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Articles > Relationships January, 11, 2016

You Guys Confessed Your Worst Dates EVER!

Louise Dunne
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We asked The OpinionPanel Community to share their ‘worst date’ stories and we got some good’uns! The emerging themes were uncontrollable bodily fluids and exes, and we chose the top 11 (because we just couldn’t choose 10!). Now it’s over to you to vote which confession is the worst date ever… and bonus challenge try to read this without cringing. Voting closes Friday 5th, and the victim wins £20!

1Third wheeled my own date – My friend arranged a double date with her boyfriend’s friend. It was going well until my friend rushed me to the toilet and pointed out that I hadn’t told her I was coming. So she had invited her friend Carly, a pretty, blonde, long legged girl. Long story short he ended up choosing Carly. It was humiliating and I hate boys. – Caitlin, Pembrokeshire college

2She made me get a Chlamydia test –The worst date was being told by my girlfriend that we was going to the doctors for her, turns out she wanted us to do a Chlamydia test instead. I mean peeing in a pot is fun, but I would rather go play with the Lego In the waiting room… – Philip

3He carried a photo of his ex around – The date was going well… Until halfway through the meal he pulled out a creased photo just of his ex and began to tell me how much he missed her! – Hollie, England

4Puked on me and called me his mum – We went into a bar and everything seemed alright until he got really nervous and started ordering different kind of drinks and got drunk. I had to call a cab and get him home but as we got out he puked all over me and then said that I am really caring like his mother. That was definitely the cherry on the cake… – Alexandra, Sofia

5Way too much info for a first date – I dated a girl who said she never uses lip stick, instead she uses a homemade juice made with rotten fruits. She also doesn’t wear underwear just a piece of cloth. But the worst thing is she never cleans her ass with tissue, she leaves it for the wind to dry naturally… She told me all this on our first date …WTF. – Bharadwaj, University of London

6Set up with my cousin – I got set up on a blind date by a friend of a friend because they knew a “perfect person” for me. When I got there it was my cousin… Oh well got to hang out with my cousin; still a terrible date though! – Sam, Wales

7Slept downstairs while my date was in bed with another girl – We went to a club where he decided he was no longer interested in me and took another girl home with him. It wouldn’t have been quite so bad if I’d lived locally or knew someone who did but I didn’t…so I had to go back to his and sleep on his sofa whilst the two of them were *ahem* in the bedroom. I snuck out the window the next morning. – Emily, Truro

8He chose weed over me – He came high, wearing a weed top, spent the entire time talking about getting high and his ex. Then tried to light a cigarette in an indoor shopping center. I told him to put it out or leave…He left. – Elizabeth, Ayr

9A SHIT date – We went on a date to a coffee shop where he farted and then said he needed the toilet. When he stood up there was a brown stain running down the back of his cream Ralph Laurens. I was in shock and quickly left when he went to the bathroom. This experience has put me off for quite some time. – Rachel, St. Michael’s


Touched up in the Waterstones kids section– I was younger and in my emo phase. We went to a book shop and in the kids section there’s a small sofa where out of nowhere he starts sliding his hand up my inner thigh…With kids around. Before he reached my no-no zone, I ran and crashed right into a Gruffalo cardboard cut out which snapped in half with the collision. I never saw him again after that. – Elly

11I turned a girl gay – Went to the park for a date with a girl and had a really sweet and romantic time and kissed under a swaying tree. And then the next morning, I got this text. I think I turned a girl gay. – Mark, Leedsgay text cropped


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  1. Eugenia

    I think number 9 has to be the worst. So disgusting

  2. Ali

    I think number one is the worst one because its a sad situation

  3. Sophie

    I think 7 😮 I’d be raging!!!

  4. mia

    I think…number 3 is probably the worse. There’s nothing more horrible than realising your date still isn’t over their ex!!

  5. Erin

    I think number 4, someone throwing up on you is pretty bad (even if they are nervous) but then being compared to his mum definitely kills any little chance of romance left! Although #7 is seriously bad, how could you sleep with someone else while you have a girl round?? I would have made my way home in the middle of the night rather than stay there!

  6. Simran

    I think…my worst date was when i didn’t know the person, we have just chatted on facebook and then we met and he was the complete opposite to his profile pictures and boring!

  7. Simran

    I think…dates are not good when the person who is sitting next to youis not a interesting person and you are not enjoying his or her company. Also when the place is not good .

  8. Queen A

    My worst and first date is when we’re at movie theater and asked me to touch his balls.WTF moment

  9. Elitsa Fileva

    I think #7 sounds worst :X :X

  10. Emma Kitson

    I think that my worst date would have to be Slept downstairs while my date was in bed with another girl like seriously if a guy does that to his girl he seriously need a sorting out coz I wouldn’t stand up.for that shit

  11. Tangeela Mustrin

    I think…my date went so bad that I would never see him again. It was a year back and I went on a date with a guy at the park. It was a nice sunny weather however I only knew the guy for a few weeks and was getting to know him more. As we walked across the park he was talking to me about cricket and I was getting lost into my own world not listening. Then we started talking about eachother what are likes and dislikes are. He said that art wasn’t nessesery in life but Im an art student. How dare he say that. But I ignored the fact he said that. Next as we sat down on a bench he seemed to look down at my shoes alot. He came over to hug me and I went in for it. He asked me about my shoe size and and shoes i like etc. But worse thing happened in minutes he was saying to me how much he loved toenails and feet! How much he loved the size and colour and tones of it. I wanted to puke! However i left him in the end and he was crying on the bus the fact that i did not like him!

  12. Lauryn-May

    I think…the ‘slept downstairs while my date was in bed with another girl’ is the worst. The ‘turned a girl gay’ one is not the worst in my opinion because, you had a great date by the sound of it but unfortunately not with the right person (and you cant ‘turn’ someone gay). And the others aren’t great but being downstairs while you know what is happening with two people you don’t know, in a house that you don’t know, on your own in the living room…… Awkward!!!

    Also thanks for the rising anxiety about dating!!! Im guessing I’m a bit younger than these ‘daters’ as I dont seem to have encountered dates like this (especially as the location could not be a club for a little while longer) and I really hope to be honest that I never do, not ever!

  13. Muhammad Hamza


  14. kiaran carlile

    I think…wow this kinda puts me off dating