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Articles > Entertainment January, 25, 2016

You Guys Revealed The Biggest Secrets You’ve Kept From Your Parents

Andrew Williams
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We asked everyone in our community to send in the BIGGEST SECRETS they’ve kept from their parents, from crazy house parties to accidental vandalism… here are the top 10.

Secrets kids keep from their parentsI ruined my aunts wedding cake (WINNER!)
Me and my sisters ate half of the top tier of my aunt’s wedding cake the day before the wedding. We then patched it up with icing and mini rolls and up to now she has never found out. – Helen

Secrets kids keep from their parentsI basically pooped on my mum
Once I was on holiday and did a poo and found out there was no toilet roll. I used the towel and didn’t realise I left a little splodge on it, until my mum used it and went crazy. I told her it was my granddad who was staying with us at the time, oops. – Nathan

secrets kids keep from their parentsI broke my foot sneaking out of the house
I snuck out of my house one night to go and see a friend, but as I climbed out of the window I landed awkwardly and broke my foot. I then had to climb back through the window with my mangled foot and crawl up three flights of stairs to my parents’ room, where I told them I had tripped on the stairs going to get a glass of water. They took me to A&E and I was in plaster for 9 weeks. – Nephe, Aylesbury

secrets kids keep from their parentsI lied to the police about vandalising my dad’s car
Once I threw a rock and it hit my dad’s car and broke the front window. We called the police and they started asking if I saw anyone running away from the incident. I said yes – too embarrassed to confess that it was myself. – Alisa, London

secrets kids keep from their parentsI left a human-shaped dent in my friend’s mum’s car
Once I was at a girl’s house with a friend and her mum said strictly no boys. So, when we heard her coming back in the front door we jumped out of the window and landed on her car bonnet, leaving a mean dent in the car. As i was running off i heard my friend also land on the car… I never looked back. – Alexander

secrets kids keep from their parentsI created a wrestling ring in my living room
When I was 12 my Dad and his girlfriend went out to a concert. My brother and I decided to create a wrestling ring in our living room using all of the mattresses in the house. This spread like wildfire with the kids in my estate, so everyone was invited, naturally. We managed to get everyone out and put the beds back together about 5 minutes before they got home! – Rebekah

secrets kids keep from their parentsI had a secret pet
Keeping a cat in my bedroom for 6 months before telling them – Kiri, Newcastle

secrets kids keep from their parentsI impersonated my school head so I could go away for the week
When I was 15, a group of my friends were going to Manchester for the week. I wanted to go but knew I wouldn’t be allowed, so I scanned an old school letter into the computer and edited it saying my school had a week-long trip to Wales and there was a fee of £30. My parents still don’t know! – Freddie, London

secrets kids keep from their parentsI’ve got a dodgy tattoo on my bum
I got rip roaring drunk with my bestie when I was 16, and got a tattoo of SpongeBob smoking weed on my left butt cheek. – M.A, London

secrets kids keep from their parentsI destroyed my living room and then paid for an identical one…
On the night my parents left for a one week trip away, i held a massive party. I drunkenly gave my friend the car keys to get domino’s, but instead he crashed through my house and i spent all my money and numerous loans paying for an identical living room… in less than a week. – L.M, Glasgow

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  1. Ali Hassan Hussain

    This article was a great read. Some very funny stories in there. Never have done anything that daring in my life if I’m totally honest either. I’m boring like that.

  2. Sunnah Ijaz

    Going at night and coming back 2 days later and no body knows

  3. Tom G

    Lol oh wow.

  4. Rachel Mailes

    These are brilliant! I can never get away with anything.

  5. Tushar Dixit

    This is really not good that you lied to the police ,this is a really bad thing because police are the public’s knights…

  6. Tushar Dixit

    this is a very funny article tho, for naughtyness also…

  7. yllina

    The summer of 2013 was an amazing summer ! This happened because I did some stuff I was not aloud from my parents. They went on holiday for 3 days and , at the same time the biggest festival in my country was being held. Also I had to travel for two hours from my home to get there.I was only 16 years old , that’s why was a problem . But I made a plan and went there with my friends and none of my family members didn’t know. I stayed there for 2 days and then I got back home. It was amazing and very exciting , and they still don’t know !

  8. bisi salawe


  9. Hamza Bourenane

    Congratulations to the winner and thanks

  10. Mohamed Satti

    congrats to the winner