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Articles > Entertainment August, 25, 2015

Alternative Yoga Poses For Beginners

Joe Saxon
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10.00 / 10

I’ve recently taken up yoga, by which I mean this afternoon I watched a youtube video of a woman doing yoga. The woman in question claimed that her poses were suitable for beginners, however, while attempting to mirror her, I didn’t feel my body and mind connect in the ways she said they would.

I therefore decided to come up with my own yoga poses for beginners, that people like me will feel connected to both mentally and physically. I have listed them below. You are welcome.

1. Searching for lost dignity


Where’s my dignity?

2) Remembering crippling daddy issues


Damn you daddy issues

3) Thinking about the mechanical giraffe-patterned pencil Katie stole in year 2


I’ll get you back one day Katie

4) Sprichst du Deutsch?


Don’t you just love pretending to learn a new language

5) Meeting a rich man


Hello mister

The end.

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  1. Scott Sefdon

    Like this article hahaha pretty funny, those poses seem alright for calming the mind but not so sure if it’s beneficial for the bodies flexibility and strengthening