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Articles > Life July, 29, 2015

5 Perks Of Being Tiny!

Ellice Evans
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For anyone who knows me personally, I am awfully small for my age. I look my age in the face but my size tells a different story! Now when I was younger, being tiny always made me an easy target to pick on and it really used to upset me. It wasn’t bullying, it was all meaningless but it felt like I wasn’t accepted and felt like I was getting picked on for a fault that is actually no-ones, let alone my own! However, over the last few years I have accepted my size and used it to my advantage. Here I would love for everyone to read about how amazing being small actually is!

The benefits of being small

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1) Fitting into kid’s clothes

Yes, quite a laughable concept that older teenagers can fit into children’s clothes. I found it funny and thought it was “embarrassing” to even consider it a few months ago, however it’s so much cheaper! – bonus?! It is a lot cheaper to get kids jeans from H&M for £15-£20 opposed to Topshop ones where you have to pay £40 for a pair. I have a 9 year old sister who is only a few inches shorter than me and yes, yes I do steal her jeans when I can’t find my own. They fit and they’re comfortable …what’s the problem?

Before getting it into your head that it’s “embarrassing” to wear children’s clothes, ask yourself the following questions;

1) Who has to know they’re from the children’s section?

2) What is the point in buying jeans from the adult section which cost more and don’t fit comfortably?

3) Who’s laughing more …the people paying £40 (or even more) for a pair of jeans or us, who only pay a mere £15 or even wear younger sibling’s clothes? I think us shorty’s have more of a giggle, agreed?

2) Not reaching the top shelves in shops

Now this is a huge inconvenience when in a rush and can also be extremely annoying and embarrassing. I suffer from this a lot, especially when clothes shopping involves reaching for your fave top hanging up on the highest rack (grrr), however, what a perfect opportunity to wait and ask a really hot guy to reach it for you?!

I have to get everyone’s lunch at work on a Saturday and I can never reach my manager’s “sliced roast chicken” in Marks and Spencer’s. My plan? Stand there until a fairly attractive guy comes towards me at which I ask ‘I’m so sorry, I can’t reach that sliced roast chicken! Would you mind grabbing it for me please?’ whilst also adding a cute giggle to which they usually laugh with me (not at me) and grab the chicken. To me, I think this is just a good excuse to talk to attractive people which you don’t often get the opportunity to do so. No harm in having a little fun hey? But honestly, definitely a perk of being small.

3) Cuddles

Cuddles are amazing when you’re tiny! There is nothing better than feeling so squished and protected wedged in between someone’s arms.

The best thing is feeling protected and safe when having a little cuddle. Being small just means hugs are so much more precious and you feel so protected and looked after. I would definitely say cuddles are one of my favourite things to do whilst being small!

4) Wearing killer heels

Being small means you can wear kick-ass heels and STILL not be taller than all of your friends. I love heels. I even wear heeled boots to school and I still am the smallest girl in Sixth Form! It’s so great going to a party, wearing heels and although you’re still the shortest person there, you can pull off heels without looking ‘too tall’ or taller than all the other girls.

5) You can get away as being a child

Not that I am in any way encouraging small people to “break the rules of public transport” (kind of), but why not get a child ticket if you can get away with it? Now of course, I ALWAYS get an adult ticket as I am an “adult” in the eyes of public transport and I would NEVER dream of buying a children’s ticket where I can get away with it, but why pay the extra few pounds for the same ride as adults when you can so get away with it?

Buying a children’s bus fare instead of an adults leaves you a few extra £££ to go grab a McDonalds …perfect plan? I think so. When I first turned 16, I was so upset with the fact that I was now classed as an “adult” and had to pay a hefty train fare opposed to when I was a “child”. I continued to pay for a children’s fare until I almost got caught out (had to have a huge argument with the ticket guy persuading him I was 15, not 16+) to which I gave up and started paying for the adult fare. Like I said I have the face of my age, so when it comes to lying about it …my face gives me away!

If you have a baby face as well as a petite and tiny figure, why not get away as a child?! I wish I still could!

Being small makes you fairly memorable. For me, it ironically makes me stand out as I talk a lot – hence my blog name ‘smallbutl0ud‘. I’m known for being small and I love it, it is a part of me! I’m known for being ‘small, loud and bubbly’. Being small is a great feature and a lot more people, mainly teenagers should embrace it.

Self-conscious of your size? Want my advice? Learn to love yourself for who you are and what you’ve got. Being taller isn’t the be all and end all. Being small like I said is unique and helps create an identity for yourself and is a great way to be remembered! Think of all the positives I’ve mentioned and think about other great factors of being small!

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  1. Claudia Sivasakthy-lambert

    OMG !! I totally agree with you !!
    I am nearly 18, and I haven’t grown at all for the past 5 years… People often ask me if I am 12 🙁
    And you are soooo lucky, you can fit in kids clothes… I can’t !!
    An yeah I also love wearing high heels, 10cm is the smallest I have, and the 18cm pair is my favourite one !!
    I am French, and in France we say: “The smallest it is, the cutest” (original: Plus c’est petit, plus c’est mignon)

  2. Elias Viveiros

    You re a perfect crowd surfing candidate. You ll always be able to fit your entire body underneath tiny throw blankets instead of having to cast out your feet to freeze in the open air.

  3. Sheogorath

    Ellice, when you purchase kids’ clothing, you’re technically tax dodging, you know. The reason the prices are so much cheaper is because they’re zero-rated on VAT. However, I won’t say anything because why is kids’ clothing a necessity and adults’ clothing not?

  4. Charlotte Evans

    wearing kids clothes is me all over!! Im 19 and fit age 12 and have even started to convert my friends to the kids section! 🙂

  5. Rhys

    the best and worst thing about being short is getting underestimated. Although I only make it up to most peoples chests, I’m still just as strong.

    The downside to this is in class, when we have to move tables or carry boxes I’m always told to take the lighter stuff. It sucks! It makes me feel small. But then I moved like 3 tables at a time and people like “OMG”