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Articles > Entertainment March, 25, 2016

Girl Transforms Into Kanye West Just Using Makeup!

Nikkita Patel
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8.71 / 10

The OpinionPanel Community member and YouTube beauty guru Nikki transforms into Kanye West just using makeup! Watch her video and find out why she was motivated to do so below…

We should all love ourselves as much as “Kanye loves Kanye”, which was the inspiration behind this video (below). As a makeup artist (N1kk1sSecr3t on YouTube) I wanted to test my creative ability the way he does, to see how far my skills would stretch. I laugh at the beginning of the video, because I really don’t know what I have got myself in for.

girl transfroms into kanye west using makeup

YouTube craze – Nikkita Patel’s amazing Kanye transformation (video below)

I never once thought my hobby would lead to a career, with a family of nearly 100,000 followers… and me transforming into Kanye. My Interests have always laid heavily within makeup and how you can transform yourself using just a few products. The sudden interest in highlighting and contouring has taken the world by craze, but little did we know, this is something that has been used for years – especially within theatrical makeup.

My Kanye West Celebrity Makeup Transformation took me a little short of 5 hours to complete. I started with no idea of how I was to going to create this look, with my setup just being a propped up camera, a few photo’s of Kanye, makeup products and a mirror. I ended up using a mixture of products ranging from a glue stick to flatten my eyebrows down, to concealer and face painting palettes. The whole process is recorded and fast forwarded, so you can see the change from start to finish.

Since the video has gone live on my YouTube channel and Instagram: N1kk1sSecr3t  it has received a lot of interest and even requests for the next celebrity makeup transformation. So maybe Kim Kardashian is next on the list, who knows. Check it out below.


Did I pull it off? Let me know in the comments below, and chuck in any suggestions for other celeb transformations you want to see!

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  1. Emaan

    I think…she looks incredible and she should do this with other famous people

  2. Rebecca Unwin

    I think..It’s pretty incredible! You have a lot of talent! Now try Pharrell Williams!

  3. Jack Edwards

    The power of make-up is terrifying – but also so impressive! WOW

  4. Dara Temowo

    Makeup is a form of art! An underrated form

  5. Chinonso

    I think…this is awesome but girl’s makeup cost is maddd 🙂

  6. Mariam Gebahi

    I think…this looks so cool!

  7. Darwin Vasquez

    That’s good….. for entertainment purposes. But seriously, nobody wants to be Kanye West. He’s one of the most hated celebrities out there. but kudos to you. you got skills.

  8. Roma Liberato

    i looooove this

  9. Aida Afrina Binti Roslan

    this is amazinggggg

  10. Olawunmi Olayanju

    I think … this is amazing WOW!!

  11. Jessica Button

    I think…this is amazing !!

  12. matt pallansch

    I think… that the girl is good at it

  13. Vincent smart

    I think…that is so hilarious I mean, how can that be. well sure some people think crazy and wanna do some crazy surf…but I bet u no matter how hard u try, you cant look like kanye…..hahahahha

  14. Djura Beenen

    I think she looks amazing and it is really cool that she can do this by only using makeup

  15. Hope

    If only I could transform myself into a semi-attractive human using makeup :’)

  16. Alex Irwin

    I think… that she looks like Dennis the Menace

  17. Jake Evans

    This is mental haha. How people can change so dramatically with make up is mind blowing!!