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Articles > Sports & Fitness August, 04, 2015

I’m Size 0 And Healthy, Stop Telling Me To Eat

Caitlin Hancock
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After reading an article posted about J. Crew’s new size, 000, it has come to my attention that there are too many idiots in this world. Here is the article.  But before we get started, I want to make it clear that I’m siding with J. Crew on this one. Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I’m a woman. 23 years old. 5′ 6.” 95 pounds. Do I eat? Yes. Do I eat more than most people? So I’m told. Do I make myself puke after I eat? Nope. So wait…what’s wrong with me?! Nothing. I’m just smaller than most people. I always have been, and maybe I always will be. Who knows? But this hating skinny people thing HAS to stop.

Size 0 in shops

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Here’s a problem. People walk up to me all the time and say stupid, inconsiderate things like, “Oh my God! You need to eat!” Or it might be something like, “You should eat a(n) (insert unhealthy and fattening food here).” I’m here to tell you…that’s rude. I don’t go up to bigger people and say, “Holy shit! You need to eat a salad!” Why? Because that’s rude. And I just said “bigger people” instead of “fat people.” That’s another thing.  Maybe try “thin” since the world has started saying bigger people are just “curvy.”  Don’t use the word “skinny” if you don’t want to be called “fat.”  The definition of skinny is lacking desirable qualities, quantities, or significance.  That’s what you’re saying about me when you say I’m skinny. Just so you know…

“Do I make myself puke after I eat? Nope. So wait…what’s wrong with me?!”

Anyway. Another thing. When people post things on social media that say, “Bones are for dogs. Not men,” that’s offensive. That’s like me saying, “Blubber is for whales. Not men.” Raise your hand if you are a bigger/fat/curvy girl who just got offended.

The point is…I can’t help that I’m skinny. Believe me, if I could easily gain weight, I would pack on about 20 pounds in a heartbeat. Here’s a challenge. Go to a store. I don’t care which store. Try to find plus size pants. They come in normal length, short length, and long length. Oh, and look at all of those shirts that are XXL. Easy, right? Okay, well now let’s try to find some different items. And I’m not talking about online. I’m talking about IN A SHOP. Okay. Find a size 00 Long in pants. I’m not an idiot. I know people aren’t going to do this unless they want to be like, “Oh, I found a pair! Take that, girl on the internet whose post was read by 11 people.” So, to save you the trouble of researching, here’s the thought process during a shopping adventure like this. “Ehhh….not too much luck. Oh, wait. Here’s a pair! Well, they’re regular length. They might work, though. Let’s see. Still too big. Damn. Maybe I can get them altered to make the waist smaller. But the length. Ugh. It’s like fourth grade all over again. Where’s the flood? Oh, well. Better luck next time.” And that happens with the next 26 pairs of jeans until you finally settle with some because you need them…but they still don’t look right on you at all.

Wait. I know why I’m so skinny.  My health habits. Here we go. I don’t really exercise. I occasionally walk  and play non-competitive tennis once in a blue moon.  I run when flying bugs chase me. That’s the extent of it. I have a loving relationship with Netflix and any form of bread. I also enjoy a good beer every once in a while. So THAT’S how I’m so skinny. I’m a health nut. NO. WRONG.  People can be skinny without trying. ACCEPT IT. We need clothes that fit us, too.

Skinny people, be proud.  The curvy crew is praised when they flaunt what they have.  They even make jokes about being bigger, and everyone says, “Oh, look at that girl loving her body. So confident!  Love it!  Go, girl!”  Well, why can’t we do the same?  Why can’t I be seen in a bikini without hearing something along the lines of beanpole, chopstick legs, or skinny-mini. (The last one is the absolute worst.  I don’t go around calling people fatty-watty.  Dumb.)  So it’s okay if we embrace that our ribs might stick out farther than our boobs.  We can love that we are able to look at the ground without anything blocking our view.  And, most of all, we can brag if we feel like it.  We have the right to love our bodies even if they aren’t “womanly” or “curvy.” I’m just as womanly as everyone else when it comes to my body.  However, I am a bit modest, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

All of the thicker people out there who want to insult the thin ones, maybe you should think before you speak next time.  It’s worth mentioning that I have no problem with bigger folks, but it’s a two-sided situation.  You aren’t the only ones struggling here, so please get over it.  If we can have plus-size clothing in stores, we can have 000.

So  thanks to J. Crew for making this new size of theirs. Maybe I’ll finally be able to find some pants that fit…in the waist at least (the length situation still needs work). That’s all the time for ranting I have at the moment. I have a Butterfinger and a pack of Gushers waiting for me.

Oh, and if anyone knows of any dogs that are interested in a pile of bones……I’m available.

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  1. Mariam El Mouden

    I think what you said is true my friend eats more than me and she is slimer than me. Everyone’s body is different.

    • Kira Jarvis

      I think…that is true many of my friends eat way more than me but are still not big: we all all different

  2. TLH

    FWIW, this became necessary because sizes have increased. For fun, I tried on a pair of pants that I wore 10 years ago in high school, which were size 4. I’m the same height as I was back then, maybe weigh about 10 pounds more if that, and definitely have had some bone structure changes since then. So now those “size 4” pants would be unwearable. However, were I to try on a pair of size 4 pants now, they would completely hang off of me. There’s nothing unusual about my weight (5’0 105, and it’s a struggle to keep it at 105–my natural “set point” and where I feel the best is at 95. But I would rather feel tired and sick all the time just to say I weigh more). However, now people like me are basically sized out of clothing because everything is larger. I won’t completely criticize vanity sizing, but that’s why sizes like 000 are necessary.

  3. Huma

    Thank you so much! I am so sick and tired of discussing with people about this topic. They be like “You are so tense! Why don’T yxou relax a little bit!”. I have been told so many times that i need to work on my self-confidence and then I would see such comments for what they are – “just fun” or a way to help me. Aaaahm, yeah, help me what? Conform to their ideal of what i should look like? So, a big bony hug to you for speaking up!

  4. Madeline

    My weight is 100 pounds, my height is 5’5 and I’ve never been skinny shamed in my life. Most certainly I’ve never aspired to be what some people refer to as “normal weight”. Yes, I’m size 0 at the most definitely my “assets” are not like those of Kim Kardashian but I’m really enjoying it and hope to stay thin for a very long time. It is all about how comfortable you are in youR own skin, how you dress and carry yourself. That’s what shapes peoples’ opinion of you and it is in your hands to either be seen as a “poor skinny anorexic girl” or “model material”.

  5. Katie Baker

    Im in the same situation.. I’m female.. 5’11 and I’m at a healthy weight which i am happy at. Im told CONSTANTLY about how skinny i am and made fun of. I eat when Im hungry and eat what i want to and that makes me happy. But people still think its ok to make comments. Such as at work my co workers AS WELL AS CUSTOMERS think its ok to comment on my height and size. Who the hell do they think they are!? I am healthy. I run a lot, I eat healthy and I eat fatty foods every so often. Just makes me so angry because it makes me feel like i have to change. I can eat about 5 different cakes, biscuits, crisps and large fatty meals in a day and I still can’t change my weight. It just won’t move. But i can’t help that!


    thats good

  7. Rebecca Thompson

    Thanks for the article, I struggled with this so much before I filled out in my later teens, I was always told, “You need to eat a burger!” and was approached several times by my school, saying I looked “too thin” and asking if I had an eating disorder… I didn’t. Even by people I thought were my friends, they’d point out/say I had “no bum” and “no boobs” which until they mentioned, it hadn’t occurred to me to be self-conscious about.
    I would never speak in such a way to a larger/curvier person, so I don’t see why it’s acceptable to shame a smaller person in such a way.

  8. kristi

    I think you should eat healthy food