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Articles > Entertainment January, 22, 2016

Five Evil Ways To Annoy Harry Potter Fans

Catalina Albeanu
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7.30 / 10

Some of our research revealed that 4 in 5 young people have read at least one of the Harry Potter books. So, to help sharpen your trolling skills, Catalina Albeanu shares the best ways to wind up Harry Potter fans.

If you’re reading this, you probably know at least one Harry Potter fan. So you must know how passionate Potterheads are about the books and films. This passion is their weakness. The slightest criticism of the saga can send them into a frenzied rage. If this sounds like a fun way to light up a rainy afternoon, just read on for the five best ways to annoy Harry Potter fans:

5. Make fun of Quidditch

Photo by Meg Stewart.

Quidditch is the beloved sport of the Wizarding World and you may not, under any circumstances, mock it, call it silly, or say it’s unrealistic.

It’s much more exciting than any muggle sport, but also much more dangerous, which automatically makes Quidditch players better and more attractive than muggle sportsmen.

Harry Potter fans love it so much they felt compelled to invent a real-life version.

They are a dedicated bunch and you do not want to cross them unless you fancy a bludger to the head.

4. Misquote a spell

Photo by Eryne!

Potterheads read the books cover to cover, and take great pride in knowing every little detail.

Their extensive knowledge of the Potterverse comprises potion ingredients, defence spells, transfiguration, the twelve uses of dragon blood, and wand lore.

If you’re trying to impress a Harry Potter fan, you better know what you’re talking about. Go big or go home!

And remember: it’s Levi-OH-sa, not levi-oh-SA.

3. Tell them they belong in a house they don’t like

Photo by Josh Hallett

Every person who has read the books probably wondered which house the Sorting Hat would place them in.

The most passionate know which house they want to belong to, and which house would make them quit magic school.

The best way to annoy them is to find out the house they identify with, and tell them they would fit perfectly in the most different one.

Even if they don’t have anything against the other houses, they will most likely have developed a sense of pride or belonging to their house of choice, and you will get a reaction if you upset their balance.

2. “Harry Potter is for kids!”

Photo by Peter Rohleder

The best thing you could possibly say to start an argument with a Potterhead is this. Variations include “Get over it!”, “Aren’t you too old for Harry Potter?” and “I thought it was just a phase.”

Harry Potter is a series for children and adults alike, but you probably already know this because you’re not an idiot. If someone grew up with Harry Potter, they can’t get over it as it’s a huge part of their childhood and consequently their life. And why should they get over it?

Being a Potter fan is nothing to be ashamed of, regardless of age. Potterheads wear their Hogwarts badges with pride and love, and they will protect them until YOU run out of arguments.

And trust me, you will be the first one to run out of arguments.

1. Say you don’t like Snape

Severus Snape. Disco dancing whilst trapped in a plastic mold. Photo by Micke Kazarnowicz

After The Prince’s Tale, the general consensus is that Severus Snape is a hero. It’s canon. He’s the bravest man Harry ever knew and there’s no love more pure and beautiful than Snape’s love for Lily Potter. Calling him a jealous loser with a hygiene problem will always get the fans to Jelly-Leg jinx you until you can’t remember your own name. ALWAYS.

So there you have it. Use this knowledge wisely…

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  1. Adele

    I’ve loved Harry Potter since I was about 7, it was the first book series I ever read and for that it will ALWAYS hold a place in my heart !

  2. Nina Z

    Actually my high school just did a real version Quidditch contest, AS A SCHOOL EVENT!
    ……And all the HP fans were crazy about that, started loving the school.
    I wonder if the article is true or not.

  3. Sophie Shackleton

    Love the books so much! I forget how much I love them until I reread them and I can’t put it down. Just the other day I stayed up until 4.30 in the morning without realizing because I was so stuck in to the book, and it’s all I ever want to talk about at the moment

  4. Bharat Kumar Peddinani

    I believe that everyone has a certain passion towards a series of books, movies, etc… The potter heads are just one of those groups and its pretty nice. I cannot say I am a real fan of the world of Harry Potter, I never read the books, but still the movies were pretty amazing and they left a mark in this generation.

  5. Djordje Sljanic

    Harry Potter fans are nice

  6. Callum Horlock

    I think…that these 5 things to annoy harry potter fans are very true, hell i got annoyed just by reading this, whoever wrote this sure knows how to annoy people, so, for this bundle of information, i think it has given me great ideas to piss off my friends. but i can tell that i’m gonna get chased as well, my friend Amy, if i say one bad word about Snape. people will find me either hanging from the rafters, or bleeding on the pavement. its tempting, and i will do it, but not around her.

  7. Rosie Gurr

    Only number four would annoy me! Hell, I agree with one and two.

  8. Simranjit Kaur

    always been such a huge fan of harry potter!

  9. Heather Edworthy

    I think…all of these things are so annoying! I am a potterhead myself and the series are my favourite books. The most annoying thing, however, is when people pretend to know everything about Harry Potter then get something wrong. There is almost nothing more infuriating on the planet

  10. Lucii Ferr

    Ah… Harry Potter, the only fandom I could never escape… The only thing that really annoyed me is “Harry Potter is for kids” Bruh, it’s a book. It’s the brilliance of books, ya know? Its that it can be for everyone 😛 everything else was kind of very subjective for me, like yeah, you don’t have to like Snape or this certain house. Like, heck, you don’t even have to spell quidditch correctly. Just don’t tell me certain books are for a certain age range.

  11. L.B.

    I used to be a ‘Potterhead’ (where did that term even come from?) but then I moved on. All these things would vaguely annoy me except the last one. Because I really don’t believe Snape was a hero; he was a guy who considered himself to be ‘friendzoned’ and then terrorised the son of the woman, who he supposedly loved, for 6 years! So you can tell me that you don’t like Snape and I’ll be fine with it; funny how it’s supposed to be the number one annoying thing yet it’s the one I have the smallest problem with!

    • Lucy Bell

      Ah but Snape protected Harry throughout Hogwarts, often at great risk to his own life… But I do agree he could have been a little bit nicer 😉

  12. Nihla Akram

    I’ve tried most of them 😛

  13. Kamilla Peter

    I am a Potterhead and can relate with these! I think there is no reason for anybody to annoy somebody else. I don’t see the point. Sorry.

  14. julia arbid

    Personally i like Voldamort , however you spell it. He probably is one of the most interesting characters in the whole set of movies. I am not a massive fan and the books don’t appeal to me but i just like characters which make the movie more exciting like Dumbledoor, however you spell that too.

  15. Noureen Aslam

    hahaha #3 is a classic

  16. Kyle Ramsay

    I’ve never been a Harry Potter fan, and never plan on being one. I don’t think I’ve watched, or read, a whole Harry Potter programme. Although, I’m always the first one to annoy those ‘Potterheads’ in around the school!

  17. Lauren Kelly

    Also, I find that you are missing the way to annoy Harry Potter fans the most and that is to tell them that Hogwarts is a school when it is a home.

  18. alice isted

    I have always been nuts about this fandom and would go nuts on someone if they ever did any of these

  19. alice isted

    i’m a huge fan of the harry potter series I’ve seen all the films and read all the books and I probably would go nuts if someone said they didn’t like snape as deep down he is an amazing character , though some of the spells can be hard to pronounce I would with out a doubt correct them

  20. Monica

    I am fan of the movies but I would only be annoyed if the person saying these thing did it just to annoy me…if that’s just their opinion I can’t blame them…they’re allowed to not like it but not to rub it in my face on purpose 🙂

  21. Kia

    So true! I’m a gigantic Potterhead. I’m wearing a HP T-shirt and Deathly Hallows necklace right now! No lie! HP is my life! This is really good and exact I would slap my BFF if she said anything like this!

  22. I think my gf would hate the 1# so lets see what happens

  23. Irena Andreea Dumitrascu

    I have just read your article and I must say, It is indeed funny, even though I must call myself a Harry Potter fan. Or a former one in any case. I grew up with the plot of the books and the characters but at some point in your life you have to let go, especially when you grow up and realize that you live in Harry Potter’s magical world. Nevertheless, I have to ask a question to the writer of this article: UNDE ITI ESTE COPILARIA?! Tu nu ai citit cartile Harry Potter? 😀

  24. Medinah

    I think… the only two that will really piss me off is the House one and Harry Potter is for kids.
    I mean I have my house and there is a house I really dislike so much so would absolutely hate it if someone tries to sort me into that house.
    And Harry Potter has some dark themes. I mean a mass murder coming after a baby and then a teenager? That’s not really a children’s story theme. Teenagers maybe. But that’s just me.

    I like Snape, and my best friend and I always disagree on this. I like Snape but not Dumbledore. We just have to agree to disagree on that matter.

  25. Elise Darby

    Harry Potter is a great book series and set of films. I have to be honest, I’ve done a few of these to HP obsessed friends 😀

  26. Muhammad Emran

    I think…this is cruel but right damn, I am not a fan myself but good one

  27. Tijanae Campbell

    I think…harry potter is long and confusing

  28. Hannah Platt

    I completely agree with all of these. Every single one would annoy me slightly, but the worst offence would probably be the last one. Snape is a hero, putting his life at risk to protect another human being he didn’t necessarily like. I think we could all learn a lesson or too from Snape!!

  29. Samsam Hussen

    I think… Tell them you enjoyed seeing Harry Potter getting beating up by voldermort