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Articles > Rant December, 14, 2015

I Don’t Like Makeup – Does That Make Me Weird?

Syed Ali
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9.26 / 10

My lack of enthusiasm towards make-up has my mum (and everyone I know) worried about “what kind of a girl” I’m turning out to be.

I Don’t like makeup. I’ve always been very anti-make up to be honest, and on the occasional times that I have worn make-up, I have felt really uncomfortable. In fact, it makes me feel worse when people compliment me because then all I can think of is, “I don’t really look like this” and “do I have to wear make-up for people to consider me pretty?”, and most importantly, “do I really look that bad without anything on my face?” I don’t like having to hide my flaws or “enhance” my beauty just to meet other peoples’ standards.

Do you have to wear make-up to feel like a woman?

Photo By Mustafa Sayed

I’ve often had my friend’s mums or aunties tell me I would look so beautiful, if only I put on “a bit of make-up” or did my eyebrows, or straightened my hair. And although I have grown a thick skin to it, there may be girls out there who haven’t. There have been moments when I’ve felt insecure. I’ve been at weddings without wearing any make-up and have had people tell me how I should have made more effort with my appearance. They often say, “what will you do after you’re married” and “what will your husband say?”

If I ever have a daughter, I would want her to be comfortable in her own skin. I would want her to be able to go out bare faced and be completely okay with how she looks, even on a day when she’s pulled an all-nighter before and has dark circles and puffy eyes. I want her to be okay with the fact that bad hair days don’t always need to be fixed and that hair straighteners are only damaging.

“…I don’t really blame men for this. I blame women. Women have created these insecurities amongst themselves, and these insecurities have been inherited and carried around by women too…”

And I want her to know that she should never feel the need to wear make-up just to impress a man. It’s something that we have drilled into the heads of women around the world and it’s created this innate insecurity in every girl I know.

But no, I don’t really blame men for this. I blame women. Women have created these insecurities amongst themselves, and these insecurities have been inherited and carried around by women too. But surprisingly, there haven’t been many guys who have judged me for not wearing make-up, but almost every girl or woman I know, has at least once pointed out to me that I could look “prettier”.

My self-esteem isn’t dependent on a pimple or a scar; it’s healthy as long as I feel comfortable in my own skin. And I want that for every woman who feels the need to cover up every little blemish, because your flaws are a part of who you are and you shouldn’t want to wear make-up to cover it out of insecurity. Gender-roles are crap and not dressing up doesn’t make you any less of a woman than if you did wear make-up.

Wear make-up because you want to, not because of an insecurity.

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  1. Sporksnail

    As a man, I’ve never understood the female obsession with makeup. I hate the look of it, i hate the smell of it, and i hate the way people can judge you or make you feel inferior if you choose not to wear it.

    I feel genuinely lucky to have missed out on all that pressure and name-calling. All i can offer is the assurance that if you choose not to wear makeup, you’ll have absolutely no argument from me.

    It seems like this all stems from the old-fashioned custom of regarding a woman’s place in society as that of an oil painting or a shiny trinket. It saddens me that this tradition is still followed in the modern age. I would much prefer to keep the paintings on the wall, and let women be women.

    • Jo

      “I would much prefer to keep the paintings on the wall, and let women be women.” Beautifully said *thumbs up*

  2. Lucia

    Dear lady, I could not write it better than you! Congrats! I am 27 and do not wear makeup, not even a mascara and I’m pretty comfortable with it. Unfortunately enough I live in a country in middle Europe, where many nasty men live who take pride in insulting women who do not fulfill the “standards”. It is unfortunate really, it even reduced my self esteem to a certain degree, as I was always a target for sometimes really nasty comments on my makeup-less look. I think the more conservative right wing thinking the country is, the less tolerance for women who do not want to wear makeup and fulfill other special grooming “ideal”. I am really sad because of that…especially the fact that even in 21st century, women have to face such a nasty behaviour if they do not want to conform to the “beauty expectations”. You wrote it excellently lady, this article is so so true! Like you wrote, even my own parents and sister often try to make me feel as if I was not real woman because of the lack of makeup. Really sad. There should be much more women like us, who take pride in our natural looks. Kisses dear. And happy new year!

  3. Lucy

    I totally agree. I’m 17 and my mum always goes on about how pretty I’d look with makeup on. I’ve never really been bothered about what they say, but lately she’s started telling me I need to dress more like a girl just because I don’t like wearing skirts, I feel more comfortable in jeans. I don’t think it’s right and it sometimes hurts my feelings when people tell me this because I like to show my personality in what I’m wearing and it often feels like they’re insulting me and asking me to change who I am just to fit in with the latest fashion trends. With makeup it doesn’t really bother me, maybe I would wear it if someone had taught me how but even then my friends seem to spend ages getting ready to go out because of their makeup so I don’t see the point.

  4. Emily Hale

    I despise make up and go without it most of the time, though when I go out I do feel that I’m being stared at because I’m not wearing it. My mum say’s I’m “brave” for going out without it but I don’t see that, I just think it makes me feel grubby, like I’d smeared mud all over my face. I wish more people would feel more comfortable in their own skin and not be so judgmental of people who don’t wear it.

  5. nahida

    Thank you for writing this article! I can very much relate to this, I’m not a big make up person and only go for it on special occasions e.g at a wedding. My older sisters sometimes ask me why I don’t wear make up and that I’m being weird because I don’t wear it, which only proves your point that women are causing this problem. I think if a woman wants to wear make up, she can do so – that’s her preference (let’s please rid this mindset that women wear make up for men because they don’t. They wear for themselves and their confidence) . And if she doesn’t, then she doesn’t, that’s also her preference and it shouldn’t be a big deal. Why should women have to live up to expectations? If a woman doesn’t want to wear make up, then she doesn’t have to and she shouldn’t be judged either, and it is sad that looks have to be such a “priority”. Make up is not a requirement of being female, nor should it be gender assigned. I don’t concentrate on make up, there are more important things in life. Just do what you like!

  6. Micilinmuc

    A beautiful woman without a trace of makeup sat opposite me on the subway one morning and the first thing that entered my mind was how gorgeous she looked. But then she got her makeup bag out and made a mess of herself.

  7. Wiktoria Polny

    I think that you should do what you want because it’s your body. Whatever pleases you I say.

  8. Ellie

    I’m so glad someone has written this post! I totally agree with you, it honestly comes from other women, but also the media.You never see a women on TV or a magazine without make- up on, but without make-up is just as beautiful! I’m someone who wears make-up religiously, however I only wear it for me! It makes me feel good and I never ever wear it for anyone else, especially not men, and if you do then you’re wearing it for the wrong reasons. I can honestly tell you that you’re right! Men seriously do not care if I’m wearing make-up or not, and if I don’t wear it they don’t even notice, or they’re just like ‘you look the same?’ Society is crazy because you don’t wear it and women are telling you that you should, whereas I do wear it and I’ve had people asking to pay me not to wear it! ‘just to see what I look like’ and I constantly get told I’d be prettier without it!? It’s a lose- lose situation when it comes to wearing make-up so do what the hell you want!

  9. Micilinmuc

    I prefer women without makeup and I think that most do.

  10. Lee Hampson

    The fact is men are not impressed by make-up. It generally looks awful and tacky. No man that I know has ever said something like “wow! Look at those eyelashes; they’re so long!” Equally, the ridiculous things women choose to wear are not for men – no man thinks high heels make a woman look good. The make up and fashion industries are governed by women to speak on behalf of other women as are the terrible magazines that are so popular. It’s damaging and it is not the fault of men – men do not have to be the cause of every problem.

  11. Gabe Lee

    i’m with you. you have shown to the girls how to be true to your self and everyone else

  12. Anonymous

    I couldn’t agree more! As a twenty-something woman myself, I’ve heard exactly the same comments – the majority of which tended to be from my mother (unfortunately). Why couldn’t I be more like other girls my age? Told I would look a lot nicer if I shaped my eyebrows. I was even awarded “worst hair” in my high school yearbook (I never used straighteners, or styled it in a particular way), which says so much more about the people who thought it was okay to include that than it does about me. I didn’t even know about it until I picked up my copy, and despite having grown a thick skin from all the comments over the years it was still really hurtful.

    Thank you for writing this. I’ve always felt very alone in my views on makeup etc, so it’s really nice to know I’m not the only one. I’ve never worn makeup, and don’t plan on starting now. I always used to be baffled by how other girls knew what to do; neither my mum or sister introduced me to make up and how to do it, I was never invited to sleepovers or friend’s houses, I didn’t buy girly magazines, and given the Internet was nothing like it is now I didn’t have that either – and I had no interest in finding out how makeup worked. Sure I’ve wondered sometimes what I might look like, and I have been treated differently because of it, but at the end of the day I can go outside without worrying about covering up. None of the male friends I’ve ever had have cared, and my female friends knew me well enough to quit asking if they could straighten my hair or see what I’d look like with makeup on. I’m quite aware that it probably would make me look more appealing or whatever, but I’ve done just fine without it so far!

  13. Bethany White

    Although I do wear makeup, I don’t think that it is at all something that should be questioned if you don’t wear makeup. It’s important to be comfortable in your own skin and you shouldn’t let anyone tell you otherwise. society puts many pressures on women and even men nowadays suggesting that in order to follow the conventions of the ‘norm’ we need to act and look a certain way. In reality, this is just not sustainable as societies idea of the ‘norm’ is changing all the time so you would be better off just being happy in yourself and not living up to expectation.
    To summarise, don’t worry that you don’t like wearing makeup because everyone should feel happy in themselves rather than trying to impress or live up to others expectations.

  14. Nikki

    I am 38 and personally don’t like make up and never have, as a teen I much preferred to stay in bed in the mornings before school instead of some of my friends that would get up an hour or so early to put their make up on. It is definitely a personal choice, my daughter is twenty and won’t step out of the front door without full make up on. Honestly I can’t see the point in spending time/money on make up and then time/money on products to cleanse the skin to ensure the skin is free of make up at night just to do it all over again in the morning.

  15. Kirsten Davis

    Thank you so much for this article! I’m 18 and I very rarely wear make-up, and when I do I feel really uncomfortable in it. It’s weird to describe but I feel like I’m trying to be someone I’m not and I’ll spend the whole night fussing about whether something has smudged or smeared. When I do wear make-up, I only wear mascara and I never cover up my blemishes because it’s healthier to just let them breathe! I’ve managed to stop listening to comments people make about me and I know I’m a better person for just ignoring the people who hate on me for not wearing concealer or foundation. I have nothing against people who do wear it because I understand that it’s some people’s hobby and make-up is something they enjoy buying and comparing and a good face of make-up is an art form 😉 But I wouldn’t want anyone to think that they NEED IT because you don’t have to. Yes there will always be people who will hate on your bare skin but in years to come, you’ll probably look healthier and more confident in your own skin – EMBRACE IT <3

  16. shannon whelan

    Honestly I think make up is revolting it has completely undermined women if they’re not ‘pretty’ enough naturally then the media forces them to conceal their identity and completely change their looks. Even the ‘prettiest’ of girls ruin their faces with it when they definitely don’t need it to just fit in. But it can give you irritation and create spots and all of these horrible stressful things that we do not need. We are all born beautiful but everyone has a different perception of beauty , you may like a rose but I like a Venus fly trap. Everyone is different so why do we need to make ourselves look the same? Also If you’re on a night out full of make up and get lucky that night with a guy he is attracted to that face you have put on now when you take it off he will get a shock. To be honest it’s not fair on men either. Girls and guys we are all beautiful in our own natural ways. Be yourself, be individual. Stop trying to be like everyone else

  17. Ella Rocha

    I feel that makeup has ran miles away from its true meaning. In the beginning, it was symbolic of freedom, but now I feel as if it is now a common pressure. Women already have the pressure to wear makeup, but it is offensive to women that some induvials feel the need to tell others that they too need it. Beauty isnt defined by how others see you, or how much products you wear, beauty is not about the time you put in; beauty is the feeling that you have never looked better, that there is no better feeling then how one feels. So if your beauty is wearing makeup or not, it is ultimately your desison..

    • Rachel Mailes

      I totally agree! I feel the same about dresses and skirts too, if girls want to wear them then they should be allowed to, but those of us who don’t should also be allowed to wear jeans or whatever we are comfortable in. It doesn’t make us any less feminine and it certainly doesn’t make us any less beautiful!

  18. Shamanta Ali

    You just spoke my mind!

  19. Osob

    I don’t see why us women feel obligated to look a certain way because of what people say and what you see on social media. I think young girls should be taught to love themselves and their flaws without having to do anything that might make them feel uncomfortable. My younger sister don’t like wearing make up but she feels pressured to do so. People like the kardashians and kylie jenner make younger feel like that’s how you are beautiful. But kylie had flaws of her own but she thought makeup and surgery can hide. This is a bad influence. I wish we promoted women’s flaws as a beauty and not a problem. But that’s my opinion. What do you guys think?

  20. Fatima Ravat

    Personally I dont wear make up nor do I think its important because natural beauty is always the best. Why waste money on thousands of products which cost a fortune when somethin beneficial can be done. I mean, why do people wear make up? To show people their coated faces? I mean, makeup makes ypur skin worse because it can be irritant. Besides we are all our ownselves and people who are dear to us have seen us without it all. Thats all we need to care about to be honest.

  21. Aryana Sadeghian

    I can most definitely relate to people complimenting you when wearing makeup, and thinking “this is not how I really look”. Of course it makes me feel good when I get complimented (and honestly a bit of a self-esteem boost) but at the same time it does make me feel rather bad inside knowing that I most likely wouldn’t be complimented had I not been wearing any makeup.

    Don’t get me wrong, when I do wear makeup the most I wear is eyeliner and that’s it, so it’s not like I’m putting a lot on. I don’t wear it to cover up any imperfections, just more of an enhancement. I do admit that I am one of the many girls that feel more confident going outside when wearing makeup, and I believe that this is because the society I have been brought up in tends to accustom girls to link their confidence with their appearances.

  22. Heather Felton

    I’m so glad this post has been written and i’m glad that i’m not the only girl out there that prefers not wearing make up. I also often feel uncomfortable wearing make up and am one of the two only girls in my group of friends that doesn’t wear make up. I would rather people see me for me instead of seeing a face that is not mine. I do however respect that everyone has their own preferences and many others prefer to wear make up.

  23. Jess

    I am a girl, I like wearing nice clothes and looking cute in things however I do not wear any make up not only coz I badly damages my skin but I really think I look worse with it on, and I get bullied because I am supposedly a “transgender” I am not against transgender but I am not one. I like going shopping and doing all that but I don’t think all girls have to wear make, if u r more comfortable with out go for it. I have gone to a wedding with no make up on and I have had people telling me I have never looked better. I am sure that some time in the future I will wear make up and I may like it but I won’t be wearing it all the time. And I know this isn’t all men but I hear guys saying I don’t like it when girls wear make but you look at people who don’t wear and and people who do and u look who has a boyfriend and it’s only girls with make up on, yet guys complain about them having it on. People say I’m ugly and that a bit of this or that would make me beautiful, I know I’m the pretty person in the world but I’m not as thick and some people’s make up.

  24. Jade Walker

    When I wear makeup, it’s not very often. I only ever put on eye liner and mascara, and very rarely eye shadow. I only wear it to go out to compliment the outfit, really. I wear that amount because I feel comfortable in that, as opposed to the people who plaster it on day after day to hide their insecurities. If someone doesn’t like you without makeup, then they don’t like the real you and don’t deserve you. We shouldn’t have to dress up and wear makeup for others, but ourselves. Take advantage of your natural beauty (meaning inside and out) and empower yourself.

  25. Megan O'Rourke

    As a female who also doesn’t wear makeup, I feel like i’m different to everyone else. I only ever wore makeup for dance shows but i believe that because I don’t wear makeup, my skin is actually in really good condition and I think that they way people see me is for me, and for me behind a mask of makeup. Not that I think makeup is bad though. I also have respect for girls who wear makeup as they can look amazing but I feel like I wouldn’t wear it personally, especially past the ‘orange’ stage

  26. Sikhangezile Ncube

    I have to say thank you for writing on this particular subject. Although for me the pressure to wear makeup hasn’t come from home, it certainly has among friends who are female and not male. I think this launches us into a discussion beyond just make up. It’s also about hair, curly vs straight especially among black women, or even body shape and fat shaming. I think we’ve come to a point where we need to learn to be comfortable in our own skin before we start changing or enhancing ourselves for others. I hope that other women realize this too.

  27. Lucia

    I think…the requirement of wearing makeup by women depends on the state (or region) you live, too…I live in a very conservative country in the Middle of Europe…were practically it seems to me that a woman without makeup is looked down upon….not by everyone of course, but by the majority of “people”…I often wonder how anyone could even think its ok to be nasty to a woman who refuses to wear makeup…but sadly it seems to me that conservative countries function just like this…even many women I know are misogynistic in their approach of their femaleness…its sad…like…this is the fate of the true liberal in a country of conservative macho assholes….I dont think we women should ever be required to wear layer of creams and powders on our faces. Its simply not healthy by the way…and besides, its such a nasty double standard. If men are considered handsome enough without makeup, why people cant find women beautiful enough without it, too? So Im all for ladies going barefaced.

  28. Sophie Wallace

    Of course you’re not weird, only you define yourself and no make-up ever will. There’s an expectation that all women are these makeup-obsessed crazies but we’re not, I only wear the stuff if and when I want to. For the question of the “type” of woman you are, simple, you. As long as your skin’s healthy and your happy with yourself, that’s all that matters and if some guy or girl says to you “you could be prettier” then GET RID OF THEM because they arent’ worth it. Took me years to realise that.

  29. Emily Asbridge

    So happy someone has wrote about this! Girl you are beautiful the way you are! So what if you don’t like make-up that doesn’t make you any less feminine! If people say “oh your so brave for not wearing make-up”…why? It doesn’t make you “brave”, it just shows that you are comfortable in your own skin. I’m 20 years old and I don’t wear make up unless I’m going out with my girls. I’ve spoke to my boyfriend about this topic and he agrees, he prefers girls with no make-up on as it shows your natural beauty and it boosts your self-confidence.

  30. Charlotte Lawrence

    I am simply amazed at this article! I completely agree with everything you have said. Every women shouldn’t feel ashamed of her own skin enough to cover it with make-up trying to fix her ‘so called’ imperfections. Where have these imperfections come from? Who is to say a scar or a pimple is an imperfection? The media today portray a lot of women as ‘beautiful’ figures when they wear layers of name branded foundation and the clothing that is ‘in fashion’ of that season and even to the point where it comes down to their weight. It’s wrong. For the media to label women and set these particular models as goals for the public is setting an unhealthy mind set for the younger girls of today. Anyone should be able to walk outside bareface and feel confident, it’s just a shame that the media has made it so that we all can’t do this, or at least a large portion of girls can not do this.
    I’m only 18 and I wear little make-up, I just wear eyeshadow and mascara. Although my older sister (aged 20) wears the whole shabang of foundation, bronzer…etc etc, she has previously said to me she couldn’t go out wearing just what I wear on her face. This is sad and I feel as though it needs to stop. Nobody has told the men that they need to wear make-up to cover up their ‘imperfections’, so why do we?

  31. Chi

    I absolutely agree with it, I feel like it’s become an innate pressure to conform to these behaviours. My cousin and I are always being subjected to insults from the female members of our family because we don’t wear make up and we don’t really care about wearing dresses and things like that. Its actually gotten to a point where we don’t think we’re going to have a relationship with our family when we’re done with university and get jobs. My cousin and sister are both 9 and they’re already wearing make up and it worries me because I fear that they won’t be comfortable in their own skin when they’re older

  32. Sana Butt

    I am the same, I’ve never been fond of make up I mean I have it and try to wear it when I am going out with mates but that’s only because they are wearing it and love it.

  33. Alice Walker Jones

    I love this article! I love love love wearing makeup, however two of my best friends hate wearing makeup; my outlook on it has always been if you don’t like it, don’t wear it (same with clothes and things too). It’s as simple as that. If anyone has a problem with you not wearing makeup, that’s their problem not yours. That is why I love this article! It really speaks volumes, and addresses a problem in society that is not brought into the lime light enough. Everyone is an individual; some people need to remember that.

  34. Hannah Whittock

    I think… I totally agree, the fact that my mum says that I ‘should be more lady-like’ is to me an outdated statement. No makeup is not bad, and you should do what ever makes you comfortable. However society thinks that it’s views on what women should look like are the be all and end all, if only this wasn’t the case. So thank you for this article.

  35. Katherine Butler

    I’m a woman and I wear makeup BUT not alot of it, I wear mascara, a light foundation and blush. I feel that wearing it boosts my confidence however I don’t like to wear so much that it doesn’t look like me anymore. I get a shock sometimes when I see some of my friends without their excessive eyeliner and foundation, not that they weren’t pretty without all the makeup on but just because they look so different! So I like wearing makeup, but not excessively that it changes my face dramatically.

  36. Chelsea Perrins

    I think… you are definitely right. we should be allowed to feel beautiful without piling makeup on our faces. I’ve always disliked wearing makeup, it just feels horrible and i really hate hair straighteners, i have curly hair and everyone i know keeps telling me to straighten it because it would make me “really beautiful”. Luckily i couldn’t care less what they want me to do about my looks, i treasure every one of my features because they are me. Unfortunately, there are people out there who aren’t as thick skinned so if people (women) could just allow each other to be themselves (with or without makeup), that would be a true step forwards to being human beings. Syed Ali, you have struck gold with this article.

  37. Sigourney

    Do what makes you happy, if that is not wearing make-up then why should you worry about what others think. Now days everyone seems obsessed with pleasing everyone else! How about we start doing what we want for a change and stop worrying about everyone else.

  38. Sidra Mahmood

    I think…its normal you dont need to wear makeup to impress people. Its your life you dont have to do what everyone els does. And people who dont support you with this decision should not be in your life.

  39. Jordan Finlay

    No it definitely does not make you weird. I agree with what you’re saying, I think women should learn to not feel the need to comment on whether or not someone is wearing make up or not. Personally I love wearing make up, not to try and cover myself or change my appearance, but as a genuine hobby. There are days I sit in my room and play about with different products then take it all off straight away again just because it is something I enjoy doing in my spare time. Most of my friends do not wear any make up at all, but I have never felt the need to ask why they don’t or feel like I need to force them into it. It’s their choice and I’m not going to judge them on that. Also the choice of wearing make up or not should never be to please anyone. I do understand what you’re saying in that a lot of people like to comment on your appearance with it rather than without. I feel like media focuses on make up a lot and that is something that should change. There are people who wear make up solely because it is a hobby of theirs and not to impress or cover up insecurities. I think this should be the deciding factor, not whether your mum or sister or family tells you to.

  40. Abdur-rahman Rhaime

    I agree with you so much but unfortunately I’m a guy and it’s not expected of me to wear make up.
    You should spread your message because it is the right message to be spreading!

  41. angelic anonymous

    I don’t really believe makeup is something that is a must which every girl should like. And besides, it’s really damaging to the skin and barely has any benefits. For those reasons I totally agree with you. I like being natural and enhancing my natural beauty but I don’t necessarily hate makeup and do use it when they occasion calls

  42. Omojibola

    I think that’s perfectly normal. My mum was also very worried about me as I was more a tomboy. I think as long as you are comfortable in ur own skin and don’t feel the need to make up, you totally shouldn’t. I think for some people it helps them feel good. As long as you feel good, that’s all that really matters

  43. Ruma Chowdhury

    Honestly, I believe that if you don’t like to wear make-up, then don’t wear make-up. If you prefer your natural beauty then its best to stay away from the make-up. Who cares what anyone says. Be you. And mostly importantly be happy.

  44. Tnia

    I think… Girls wear make up to hide their insecurities but making themselves more insecure by wearing it because they think the don’t look as pretty with out it

  45. Sian

    Everyone should be allowed to look how they want. Wether it’s wearing make up or not! Men can wear make up if they wish. Women can wear make up if they wish! Men don’t have to wear makeup. Women don’t have to wear makeup. And it’s not a crime to do either. Neither is it false advertising if you decide to wear it. People need to stop focusing on the outside and focus more on the inside.

  46. Lauren Beasant

    I feel that if you want to were make you can, but not all people like wearing it, it expensive and time wasting’

  47. Rosha Rosdi

    Thank you for writing this post. Now I feel like I’m not the only one who felt this way

  48. Emily

    I think that if you prefer to wear make-up then you can but equally I don’t think that women should be pressured into wearing it either. If it makes you more confident and comfortable to wear make up then, go ahead and wear it but for me, I don’t actually wear make up, except a little mascara on special occasions, and I’m perfectly happy without it. I believe it’s a personal preference and either is fine.

  49. Julia Lukaszyk

    I thought I was the weird one not wearing make up because I have really dark circles under my eyes I don’t cover them up because if you are wearing make up just to impress someone stop because if a guy doesn’t like you for who you are just pass. If you choose to wear make up maybe just cover up little spots or thing that make you feel insucure as long as you feel confident and happy it’s fine everyone is beautiful in their own special way

  50. Sumaiya Lawati

    I recently started wearing make-up more often, not always but more than i used to. I still feel okay with going out without it though but sometimes i do it to feel pretty. I do it for myself not others. But there are also times when i wear make-up to attract people and i don’t really know if its out of insecurity or not but i believe that wearing make-up everyday means that you are insecure and not confident with youself

  51. Albertha Taligatus

    This is something i have always argued about. Thank goodness i grew up in a society where people don’t care for make up. Society doesn’t pressure anyone in anything. And usually girls who come from that island country are comfortable in their own skin. That’s the way every woman should be.

  52. Benguechia sarah

    OMG… me tooo i don’t like makeup i prefer to be normal and i love natural beauty i don’t like to paint my face for the others to love me

  53. Caitlin

    Honestly its like we are the same person. I dont wear make-up and the few times i have are due to peer pressure but like you i find it uncomfortable and hate when people comment on it for it makes me feel like i have to wear make up to be accepted as pretty.

  54. Hairstyles

    Undeniably believe that that you stated. Your favourite justification seemed to be on the web the easiest thing to remember of. I say to you, I certainly get annoyed even as people think about worries that they just do not know about. You controlled to hit the nail upon the highest and also defined out the entire thing without having side-effects , other folks could take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thank you

  55. source

    Great, thanks for sharing this article.Thanks Again. Fantastic.

  56. L

    You have an interesting perspective. I’ve been pressured by both men and women to wear more makeup. All of my boyfriends except for one (my husband) and most of my female friends have told me to wear more makeup. The kicker? I was already wearing light makeup! I guess that’s not good enough for most people these days…

  57. daniel dawson

    I think that its okay to not like wearing make up ; i even find girls\ women who dont wear make up more attractive and more beautiful, and the most important thing is whats in the inside. FUCK PLEASING EVERYONE BUT YOURSELF. girls should not bash others just because they are different; as Lilly Singh says GIRL LOVE,WE’RE IN THIS TOGETHER, dont fucking care about people’s opinions and the mother monster herself \Lady Gaga\ said , cause baby you were born this way,,,,,

  58. Name

    I am the opposite. I’m a male who wishes he could were makeup because it would be so awesome to be able to cover up spots, and not go off of how you were born.

  59. Shaili Shah

    Thanks alot for writing this article.. I can relate my self to it! There’s my cousin brother’s wedding coming in December and my all other sisters are going for makeup… I really don’t feel comfortable with all those stuff on my face. I like being natural that’s my preference, that makes me confident but insecure sometimes!

  60. Dawn

    I don’t believe in makeup, it hides your beauty, it makes me feel fake when I wear it. I don’t believe in getting your nails done and I won’t ever put hair spray in my hair, I don’t even paint my nails. I like being natural I also dress up when I go out and u would never catch me wearing high heels

  61. Christopher

    I think it makes a women look more confident when they don’t where make up because they are showing their true selves and not a mask .In my opinion they are beautiful without it. I mean beauty is on the inside and that is what matters. The human race can survive without make up it’s not the be and end all of life.

  62. farhana

    Don’t wear it because everyone else is wearing/ doing it, wear it/ do it for you and yourself only.

  63. Johnf792

    You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this topic to be really something which I think I would never understand. It seems too complicated and extremely broad for me. I’m looking forward for your next post

  64. Dani

    I am a girl who loves make up. I wasn’t like this from the very beginning; at first, I despised make up actually lol. But that was because of the misconception that makeup users are vain or arrogant and crap. I just like makeup because it makes me feel good. I like the me with makeup, but i also like the me on mornings with a bedhead and the me at night after removing make up. It’s just something i like, and no amount of self esteem issues is gonna change that.

    just keep an open mind; not all make up loving women are insecure or judgemental

  65. Marco Tete Strous

    I think you can go lots of ways in make up. Yes, a lot of women might have insecurities because of their peers and use make up to boost their confidence. However, if a woman feels like applying make up to herself because she simply likes the look of it, why stop her? My partner is a make up artist, and her make up is usually a form of art rather then “enhancement”. The face to a make-up artist is like a blank canvas to a painter as I always say. Does one need make up?? No.. But what if they want it? Who are you to judge? Let them have it. My girlfriend looks beautiful without make up AND she does a cracking job in make-up. Make-up is what she does and loves doing.. It’s who she is. That doesn’t make her “fake”. Again, there are many sides as to “why” women apply make-up.

  66. Sharmaine Clifford

    Not wearing make up etc does not make you weird, I don’t wear it, I enjoy having more of a natural look, yes I might wear it for special occasions but I like it then because I feel like I’ve made a bit more effort, but I think make up as become to much of a way of hiding ourselves, as it makes people feel better about themselves, but on the other hand you should feel confident without it and it’s good if you are comfortable not wearing it, so trust me it’s definitely not weird.

  67. Lima Ahmed

    This is a great article, Well done!

  68. Anna Pumbu-Mbwese

    I think makeup is alright for a special occasion or when you are super tired and need a little pick me up to give you that extra pinch of confidence but it can be overdone.. I would never want to wear it so much that I am unable to reveal my real face underneath (as I have heard many a girl tell me)

  69. Chaos

    Hello,thank you so much for this article. I’m 22 and I pretty much never wore makeup in my life. I never, ever found a man criticizing me for this. Indeed, I got a (very handsome) boyfriend who couldn’t care less. However,I was bullied A LOT in middle school and high school by OTHER GIRLS because I was literally the only one in the class who didn’t care about makeup (or dressing up). I really do believe these girls were extremely insecure about their looks,to the point that they had to make me feel the same. It’s kind of funny because they talked to me as if I was “a child” while they were “adults”…while I most likely was the most mature out of all of them. Anyway,I never listened to them and kept on with my own,makeup-free life. I come from Italy,and beauty standards are generally very high here…but the thing is,as you said,it’s usually women who perpetuate this…not men.

  70. siti sarah hanafiah

    i agreed with you, im not wearing make up either. not because im pretty but because i comfortable with it. i hate when i have to deal with those make up staff. sometimes it makes me more weird wearing make up

  71. Lauren Stedman

    Personally I only wear a little makeup (lipstick and eyeshadow) to parties/my prom and never any other time. I have been told once or twice by my mum or her mum to wear makeup for such events (even though I would by choice anyway) but otherwise I’ve never experienced ANYONE, male or female, say anything about wearing makeup. I went to an all girls school for 6 years and am now at an all boys school. People only speak about makeup if discussing applying it to themselves or if they know someone else who wears it a lot to suggest different ways of wearing it. Half my female friends wear it, the other half do only rarely like myself. No one tells us that don’t wear it at school to wear it as no one cares. Boys also have told me unless you look orange from fake tan or thick foundation, they don’t actually notice makeup because they *really* don’t pay attention to details unless they like you romantically, which would be regardless of makeup. Do what you wish, don’t listen to people. I personally wear it to special occassions because I think it’s nice to dress differently for such occassions anyway, but each to their own!

  72. Priscilla Wegbe

    Personally , our appearance should be self reflecting of our identity and the persona that us as individuals want to convey to society. Whether that is done with or without makeup is again the individual being’s choice. We have freewill, thus it should also be expressed through our personal preferences.

  73. Kainat Emran

    Great article on why women should not feel the need to wear makeup, however at the same time women who do wear makeup should also not be shamed for doing so – and not all women wear makeup to impress men or because they are insecure like every girl you supposedly know 🙂

  74. Tallie Dark

    Makeup isn’t for everyone and that’s fair enough. Makeup is just for those who want to use it, regardless of gender and it should be seen as something fun to use if you desire to wear it. I feel like wearing or not wearing makeup in general should be normalized either way, no matter who you are.

  75. Clare Baxter

    I’ve never worn make up either, unless my mum corners me, which makes my whole family think of me ‘as a boy’ apperently

  76. kofi kwakye

    I think…It shows that you’re self confident, It better to not wear make up, it shows people your natural beauty

  77. Sophie Jennings

    You wear what you want to wear, whatever makes you comfortable. Personally, makeup makes me more comfortable in every day life because I’m deeply secure. It also happens to be one of the few things I’m good at, making it a joyful thing for me to do. That does not make me weird, and you not wanting to wear it does not make you weird. I wish I was confident enough to not wear it the majority of the week, and maybe one day I will be, but for now what is most important is that people are comfortable.

  78. Rebecca Naidoo

    I think…it makes you look beautiful don’t really care what people have to say.
    Cause you have a choice and mind of your own some people love using makeup cause it boost their self ego.Crazy but true eg, nicky manaj

  79. Nabiya Hussain

    The fact that she is clearly confident in her natural self which shows she doesn’t need covering up, every girl is naturally beautiful and it is up to them whether they choose to wear make up as a confidence booster, I wear make up as a daily routine and don’t see anything wrong with it and don’t see why there should be a reason not to wear it either.

  80. Nazli Dur

    I think… don’t worry. wearing make up isn’t make any difference for me. It’s even better for you, so there is nothing weird at all!

  81. Meg

    I completely agree. Personally with the times I have to get up in the morning spending 20mims rummaging in my makeup bag would be impossible. I do wear it sometimes when I am going out places, but it makes me uncomfortable that this isn’t my face or really how I look. Also I have found not wearing it gives me a clearer complexion than with, whatever makeup wipes or face scrub I use.

  82. Samantha

    I am a woman and have never worn make up. Like you I do on the odd occasion and just felt uncomfortable with it. Since then I have thrown all my make up away. I believe it doesn’t last forever and I use it so little its not worth it.

  83. Isabella Agus

    “What kind of a girl do I am?” Not the standard girl for sure, maybe I’m more a close to a tomboy ahahah. Make-up is never been my passion and i never give importance to that. I’m not a make-up person because I feel a little bit unconfortable having make-up on my skin and because I like myself as I am and not as how I could appear. I think that if someone is beautiful, is beautiful in any case and don’t need make-up to seem that. When you say a person is beautiful, you’re not saying that thinking about make-up but how the person is in own skin. Men don’t whatch make-up, i’ve known guys who criticized heavy make-up on girls because it changed their faces. It’s like talking about a picture with photoshop “It’s perfect, but not real”. However, i don’t say that make-up is a bad thing. On the contrary, I think it could be useful depending to person who use it. For example, I don’t like make-up in general but sometimes i use to put on me a really light make-up (foundation cream) to going out or to play a game (I’m a football and futsal player).

  84. Kirsty McGowan

    Makeup isn’t permanent.

  85. Jono Stapleton

    You should be comfortable in your own skin, now if that means that you don’t like wearing make up then fine, not a lot of people actually care, well I don’t, as long as you’re good company don’t worry 🙂

  86. Lauren Robinson-Crook

    I don’t think that there is anything wrong with not wearing make up I don’t wear it unless I’m going to a party and even then it’s hardly any, but if u chose to not want to wear it then I see nothing wrong in that I believe women are beautiful as they are and don’t need make up but if they chose to wear it then so be it, either way society shouldn’t judge!

  87. Charlotte

    I never really wear make-up, only maybe once in a blue moon for a special occasion, and ever since I can remember, I’ve had people say to me that I would look attractive if I wore make-up and that I’ll never get a boyfriend without wearing it. Well, I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years now and he likes the fact that I don’t wear make-up. He says it annoys him that some women spend half an hour putting on their face just to go to the shop around the corner- I also agree!
    It’s fair enough if some women feel more comfortable wearing make-up and it’s totally up to them. But I don’t think they should be able to put women who don’t like wearing make-up down because they don’t think it’s right. Everybody is entitled to do whatever they want to do to their bodies.

  88. Jess

    I’ve never worn make up and don’t see the point of it, however I know so many girls that put on layers and layers of make up and will then redo their make up when ever they can. They then get picked up on when they aren’t wearing make up by people pointing out they look ill which just destroys their self-esteem and makes them put on more. It’s definitely women that put these insecurities into other women, my mates keep trying to put make up on me and encourage me to wear saying I’ll look so good wearing it.

  89. Liesl Chesworth

    Not wearing makeup is absolutely fine, but the mistake some people make is that they choose to shame those who do wear it and assume they are doing it in an attempt to impress men. I personally love to wear makeup as a creative outlet; it isn’t me trying to be something I’m not, I just find applying it quite therapeutic and I love experimenting with colour and texture. It’s not at all to do with trying to impress anyone, at least not for some people.

  90. Zara Ali

    Everything is good in moderation. It’s alright to wear make-up but I think it shouldn’t be overdone in the way that it is nowadays. You get 12 year olds wearing full on make-up and it’s damaging to their skin. I’m not against make-up although I don’t wear it personally myself but I feel that it shouldn’t be put on in all fullness EVERY day. It’s okay to have some days were you just enhance your prominent features and be yourself on others.

  91. Najihah Muhamad

    I dont like wearing make up too.

  92. Jess

    I wish I didn’t have to wear makeup to feel pretty I think it’s a great thing that your confident in your own skin

  93. Aaliyah Butt

    You shouldn’t wear make up for the sake of it and you feel you have to conform to what everybody else is doing. I wake make up because I enjoy it

  94. Taylor Green

    I wear makeup when I can be bothered to, but most of the time I don’t. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to wear makeup! If you are confident in yourself, without wearing a tonne of makeup, keep it like that! Makeup doesn’t impress anyone (trust me I’ve tried!) it just makes people more confident in themselves, but if you are already confident, you don’t need it! Go girl!

  95. Rachel Mailes

    I totally agree with this! I remember in high school when my friends went through their makeup phase and they all told me I should wear it. It was an interesting time to say the least. However I have never had any issues with males over the fact I don’t wear makeup, most of them seem to actually respect it.

  96. Paige Proctor

    I think you do not need to wear make-up because you are pretty the way you are and don’t wear make-up to impress boys, be yourself.

  97. Lia Minty

    I think wearing make up is entirely a personal decision, but no one should ever be criticised for choosing not to. I can totally understand why make up would make you feel uncomfortable. I am very lazy in my approach to make up and don’t tend to wear much. I usually just dab on a bit of concealer in the morning. Even for nights out I don’t feel comfortable going overboard and I never got the hang of winged eyeliner or the whole ‘eyebrows on fleek’ thing. I think the main problem is the idea that we always need to improve our appearance, it’s not enough to feel good in our natural skin. It annoys me that women constantly put other women down, whether intentionally or unintentionally. But these conditional compliments ‘you’d look so pretty if…’ are more destructive to people’s self esteem than no compliments at all.

  98. Gege Jojo

    I love make-up of all kinds, even if it works pretty women feel comfortable better and change
    Types of make-up and its move is no easy and difficult but in the end frequency makes plenty of female professional in make-up


    I think… a woman looks better without make up depends on the age imagine someone with 14-13 years old with make up she will look uggly

  100. Georgie Tydeman

    I am nearly eighteen years old and I’m not keen on the stuff. I think my family and friends have got to the point that if I turned up to school or work, one day wearing make-up the whole world would spontaneously implode. I’m happy not wearing make up, everyone around me isn’t fussed.

  101. Erin

    I think make up should be more of an option than something drilled into our heads, I enjoy wearing make up and ‘dressing up’ before going out but I’m also perfectly comfortable without it- I see it as an option, I enjoy the process of putting make up on and looking slightly different because it’s interesting! Not because I’m insecure about my skin:)

  102. Dzhulia Hristova

    I think that the best thing that you can do is to be yourself and to do what makes you happy no matter what other people say.If you dont like to put make-up then dont do it.I like it and i use it but i know how tiring is it.

  103. Zilan Ganidagli

    Make up seems to be every girls necessity in the modern day. Many females explain that wearing make up makes them feel much better about them selves and boosts their self esteem. Its actually quite upsetting that people are not happy with the way they look naturally and feel the need to change to match the image of beauty presented by the media. Its definitely time that people start to place value on things that are much more helpful for themselves or society such as education.

  104. Lauren Johnson

    I think…don’t worry. I don’t wear make up either and neither do my friends. For me it’s because I can’t be bothered with the time it takes to put on. Luckily my family aren’t really pushy about that sort of thing so…

  105. Jessica Watson

    Of course you’re not weird. For me personally, make-up is a passion similar to how some people enjoy sports or gaming. Its something that makes me happy and that I really enjoy. Its not about being feminine or being self-conscious about your appearance, simply enjoying the way that it looks on my face. This video explains it better than me But do not ever be ashamed of not enjoying make-up, its not for everyone just as sports are not enjoyed by all people.

  106. Sophie Kirkwood

    I didn’t wear makeup throughout high-school and when I rarely did I felt uncomfortable like I would in a pair of shoes that didn’t fit or a bright coloured piece of clothing that attracted unwanted attention. All the time I was told I look better with it and it definitely contributed to my self esteem issues I carry currently. I regretfully paid for makeup I rarely use because I felt I needed it to fit in so people would like me. I do not like makeup purely because it made me feel rubbish about myself and I hate wearing it because I feel like I let other people decide I should rather than deciding myself. You definitely said it best though, wear it if you want to wear it which is what I should have decided for myself.

  107. Alys

    Personally I love makeup, it’s an art form to me. I’m obsessed. But I’m also quite happy to go out with no makeup on. Yes it can be a confidence boost but there’s nothing wrong with that.
    If you don’t like makeup that’s great, I’m glad you love yourself without. But I think we need to stop assuming that everyone wears it because of insecurities or to impress men. It’s simply not the case.
    Anyone can wear makeup, whatever gender. And for whatever reason they want.

  108. Katie Price

    I believe that whoever would like to wear make up, should have the right to it without being judged. Of course we should all want to feel comfortable in our own skin and I completely agree that make up shouldn’t be used purely for hiding our physical insecurities. However, to some people make up provides an alternative ‘face’, which may be equally as beautiful as a fresh face.

  109. Michelle Mitchelle-Josephs

    I do not think that wearing makeup is revolting, Makeup enhance your true beauty everyone has a choice. Everyone choice should be respected, woman or man, yes man, should not feel pressureed for wearing makeup. If a women feels good and secure within, you look good.

    The benefits of Makeup. Applying foundation or a tinted moisturiser contains sun protection. Environmental pollution is harmful, causing rapid ageing, so why not take precaution and wear?

    Personally I never use to like make, until I was introduced to a Mary Kay sales Rep. Now, I love Makeup!Honestly, I do not care what others think, my application are mild and I love looking flawless.

  110. Priscilla Wegbe

    And as for makeup ‘masking your true self’ is a completely ignorant thing to state as life is an incorporation of self expression and choice. If posed with the dilemma where one was prohibited from their preferred choice of makeup would that not be ‘masking their true self’ as well.

  111. Muhammad Kamran

    Wearing a mask that covers your real personality is worse than having make up as an option.

  112. Anon

    It really is possible to love yourself without makeup, without putting down those who wear it.
    It upsets me to see girls who don’t like wearing makeup, assume that people who do are insecure. And don’t deserve to be loved because it’s not their “natural” face.
    I am comfortable both with and without makeup. But I do love makeup. The same goes for many women.
    Stop putting others down for their choices please.

  113. Sam

    Why not ?make up is cool 4 Ladies and make them look hot a lot off women are indeed naturally beautiful but anti make up is a huge turn off like bo