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Articles > Relationships August, 25, 2015

5 things we learnt about Freshers’ sex lives

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We’re a curious bunch, so sometimes we ask you guys a series of random questions, on virtually any topic (and obviously, pay you for it). A little while ago we asked 1,000 freshers what they got up to behind closed doors in their first week at uni. And this is what we found…


What do you think freshers get up to?

1. 18% of freshers lost their virginity

First-term frolics, ay? With no parents around and a whole new sense of independence, 18% of first years had slept with their first sexual partner. But does this figure surprise you, as freshers tend to be 18-19 years old? Interestingly, 39% of freshers admitted that they feared not being sexually experienced enough.

2. Swiping right for Mr Right

It’s okay, you don’t have to be ashamed of having a secret profile on Tinder, Grindr (for gay guys) or Brenda (for gay girls). Looks like 6% of freshers have been on at least one Tinder date and 10% had been on a date with someone they met on a dating website.

3. Sexting – been there, done that.

44% of freshers have sexted well before the start of uni and 6% have sent their first sext since starting uni.

4. Who pays for dinner?

We carried out a quick poll on The OpinionPanel Community site, 70% of males expect to pay when they’re on a date, and nearly the same proportion of females expected to go halves with their date!

5. Finding ‘The One’ at uni

39% of freshers were in a sexual/romantic relationship at the start of their first term, but by the end of first term, half were no longer with the same partner. But the most adorable finding was… over 1/3 of freshers who started a new relationship in their first term, believed they were with ‘The One’.


So, what do you make of our findings? Did anything surprise you? Comment below!

Notes: The OpinionPanel Community works exclusively with YouthSight – a specialist youth market research agency. Government bodies, policy holders, exciting brands and universities work with YouthSight for access to our awesome community of 140,000 young people – that’s you! All of the data you see above was answered by our community.

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  1. Lucas-Jay Woodbridge

    I can understand the idea of ‘the one’ because you are finally independent and feeling the way you want to feel freely so it is no surprise that 1/3 people believe they have found ‘the one’ because it is more likely to be a person more like you than you have been with before.

  2. jessica gray

    I always pay for my own food, Im a girl, I hate chivalry.

    • Girish Issur

      The world needs more people like you!

  3. mohammed amine abahman

    Very interesting!

  4. walid

    This is amazing

  5. Georgia Mason

    Having not yet started university, I am intrigued by these figures. Though I am not hugely surprised that many young women expect to pay half and half for a meal with a man, I feel that it is a shame that there is such a difference between the male and female responses. Can it be that to be a gentleman is no longer the done thing? Is it that we are so encapsulated by a society enthralled with the idea of feminism that a simple gesture like a dinner date is no longer the norm?

  6. Name

    this is very helpful for someone thinking or going to university this year because it’s seems like a lot of people are worried about test out their sexuality or not having enough sexual experience

  7. kme

    I think that most of these are good

  8. Shaun Chow

    Not surprised, even if I wasn’t living in the UK. In China students usually start having sex life after uni, but there is no such culture of going party. Except for criminality, a female student can easily lose her virginity simply because her boyfriend’s kind treat as well as the stupid belief that he’s the one. In the meanwhile, males in China almost pay for everything… Take myself for example, I paid for cosmetic, cloth, dinner, smartphone, hotel, ring, train ticket, etc. And when I broke up with my ex, she even asked me to pay for her virginity…

  9. Stephanie West

    I would agree with these, will no parents or someone around most people would want to explore their independence with this being just one of the things they can do. Also losing your virginity can be just a factor of being able to form connections with people you wouldn’t have been able to do before. living in close quarters with other students can form strong bonds as you have to learn to trust them quickly I also agree with people finding ‘the one’ as they have shared a few of their important years of stressful education which can also form strong bonds between people. Meaning that their relationships can last forever or for only a few years.

  10. Tara Hernandez

    I think… that most of these are right, especially for who pays on a date. Personally, I go for half and half

  11. syafia

    I think… that is so wonderfull

  12. Tom Clark

    I think…sweet


    I think…i dont thing this is ration is right

  14. roy ncheeri

    Interesting, the number are actually a lot lower than i thought they’d be

  15. Julija Sestakova

    Actually this is pretty accurate, though I lost my virginity before freshers, I almost didn’t get into sexual relationship. Although I never tried Tinder, never got the idea of judging your future love based on profile pic.

  16. Max Aitchison

    These aren’t surprising at all, maybe a little vague though. Having not started uni yet I still wonder what lies in store for freshers’ week, and weeks beyond that

  17. Sumaiya Lawati

    i am not surprised to be honest, all i am waiting for is to graduate and get away from my parents. Now i am not saying that im planning on loosing my virginity but i will have fun to some extent. About finding ‘the one’, it would be nice if i did at that age but i don’t think so since all freshers think about is sex and physical relationships

  18. Oghorialu Aaron

    many fresher lost their virginity due to the fact that many has no freedom in their parents or guidance house, so when the get to institutions they will not have self control, and the fear of failure or getting into trouble is in them

  19. michele vezzosi

    I started these kind of things well before the uni

  20. Hamad Raza

    I think…this happened offenely … frshers are hesitated and lack of confidence make trouble for them, virginity … yeah they lose it their

  21. Melanie Chirambo

    I think to many freshers lose their virginity out of fear of inexperience is ridiculous and i think drinking contributes as well as a need to fit in and know

  22. syafiq alkhatieb


  23. Scott Seddon

    Ooooooooooo the paying for dinner is an interesting situation. Well to be fair, I would always go halfs but only expect if I specifically asked them if they wanted to go for dinner. I mean I don’t see why anyone should have to pay for the whole meal, what makes her any different then you? Split the bill and everyone’s happy

  24. James Mensforth

    The paying for dinner thing is confusing, I’ll happily pay for a meal if i’ve invited and enjoyed the evening enough to not care but I dont really see how its still a thing in todays equality driven culture, ofc its a nice thing to do but its extremely uncommon to hear a woman offer to pay, people say its because “she may be letting him have sex later” but then i see it as no more than prostitution, if she likes you she’d do it regardless surely? Furthermore, we all know students often have money concerns, I dont wanna find myself not going out with my girlfriend because its either her meal out for a night or mine for several days :/ But like i mentioned I do often pay for the dates because I have a genuinely good time but it definitely shouldn’t be an expectation and men that dont shouldnt receive judgement for it

  25. Natalie Jarvis

    I feel like this article is spot on. I agree with the results and think that they sound about right. Mix youngsters with a lot of alcohol due to the freshers and there’s no surprise that a high number loose their virginity. Definitely hope they have their wits about them and ensure to use protection though. Disappointed with the result for men paying for i definitely think its the gentleman thing to do!

  26. Ee Ray Loke


  27. Ionut-Claudou Vacean

    I see nothing wrong in loosing your virginity in your first year at university. It’s a hole new life for everyone. Back hone you used to be ” mommy’s little kid” so you couldn’t do many things. Also, living with your parents wasn’t such a great opportunity to start a solit relationship with someone. But now, as a student, far away from mommy and daddy, you are free to life your life and start doing things you might or not regret them. Life is short. Live it.

  28. Kevin Budzisz


  29. Lalalalala

    I am a guy and I agree with the girls on this, the bill should be split half and half. Makes it soo much easier for everyone…

  30. Michaela Robinson-Grant

    To be honest I’m that person that would go on a date, order cheap food and always have money ready because the whole money situation is never discussed before going out.

  31. Stanislav Tarashev

    So many freshers with lost virginity is probably the consequence of drinking too much alcohol and the first sign of no-parents’s freedom.

  32. Stephanie Ogbonnia-okafor

    Wow I thought the percentage of males who pay for dinner would be higher. Then again I would feel awk not contributing to dinner.

  33. pop

    I think it’s weird

  34. akash sharma

    I think it is true because my first sex experience also done in the first year of university..

  35. Sadie Ford

    Personally, I believe the days of guys paying for everything is pretty much out of the window; everyone is equal and most women believe as such therefore will actually pay for their own food. Some women may even pay the whole bill therefore the results of that survey were a little shocking…


    Well said , girls always expect that the boy pay the bill.

  37. So many virgins, why didn’t hint about this gold mine.

  38. Bhawna Varshney

    Well said , girls always expect that the boy pay the bill.