot of preparation required. After the hard work, including the mistakes like shattered glassware and acid burns, you eventually receive your mark and when you see that you have gained one of over 80%, it doesn’t only bring you joy but it makes you work even harder next time. Once again, it reassures you that the decision you made when you decided to pursue a degree was right.
Every day reminds me that I’m doing something good for myself; for my future. Even though my ambition for medicine will never fade away and I will, God willing, try again after I have finished these three years of study, I know that one day when I will be benefiting from the things I have learned from this degree. I will thank myself for not taking years off and delaying myself from going onto higher education. For some, high tuition fees create doubts on whether to go to University. But remember tuition fees can be paid off one way or another but the cost of not gaining knowledge and as a result not having a career, is a burden you’ll have to carry your whole life.
Remember none of us are getting younger. When life hits you with an opportunity, take it. You can always stop after you’ve started but you can’t go back!
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