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Articles > Current Affairs May, 06, 2015

A coalition will piss off two thirds of the nation

Dolapo Okunuga
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Why don’t we want another coalition?

Well as we all know, the general election of 2015 is TOMORROW and one must not disillusion themselves about the current matter. This debatable issue of not being aware of what parties will come out as a majority, is very worrying indeed. Many come from different angles and blame it on the electoral system of first past the post system (FPTP), some say it’s the disillusionment within politics that has been created throughout the years, the disengagement of voters especially with the younger ages. All these various reasons without a doubt contribute to the huge and costly problem of why we as the public are unsure on what party should take over the role as Prime Minister in few weeks’ time. We can only hope for the best for a majority, rather than a mixture of oddities, yep that’s right, oddities.

Why the uk doesn't want another coalition government to come from this years general election

It was very interesting to have come across a study carried out by NatCen British Social Attitudes Report, which offered great statistics for the lead up of the General election in May. NatCen said people “seemingly accepted many of the coalition’s big reforms”. Interestingly the report showed that if the public is given a straight choice, more than half of people (57%) would remain in the EU, while 35% want to withdraw.

Among its findings were that 29% of people now prefer coalition to single party government, the lowest since the survey began, and down from 45% before the current coalition was formed. The proportion who think the NHS has got better in the last five years has fallen to 25%, from 40% in 2010, 92% of people say the NHS has a funding problem, and 45% believe it will not be free to use in a decade’s time. Recent opinion polls suggest a hung Parliament is likely after the 7th May general election, which could lead to another coalition government- something that we as a public are crying against. These figures suggest that we as the public are dissatisfied as the number of people who prefer this form of government has plummeted.

The truth is though, there is a high probability that we will be faced with another hung parliament, or even a rainbow coalition ( 2 or more parties elected). However never say never, we might have a majority, you can never really predict or forecast what we as a public may do. We just have to wait, don’t we, to found out the outcome this May 7th 2015.

Here’s the link to NatCen, it also offers very interesting statistics about British social attitudes.

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