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Articles > Entertainment January, 26, 2016

A Boob Job That Washes Off In The Shower?

Sophie Corcoran
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Makeup has been used for centuries to create the illusion of even skin tone, brighter eyes, smaller noses and chiseled cheekbones. With the cosmetics industry being worth billions of pounds, there’s no surprise that new makeup trends pop-up daily. The latest on the scene is chest contouring – using a well-known bronzing technique and a trick of the light, it promises to make your boobs look bigger by 1 or 2 cup sizes.

before and after boob contour

Before and after of Lauren Bridge’s attempt


Chest contouring is a new craze derived from the original facial contour. The underlying principle is the same – light and dark powders are used to highlight and darken areas of your face or body, creating the illusion of depth. Girls are using it to make features appear smaller, sharper or bigger than nature intended.

The effects of chest contouring are astounding and have divided opinion amongst the general public. Jessica Bond, 20, a journalism student at Liverpool John Moores University said:

“Being someone who has always been self-conscious of her boobs looking too big I would never want to accentuate them. I also think all women are different. Models are often flat chested like Kendall Jenner and I’m sure every girl would kill to look like her!”

However, Emma Reilly, 20, a nursing student in Hull said:

“I recently saw this on a magazine website and had to try it. The effects were amazing! I wouldn’t say my boobs are small it just helps you to feel more ‘made up’. I don’t feel pressured to do it at all. If it makes you feel better then what’s the problem?”


Girl with boob contour

Nicole Skyes’ YouTube video has reached 312,000 so far!

And the guys?We showed a few gentlemen a video tutorial on chest contouring to see what they thought… Mainly, “what the hell is this?”

Ryan Mcfarlane, 21, just couldn’t take his eyes off the before and after pictures.“I don’t get it”, he said, “I know what it is now but I’m so confused as to why you would take and hour just putting loads of orange stuff on your chest like that. You can see a little bit of a difference but its hardly worth the effort to be honest”.

Cian Roberts, 21 said:

“You can kind of tell a little bit with the chest contouring if you look closely. It’s false advertising in my opinion. Obviously there are more permanent ways of changing yourself but it’s still giving people the wrong impression of what you look like. You’re going to have a shower and it’ll all come off anyway so what’s the point?”

We all know that women (and men) are under increasing pressure to meet “society’s” idea of beautiful, but is this a step too far? What’s considered beautiful changes from time to time anyway. In the 90’s, it was all about being really skinny from your eyebrows to your toes. Now it seems everything has been magnified and turned into a caricature. The bodies of the Kardashians are now to be looked up to. The curves, big brows and chiseled cheekbones are the epitome of what girls should look like, and physical transformations like Kim and Kylie prove to us all that it can be done.

As discussed in the article here – guys don’t seem to care whether a girl wears makeup despite what people think. One of them is David McLaughlin, 22, a student originally from Belfast who said:

“I think these videos are bad for public perception. I personally wouldn’t be bothered if a girl contoured her face, chest, ankles or anything, to me there’s just no point. I think most of the ideals are down to what another girl will think of you now, it’s not to impress boys. And it’s kind of trendy to be really good at make up at the minute I think.”

Trends, however, as we’ve seen in the past year can be dangerous. Women all over were left with bruises and burst blood vessels after trying the “Kylie Jenner” lip challenge in which they sucked on a plastic shot glass to achieve bigger lips like Kylie Jenner. It turned out she had in fact used lip fillers to get her pout.

Whether chest contouring is just a passing trend or not, it is here to stay. Videos and tutorials are popping up all over the place and girls are trying it out. Youtuber Nicole Skyes (pictured above) has reached 312,000 views on her video alone. What’s your verdict – is chest contouring any worse than normal contouring, and is it just a step too far?


Check out more of Sophie’s articles on her blog!

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  1. Diana Bolanos-cardenas

    I rate these women for their skills in makeup I really do. I think its amazing because its a better option to surgery and it works and looks good. I contour my face slightly but personally I do not contour my nose nor my breasts because it makes ME feel like a liar, you know faking the size of my nose or breast I feel are a big let down for me. I’ll feel as if am pretending to be someone am not in the outside and I will definitely not feel good within myself. So I would not be contouring my breast any time soon. Thumbs up to those who do though, I say do what ever makes you happy 🙂

  2. Laura Baker

    I think…there’s nothing bad about women who contour their boobs, if it gives them confidence then it benefits them in a positive way. The only negative thing about it is other people’s reactions, quite alot of people don’t understand why girls feel the need to do this but its a cheap alternative to enhance your boobs rather than pay alot of money for a boob job. I have only contoured my chest area once and I’m not planning on doing it again, but there is a true skill behind contouring whether its your chest or your face, so I admire and congratulate anyone who does it well

  3. Kofi Ayissah

    I think…you are right to do so …is your life is your choice.

  4. Isabella Degg

    Whilst I applaud these women for their makeup skills it would be great if we lived in a society where women didn’t feel like they had to paint their chests to be more sexually appealing.

  5. Phansaphong Saisuwan

    I think…it good for women to show that they creative and beautiful

  6. Ellie Baggott

    I think… that this is a great opportunity for women to have some fun experimenting with make-up and to enhance and embrace parts of their body that they may feel self-conscience about. Also it is a great way to prevent cosmetic surgery: it’s much more cost-efficient way to achieve a desired look and is not permanent. I will definatly using this.

  7. Andr�s Luna

    I simply think… That’s making people think you’re like that, when your real you, knows you’re not like that!!!

  8. Andr�s Luna

    As man, i think that you have to look to the women´s heart first… It is not all about the physical appearance, because both genders start getting old, aged and you all know what happens next with your body.

    However, it’s good for these women, to show their makeup skills… Cheer up and keep on growing!!

  9. Olivia

    Personally I think that this is absurd I dont understand why women would do this just to look more attractive it is best to just be yourself and not to change anything just to impress others. Women should be happy with what God has given to them and learn to love their self.

  10. Tia Mcdonald

    If you have time why not. But let’s be real, you’re not going to do it everyday. As the trend catches on, make up companies will come out with contouring kits for the body and make no mistake people will buy them

  11. Bethany Rush

    Why does everybody think we have the right to decide whether what a woman does with her body is OK? I thought we’d moved past that. Go ahead and contour your damn boobs, a little bit of extra cleavage is not suddenly going to make every man in the world hypnotised and, if it makes the girl happy because she likes the way she looks than I say that’s a plus right there

  12. elio pashaj

    I think… I care most about a woman’s heart. Is she kind and compassionate? I care about her mind. Is she perceptive and incisive? I care about her values. Does she advocate for the underdog, tell the truth, and support art, music, culture and learning? I care about how she talks about her parents and siblings. That provides hints about whether she will be a good mother.

    Those are the factors that led me to ask the wonderful woman who is now my wife to marry me. I am so grateful that she agreed.

    As for how she applies her makeup? I care about that not at all. Not a shred. Not a whit. That is a triviality unworthy of discussion.

  13. Danielle Day

    You can’t deny that there is some artistry in the make up being done here. I understand where people are coming from when they say that it is false advertising but it is no different really to dying your hair, shaving/waxing or wearing make up on your face. If it makes someone feel beautiful or confident then they should go for it! On the other hand, it seems like a lot of effort for the sake of impressing potential partners as men don’t seem to be impressed and women seem to be on to each others tricks!

  14. Olympia Lyon

    I think…this is absolutely ridiculous !

  15. Ilja Ognestsikov

    I think that it only show the inferiority of this women. I think that only those women who cannot attract men in a different way resort to these tricks. I am not saying that they should not or that it’s bad. I actually like boobs and there is nothing bad about them; however, not everyone happen to have this part of the body impressive and exceptional. I think in this case you simply need to accept it as a fact and emphasize and concentrate on your other qualities rather than trying to ” correspond” and pretend something what you are not. I simply feel pity for such people.