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January, 19, 2015

One in three females experience sexual assault at uni

We recently worked with The Telegraph to investigate experiences of female sexual assault in UK universities.

We found that 1/3 of female students experience sexual assault at uni. Although most assaults were ‘minor’ like groping, this statistic puts into perspective how widespread the issue of unwanted sexual attention is.

A whopping 97% did not report sexual assault to their university and 44% of females believed their unis would do nothing in response. In fact, over one third of students worried about being a victim of sexual assault from other students.

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Click here to read the full article on The Telegraph’s website.

Have your say: Could universities be doing more to campaign against inappropriate behaviour? Do you think that groping should be classified as sexual assault? Or is it ‘just a bit of lad banter’, which shouldn’t be taken seriously? Comment below, anonymously if you wish!

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  1. Simran Lalli

    Its not just lad banter its violating. Even a guy just slapping your ass is not particularly nice but you would never report something like that because we’ve been taught that its not a big deal/a compliment. We need to change our educational perspective on sexual assault and and start teaching men to not rape instead of teaching women how to not be raped.

  2. paige denton

    I think… girls dont report sexual assult often because they are terrified of what will happen and if they will be assulted agin

  3. radesh prasad

    I think…gud idea