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Articles > Relationships August, 25, 2015

5 things we learnt about Freshers’ sex lives

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We’re a curious bunch, so sometimes we ask you guys a series of random questions, on virtually any topic (and obviously, pay you for it). A little while ago we asked 1,000 freshers what they got up to behind closed doors in their first week at uni. And this is what we found…


What do you think freshers get up to?

1. 18% of freshers lost their virginity

First-term frolics, ay? With no parents around and a whole new sense of independence, 18% of first years had slept with their first sexual partner. But does this figure surprise you, as freshers tend to be 18-19 years old? Interestingly, 39% of freshers admitted that they feared not being sexually experienced enough.

2. Swiping right for Mr Right

It’s okay, you don’t have to be ashamed of having a secret profile on Tinder, Grindr (for gay guys) or Brenda (for gay girls). Looks like 6% of freshers have been on at least one Tinder date and 10% had been on a date with someone they met on a dating website.

3. Sexting – been there, done that.

44% of freshers have sexted well before the start of uni and 6% have sent their first sext since starting uni.

4. Who pays for dinner?

We carried out a quick poll on The OpinionPanel Community site, 70% of males expect to pay when they’re on a date, and nearly the same proportion of females expected to go halves with their date!

5. Finding ‘The One’ at uni

39% of freshers were in a sexual/romantic relationship at the start of their first term, but by the end of first term, half were no longer with the same partner. But the most adorable finding was… over 1/3 of freshers who started a new relationship in their first term, believed they were with ‘The One’.


So, what do you make of our findings? Did anything surprise you? Comment below!

Notes: The OpinionPanel Community works exclusively with YouthSight – a specialist youth market research agency. Government bodies, policy holders, exciting brands and universities work with YouthSight for access to our awesome community of 140,000 young people – that’s you! All of the data you see above was answered by our community.

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