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Articles > Student Life January, 12, 2016

The Worrying Reason Bitchy Girls Need To Ditch The Drama

Lilly Kenyon
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I’m pretty sure I will spend the rest of my educational life trying to dodge the inescapable bullet that is daily teenage drama.

Teenage girls are just so dramatic. One minute, everything is fine and dandy, and the next you’re ignoring the girl who you’d planned to be your maid of honour. Every monotonous day is the same. You can’t check Twitter without coming across an indirect sneer at you from Ellie, whilst on Instagram, there’s an emotional post from Sarah which reads: “If you can’t handle me at my worst, then you don’t deserve me at my best”. Then you also get a text from Rebecca, asking you to stay out of her life “or else”. It seems that to a teenage girl, life is pointless without a little drama. What else are you going to talk about with your friends at break?

Why are teenage girls so bitchy

Photo by Sebastyne Young

So many girls apparently want to make other girls’ lives so much harder than they have to be. Why is this necessary? We’ve finally entered the third wave of feminism, which aims to promote equality between all genders, but how are we supposed to obtain this if we can’t even stand by and support each other? Women constantly complain that we don’t get respect from men, but the real problem is that we don’t respect other women. It’s like that truism: “You need to love yourself before anyone else can”. It is exactly the same for respect.

I understand that hormones can seriously affect a teenager’s behaviour. Trust me, I’ve been there. During our teenage years we are weak and vulnerable, and all we really want to do is curl up with a slice of pizza. But the other side to puberty is the increasing maturity, and the mental preparation for adulthood.


“it’s become a vicious institution where girls prey on each other to gain some form of satisfaction…”

You would have thought that 17 or 18 years’ old would be an age where everyone is content with who they are and what they want out of life, yet the constant jealousy and spite makes gaining this contentment a daily struggle. School should be a loving and care-free environment, yet it’s become a vicious institution where girls prey on each other to gain some form of satisfaction. As a result, it seems that most teenage girls go through this maturing process far later than they should, which is undeniably worrying.

The media also has a huge impact on teenage girls, which definitely increases a teenager’s thirst for drama. Reality shows like TOWIE and MIC are changing the way teenagers think. Just look at how one comment gets exploited by producers to create an over exaggerated, unnecessary argument.  Social media gives teenagers an option to hide behind a screen, to say all the things they would never have the confidence to say in person. It’s incredibly dangerous. A minor comment can spiral out of control, turn into cyberbullying and have disastrous effects. In some cases, these can even include suicide; sadly, there have been a number of stories in the media recently of young people killing themselves as a result of online bullying.

These are, of course, extreme cases, but teenage girls need to realise that we should not be at war with each other; we should unite and protect each other, because otherwise we’ll never gain the respect we deserve.

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  1. Emily Beard

    I completely agree, it’s so hard nowadays to go through school life an be completely yourself without being influenced by the other girls and the ‘popular ones’ especially if you want to fit in and try and live an easy school life. I also agree that it is so rare to go through a day without some sort of drama usually pointless drama that get taken out hand just becaus people are bored.

  2. Ammarah Ahmed

    I agree completely! I mean, I remember going to school in Birmingham and all the girls in my year were ‘competitive’ like that. Not sure why, maybe it’s an innate way of dealing with people who are similar to us, we become territorial and have survive in ways we wouldn’t think were normal to show to one another that we think outside the box. It can be argued that gender is one umbrella term and through society we separate people into female and male due to difference, but the separation is not as easy e.g. maybe some girls overlap with gender (a person with long hair but a deep voice) and therefore this causes us to disagree verbally and physically resulting in aggression and violence.

  3. Tia Wassell

    I agree with this. It is difficult to get out of the “high school” mindset after having so many years drilled into you as to what should be worn and what should be said and who we should and shouldn’t like, regardless of their gender. Some girls never grow out of it unfortunately and it is damaging our society as a whole.

  4. Sarah

    I agree with what its saying. Nowadays some girls have no idea how their actions can have a huge impact whether its face to face or over a screen it does not cgange the fact that everything that is said or done can have consequences. Its ashame that we cant focus on positivity instead of ripping each other to shreds just to make ourselves feel better.