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February, 10, 2015

Student Voting 2015: The UK Government doesn’t care about us, and we don’t trust them

For 10 years, we have been tracking students’ thoughts and attitudes towards the UK government and quizzing them about their voting intentions. You guys came back to us with some interesting responses and our research took the internet by storm… here are the key findings.

Green party are still the second most popular party among students

Yep, you read right – support for The Green party is at an all time high, and it continues to rise. The Green party have been voted as the second most popular party among students, coinciding with a decrease in support for Labour. Although Labour are still polling as students’ most popular political party, they’ve witnessed a steady decrease in popularity since September 2014.

News about The Green party spread like wildfire – The Greens shared our latest research on their Facebook page, and the unprecedented traffic to our site nearly overloaded our servers… fame can be bittersweet!


We care, we’re registered to vote!

There were some concerns over the UK youth’s participation in the general election since the Individual Voter System was introduced, but your answers paint a more positive picture. 78% of undergrad students reported they are registered to vote (with 22% unsure if they are/definitely aren’t registered.)

11% aren’t voting, and here’s why…

11% of students aren’t registered to vote and don’t intend to register in time for the election in May. The most popular reasons for this are ‘not knowing enough about politics’, ‘not being political’ and ‘not knowing who to vote for’. In fact, over half of students asked think politicians don’t care about the needs and concerns of young people. 87% of students feel that politicians do not have their best interests at heart, 76% don’t trust politicians and 58% do not believe in the current UK political system!

You can see some of our voting data from the past 10 years here and read more about this piece of research here.

What do you think about our findings? Are you voting? If not, do you agree with one of the reasons above? What would you like to change to promote trust between yourself and political parties? We welcome all comments below…

Notes: The OpinionPanel Community works exclusively with YouthSight – a specialist youth market research agency. Government bodies, policy holders, exciting brands and universities work with YouthSight for access to our awesome community of 140,000 young people – that’s you! All of the data you see above was answered by our community.

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  1. Georgie Tydeman

    I think…It’s all corrupt like V for vendetta but without the fireworks at the end.

  2. Dominic Parnell

    Most parties don’t offer enough support to those wanting to learn and develop. At the end of the day it is us students that are going to take the world further in technology. So shouldn’t that be a priority – not how many second homes they have…

  3. Andres Romero

    you cant trust anyone these days

  4. Usama

    I don’t necessarily think it’s a good thing for us teenagers to have voting powers. If you think about it, how many people in our schools actually are factually informed enough to make a value based judgement on which party to vote for. I believe that at our age, a lot of us just follow the crowd and will vote for whomever our friends will vote for. I also believe that many of us don’t have enough life experience to really understand the implications that the policies which each party stands for. For example, if a party intends to increase tax to decrease the inequality in wealth, us being our virtuous selves might think this should be implemented however we won’t really be able to fathom the consequences of this as it hasn’t yet directly affected us.

  5. Flora

    I think… there may be a lower chance of students voting for Liberal Democrats.

  6. ummara nasir


  7. Emily Willmoth

    I just wish there was, like, a comparison website for political parties. So that you could compare their history and goals from an unbiased source.

  8. Kelly Blamire

    Considering what happened with the Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg, saying they would not put Uni fees up but would try to decrease them if elected, and after going into the coalition Uni fees going up – I think there may be a lower chance of students voting for Liberal Democrats.

  9. Coth Pham

    you cant trust anyone these days

  10. Anastasia Smirnova

    its a disappointment that politicians are not bound by law to keep there word

  11. Ivan Liamin

    how can your trust a party a political party and that it will keep its words ???

  12. Olu Taiwo

    you cant trust anyone these days

  13. abdelali boussetta

    the labour is the hight

  14. Robert Luzi

    I can understand as the greens are a party of hope, but I’m afraid it has many very unrealistic policies, but rather have the green party on the rise in young people than UKIP!