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Articles > Culture May, 22, 2015

You can all pitch in to keep the arts alive!

Alexander Scott
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I have always had an appreciation of the arts and they have played a big role in my life with regard to hobbies, studying and career prospects. I have particularly had an interest in theatre, and over the last year I have been applying for universities and drama schools to study Community Drama. I have just accepted my place at The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts to start this September. But with funding being cut for the arts… going into the creative arts industry gives me a lot of angst.

The arts unlocks creativity, helps people express themselves, gets people working together and doing things that they may not normally do.

I chose Community Drama because I have always had a love of people, and this subject gets you working with different types of people. It explores the educational and therapeutic benefits of performing arts, which too often get forgotten. It’s always seen as a form of entertainment, therefore not very important – and so do other arts subjects! The arts is so much more important than it is made out to be, but in this economic climate, the arts will dwindle into nothing!

The arts unlocks creativity, helps people express themselves, gets people working together and doing things that they may not normally do. It improves confidence and gives people a voice. It can carry important social and political messages. People need to be heard and sometimes the arts is a great way to be heard! It often acts as a form of escapism to help us forget about the hectic lives we live, and all the rubbish we see and hear, and just immerse ourselves in the beauty and awe of the arts.

What I love about the arts, is quite often there is no right or wrong answer and it can take many different forms… what some people call art, others would just call a mess – but it’s so important that people express themselves, try new things and showcase their hidden skills and talents!

It’s so concerning that schools are cutting the arts from the curriculum. By becoming a community arts practitioner I feel that I can keep the arts in schools…. we need more people to do this kind of work and arts work in general!

So my question for all of you is, how can you keep the arts alive? Get involved in projects? Take up an art form you have never tried before? Study an arts subject? Perhaps, you could go as far as studying community arts (like myself) in order to have the skills to practice this incredibly important and rewarding job? What skills have you got that you can give to your community? Write letters to MPs? Campaign? Give to arts charities?

You may think you can’t change things … which is true, you can’t on your own, BUT if we artists work together and don’t give in to the funding cuts, we can change a lot!

Don’t be afraid to try new things, improve your skills and get your voice heard! At the end of the day, a lot of employers want to see creativity in people and want people with hobbies and interest. But most importantly, they want people with confidence and team working skills… the arts gives you these important life skills and employability qualities! And remember “love the art in yourself, not yourself in the arts”.

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