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Articles > Student Life October, 22, 2015

6 reasons to be excited for university

Emily Holland
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As the temperature (finally) begins to rise, with the start of spring, the mood of A-Level students begins to fall… Spring is the dreaded season of intense revision or intense cramming (for those students who deserve medals for procrastination).

Mind maps and post it notes leave no inch of wall bare and highlighters are used for the first time since September. With the majority of A2 exams and re-sits in May and June, the harmless word “revision” is beginning to sound painful to the ears. But while you kill 66 trees with the amount of notes made, bear in mind that university is not as far away as you think.

6 reasons to be excited for university

Here are 6 reasons (in no particular order) why you can now get excited for university:

1. Less than 6 MONTHS… is a relatively short period of time. The stress and pressure of exams will mean you can barely keep track of the days and months. With the exam period out of the way (hooray), two months of celebration and relaxation on the beach will make the days slip away. *Fingers crossed for a hot summer!*

2. Freedom. Although self explanatory, highly underestimated. Living away from home for the first time = nobody to tell you what to do or when to do it. No bed time. No wake up time. No chores. No exercise. No vegetables. However, now is probably a good time to begin trying out new recipes? Try making a new meal a week and by the time September arrives, you’ll be the next Jamie Oliver.

3. Societies and new friends. At last you’ll be able to share your obscure interest in custard wrestling (Cardiff University), tiddlywinks (Cambridge University) or kettles (Nottingham University) with other like-minded individuals. Or perhaps a competitive eating society (Kent University) is more your thing? That’s cool too. Societies (I’m hoping) allow you to make friends with people outside of your accommodation and course

4. Singular subject. Studying a singular subject, as opposed to FOUR, sounds incredibly pleasing to me. After taking 12 exams spread across 4 A Level subjects in my 2 years at college, I’m eager to ditch 3 of those subjects. So as your hatred for maths, chemistry, economics or (insert hated subject here) builds up to the point of explosion, just remember that you can burn those notes in a few months. I don’t suggest you burn them quite yet though.

5. Student loan and grant. With Student Finance now accepting applications, it’s important to apply sooner rather than later to ensure that you receive money on time for the start of university. Also, you can breathe a sigh of relief when the letter detailing the huge sums of money you’re eligible for drops onto your door mat.

6. Accommodation. Depending on your chosen university, you may be able to submit your accommodation form, stating where you want to live for your first year at university. This is undoubtedly exciting as it makes university seem even closer than it actually is! Key tips: check the price of accommodation carefully as it can range from under £100 to over £200 a week. Remember to check your emails as universities love to fill up your mailbox space.

Although university draws nearer, remember exams are even closer and revision = SUCCESS.

What are you excited for about university?

Originally published April 22nd 2015
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  1. Hamza Ahsan

    Some, Like me Hate or should i say are scared of Changes, Streching from reluctancy in changing bedsheets to being introduced to new environments and friends. So all i could say is that university might be a bad experience for these types of people 😉

  2. Zahid Bilwani

    It’s an exciting experience with having all together different atmosphere, people and Freedom. It helps you to grow up in life mentally.

  3. Manik Chhabra

    entering the university is a whole lot different thing altogether. one do experience great feeling of being grown ups and the changes that take place delight us. Rush of blood is there. different lifestyle, new people, and the biggest thing FREEDOM is there to do and experiment whatever we want.

  4. Ashley Holmes

    3 years at college, many distinctions along the way… no exams just coursework, role on University!!