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September, 30, 2015

Freebies For Students: Win 1 of 4 iPads!

It’s that time of year again… okay maybe it’s not Christmas quite yet, but it will sure feel like it! We’ve just launched a huge annual survey, with some big prizes that’ll give Santa a run for his money…

If you’re a first year undergrad, you’ll soon be invited to take part in an annual survey about your uni experience.

This survey is all about helping UK universities understand what you like about them, and what things really turned you off. And this survey has the potential to change the student experience as we know it.

Because you’re answers are so important to us, we’ve loosened the purse strings. We’re awarding the usual £1 Amazon credit for the survey, and everyone who completes will be automatically in with the chance of winning 1 of 4 iPad Mini 2s!


I want to win! Where’s the survey?

  1. Keep an eye on your inbox – it will look like a normal survey invite with the subject line ‘Questionnaire Alert’.

    What the Questionnaire Alert will look like
  2. All you have to do is click ‘Take part now’ and complete the survey.
  3. As soon as you finish, you will be immediately awarded your £1 Amazon credit.
  4. You’ll be automatically entered into the prize draw to win 1 of the 4 iPad Mini 2s.
  5. The 4 lucky winners will be publicly announced when the survey closes. And the iPad mailed to your door.

This is a real opportunity to have your say, make it count, and get some great prizes. Good luck to you all!

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  1. Halim

    I think it’s a great opportunity as we could earn prizes and learn much more about our education as it will be valuable for us as students in universities can learn and grow. It will also help us enable to the world of business and communities.

  2. Jordan

    I think that’s very good

  3. Ramesh Tholiya

    I think…its a great opportunity to earn along with education that’s why a student can spend money according to requirement for projects.

  4. ripudaman

    I think this a great opportunity for students to learn and earn

  5. hlalala

    I think… its a good giveaway for students

  6. sajan

    I think… this is grate opportunity to do something different

  7. eissa

    I think..That great thinking to attract other..

  8. Fatema

    I think that is a great idea for people to get involved

  9. Fope Bakare

    I think… its nice

  10. James Strock

    I think…realy great for paying for thing you need

  11. Sanchayan Bhunia

    I think… It’s an amazing opportunity for students like me. Reading from electronic books saves thousand of trees.

  12. Tia Wassell

    Amazing. Could do with one of these for lectures!

  13. Adin Bhyat

    I think… that’s wonderful

  14. Simranjit Kaur

    Pretty cool

  15. Kelvin Tan

    I really need one for my study…

  16. Erik Koronczi

    I think… Pretty cool, ima win one

  17. Nitin Jain

    I think… it is good for me

  18. Waiza Afzal

    When I’ll receive my mail!

  19. Nazifa Anjum

    I think that’s great!

  20. anderson wong

    I think it is very cool and am gonna win one of the ipads

  21. Yashim Victor

    I think…it is very cool and am gonna win one of the ipads

  22. Yashim Victor

    I think…it is very cool and i will get one of those ipad