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Articles > Culture December, 21, 2015

Kim Kardashian’s New KIMOJI App Review

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5.08 / 10

She’s gone and done it again. Ladies and gentlemen, just when you thought the world wasn’t Kardashian-Jenner obsessed enough,  Kim Kardashian has found another way to creep herself into our everyday lives. I present to you – KIMOJI.

For £1.49, from today you can buy the Kimoji app, specially designed by the woman herself, offering you a range of semi-nude emojis (which could make a young teen boy run for the tissues) and luxury cars and bags so expensive, that most of us will ironically, probably only ever see in an emoji app. You will own, the contour Kimoji, Kim with blonde hair, Kim taking a selfie, Kim’s boobs in various outfits, Kim pregnant, Kim with Blue hair and the best Kimoji of all time (which convinced me to buy the God damn app) – Kim’s infamous crying face.

Please, amuse yourself with some other basic bitch Kimojis below:

Is the 4th one from the right in the second row a seal or Kim's booty? I don't know.

Is the 4th one from the right in the second row a seal or Kim’s booty? I don’t know.

For £1.49, not only do you get 40 odd emoticons of Kim, but you get what I hate to admit, quite a stylish keyboard. This Kimoji fantasy land is shut down pretty quickly when you realise that it doesn’t work on what 90% of us use to message now a days – Whatsapp… or any social media for that matter. And worst of all, you have the labour-intensive task of copying and pasting EVERY SINGLE EMOJI in order to add it to a conversation. (I have an iPhone 5s, and I have to anyway.)

To be honest, if the app worked as the usual emoji keyboards we’ve all grown to love and use, I might actually give it a shot for shits and giggles.

As Kim tweeted, her downloads broke the App Store, and her developers have apparently fixed the issue (although it still doesn’t work for some of us). Nevertheless, if you love or hate Kim for her latest marketing stunt, you have to admit, she’s doing a pretty bad ass job of trying to take over the world.



Stylish keyboard featuring crying Kimoji

Hate her all you want, she’s sitting in her Balmain mansion, rolling around in her millions, pointing at you all with her perfectly manicured nails and laughing. The truth is this, we’re suckers for the latest piece of gossip, we love to poke fun at the family’s latest antics, and you secretly LOVE watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians. And whether you like to admit it or not… you’re addicted.

Kim kardashian, is in actual fact, The Ultimate Marketing Guru… OF ALL TIME.

So in a nutshell, Kim – you’re annoying, and your app is still a bit shit. But that was a good shot. Maybe in your next app version your developers will get it right and we’ll actually be able to use it.





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  1. Orla Devine

    I think.. It’s silly. Yeah, maybe if the app actually worked like EMOJI’s people would enjoy the app better but it’s very weird.. It’s like sending pictures. You might as well save your money purchasing this, and going on google and saving images to send via text. I personally do not like the app and wouldn’t recommend it to others. I find it crashes my phone a lot.. Sigh.

  2. radesh prasad

    I think… it okay

  3. Millie Bestwick

    So vain whyy
    Although I can see everyone secretly loving it

  4. Emily Asbridge

    I think…that this is such a silly idea. The Kardashians….especially Kim are rich enough as it is! I think she is a poor role model for young girls and having this app will escalate problems within teenage girls even further. She is just trying to grab more money from the public whilst gaining needless attention.

  5. Hannah Clarke

    WHAT EVEN IS THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Owen

    it’s the fact that reality tv has gotten to a point where it finds a way to creep into our everyday lives, and for £1.49 too. i mean it’s bad enough that people can use an emoji of someone who’s famous for being famous everyday, but it’s the fact that you have to pay in order to do so. if you’re going to be well known, at least make it a real reason why. not just because you have a few millikan followers on instagram or you look great in front of a camera.

  7. priya

    i love it

  8. Shamanta Ali

    There shouldn’t be emojis just for a specific person, what makes her more important than every other celebrity out there?

  9. india farmer

    I think…i love the idea of it but it’s so annoying you can’t use it on most apps and that the emojis are too big.

  10. Hala Dou

    I think…IT’S SILLY, i don’t like the Kardashians because they are treated as though they are setting a good example, and that’s not good for teenagers. Teenagers will grow up dreaming to be like kim , we should educate our teenagers to be more intelligent and not be judged by their bodies.

  11. Elizabeth Stanger

    I think it’s an interesting point that at the end of the day the Kardashian’s have us ‘hook, line and sinkered’ into their consumerism kingdom. I myself will admit I enjoy watching their antics, but when reflecting on it more deeply this app is encouraging the objectification women face and potentially luring young women/girls to be more like Kim – an unrealistic role model for the female body.

  12. caleb hokai

    I think…this is completely useless. i understand emojis are strange, but why “kimojis” they have no purpose.

  13. Reham Ahmed

    I think…she’s getting more money and she doesn’t even need it..

  14. Leigha Betts

    I think…that i actually think this is a brilliant idea , I am one of the sheeps of the world who do obsess over the kardashian/jenner family and need more ways to express sass in life and i feel kim’s emojis are the perfect way to do so !

  15. Elliot Spiers

    I think… that the emojis are good but not worth the price I’m surprised that they would be so expensive for what they are.

  16. Marissa Phillips

    Is she nuts?… Who would actually buy something so stupid.

  17. Neringa Mikutyte

    I think…that Kim, yes, is a person that is famous for no good reason what so ever. However, I have to give credit for her. She made a name for herself out of nothing and she is earning money from people of some stupid kimoji’s. In my state of mind, those people who buy her emoji set are the ones who are dum dums, because it means she has influenced them enough to spend money on such silly things.

  18. Joshua Eady

    I think…that this is the most ridiculous idea ever, the family is rich enough for next to no work or effort put in, no means of doing anything worth contributing to society yet are rolling in money. It’s a family with stupidly high amounts of unnecessary attention as it is, but now they release an app, and for £1.49 nonetheless. I’m all for people trying to succeed in something but £1.49 for something that is completely irrelevant and not needed in the slightest to fund a family who is already well funded enough. Absolutely ridiculous!

  19. elena

    go kim

  20. Khizra Baig

    I think I like this lol

  21. kylle tanchico