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Articles > Entertainment August, 14, 2015

The terrifying things YouTube can do to you…

Joe Saxon
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8.36 / 10

Recently, while attempting to distract my mind from the gaping void that is my existence, I seem to have found myself falling into a downward spiral that terminates somewhere in the depths of YouTube, far away from the music videos of greats such as Prince, Michael Jackson and the S Club Juniors.

It started with the rather innocent viewing of a ‘what’s in my bag’ video where a perky American woman detailed the contents of her handbag, before hours seemed to pass and I found myself making what seemed like the natural progression to videos detailing the contents of middle aged men’s toiletry bags.

Following a surprisingly long detour in which I witnessed a 27 year old use My Little Pony stickers to decorate her Filofax, I found myself progressing yet again, this time to videos of men with contoured faces discussing their favourite spring/summer moisturisers, and then to a part of Youtube in which people rank their favourite bangles.

Hours became days, and I soon wound up in a place where men in fur coats blame terrorism on people without designer bags, and women in crop tops yell that eating less than twelve bananas a day gives you cancer, which has ultimately led me here, the corner of a dark room, surrounded by banana peels and the lacklustre contents of my toiletry bag, and wondering whether it really was my polyester satchel that caused 9/11.

I think it might be time I gave YouTube a rest for a while. Well, maybe after just one more video…

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  1. Emma Jones

    I think that YouTube can be used as a stress-reliever where many people are intrigued to see what other ‘celebrities’ do in their daily lives. I am an avid ‘vlog’ watcher, a video blog/diary where you can see what other people do in their lives or in their spare time, which can often be a distraction to stresses endured. However, it can also be a place where people can act harshly, or if there is a video that some people may not like, then harsh criticism can make things horrific for those people who take time to make these videos. If you don’t like what you are watching, then why watch it at all? or just don’t post comments that would hurt your feelings, as they would definitely hurt someone elses.

  2. Denise Meehan

    YouTube is very useful for self teaching, research etc but I do agree with Joe some videos on YouTube can be (for use of a better word) brainwashing.

  3. Ryan Murphy

    Youtube is cool

  4. Dilan Dassanayake

    I think… youtube is a great place if you know what you are searching for

  5. Dilan Dassanayake

    I think… you tube is a place where many get easily invested in. it can help with your day to day work but aslo for the faint hearted can easily digress into other dark side of it

  6. Arianis Rivera

    Youtube can take you to weird places but it also can help with almost anything i think your article was something that most of people including me has experienced.

  7. Scott Sefdon

    One time I got trapped in the dark ally of YouTube, found myself watching “Dank” videos and it was pretty weird

  8. Milo Last name

    Interesting views. Youtube is great for letting people come out of their shells however can it leave them in a false sense of “happiness security”

  9. Jamie Cash

    It’s true that the variety of bizarre material on YouTube is sufficiently extensive to keep us trapped for hours but I’ve found my biggest problem to be the sheer volume of the SAME content. Watch one video on a certain topic and you feel obliged to watch another on the same topic just in case the person you just watched missed something vital or hilarious. It truly is terrifying!