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Articles > Sports & Fitness April, 06, 2016

Hodgson – Ignore Fickle England Fans And START Rooney

April, 06, 2016

Sean Mcpolin Student Panel member. Member since March 2016.
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As we head back into domestic football, after the dreaded international break, England fans will be full with the cruel mistress that is hope. After an impressive comeback in Berlin against the World champions, and a courageous effort in what was a controversial loss to the Dutch, Three Lions fans are rightfully hopeful, but it’s a dangerous path to go down.

Manager Roy Hodgson however, will be left with quite the headache. That headache unfortunately is England’s all-time top scorer – Wayne Rooney. Rooney’s form over the past couple of years has shown a significant dip, whilst his counterparts; Harry Kane and Jamie Vardy have been on fire this season. Leading to a possible exclusion of Wayne from the squad.

Football fans on Twitter are calling for Rooney to be dropped to the bench, and some are even asking he doesn’t make the plan. These suggestions are outright disrespectful to a player of Rooney’s calibre. Many are quick to forget his turn of form before the knee injury he sustained, clocking up 7 goals and 3 assists in his last 9 games.

The England captain has not clawed his way to the top, being one of the most recognised players in the games, England’s top scorer and the second all-time top scorer, from being an average player. Rooney has the experience and ability to drag his team through a game and get the result. Can the same be said for Vardy and Kane? Both lack experience on the international level, both for their country and club.

Harry Kane has to start for England, no doubt. His form over the past few seasons has been unquestionably the best shown by an England player for a few years, and his link-up play with fellow Spur’s starter Dele Alli could be the key to success for Hodgson and England.

Jamie Vardy on the other hand is being given a free pass by all spectators because of a – admittedly amazing – season, where he broke the record for number of consecutive games scored in. Since then his goal scoring has dropped and he has started to become anonymous in games. The Leicester man will cause many defences problems with his blistering pace and work-rate, but that does not merit a starting place in the first-team.

“English fans are like no other – cynical and fickle. They will love a player like Wayne when he’s breaking records, but when he’s injured or has a poor game, he’s tossed aside”

England fans are falling in love with the idea of Vardy, who was previously a non-league player with Fleetwood Town, making it to the European Championships and leading England to glory. Well, it doesn’t work like that. Hummels, Chiellini, Ramos and Kompany won’t care about his ‘heroic’ rise and will show him a different level of defending when facing him.

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Jamie Vardy does deserve a spot on the plan, but those calling for England’s best player to be dropped are talking nonsense. I expect a manager of Hodgson’s experience knows this as well, and utilises Vardy correctly – either a super sub, or out-wide to expose slower defenders.

English fans are like no other – cynical and fickle. They will love a player like Wayne when he’s breaking records, but when he’s injured or has a poor game, he’s tossed aside for an alternative.
See Jack Wilshere for example. Arguably England’s most talented midfielder, yet because of his injury troubles people want to forget about that and let his lengthy spell out fool them into thinking he isn’t England’s best central midfielder.

England have the youth, ability and players to go far in the Euros. This is the 11 I would play in their first game… Comment below what yours would be?

my england euro start team

My ideal England start team

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  1. Ethan Simons
    May 3, 2016 at 2:57 pm

    I think… Vardy’s form from this seasons and basically carrying Leicester City nearly sole handedly to the premier league title shows he should be a starting international striker

  2. Kofi Ayissah
    September 22, 2016 at 4:06 pm

    I think… kane will be a grate motive with the England squad.
    And favourite denfender cahill if you lose the ball don’t lose the man as well.

  3. liban hassan
    July 27, 2016 at 8:32 am

    I think… that Harry Kane should not of started in the euros. His form was very bad.

  4. David King
    June 20, 2016 at 8:02 pm

    Rooney, in my opinion, should either play as a foward with another player next to him or not on the pitch. He can play cam and CM but we have better players who can play cam and CM. It is a waste to put our top goal scorer there and a waste not to put him up front.

    May 10, 2016 at 12:25 am


  6. Kaif Sheikh Ali
    April 8, 2016 at 8:46 pm

    I think…Rooney is overrated. I say this as a long time Utd fan. Rooney should go to the Euros but he’s not the world-class striker people make him out to be, the striker that teams need to build around and his form is not at its best, nowhere near to what it once was. Plus, there’s a horrible misconception that Rooney is somehow a great attacking midfielder. He doesn’t have the technique (he doesn’t always weight his passes well) and ingenuity that is inherent in the very best AMs (e.g. Ozil or even the emergent Bernardo Silva). So he’s neither England’s best striking option (looking at form anyway) nor is he the elite playmaker that should be starting behind the striker. Alli is a more interesting option behind the striker, capable of some truly inventive moves (although I don’t think his technique is world-class) and Sterling would be a better option on the left in my mind. It’ll be interesting to see how far you can go in the Euros. Personally looking forward to watching France. Germany and Turkey

  7. Callum Green
    April 14, 2016 at 10:16 pm

    I think…Rooney is a hard one to justify being in the team and not so. For me Rooney has not had a great season and if he were any other player he wouldn’t be a talking point but simply not in the squad. The problem lies where he is the current national captain. As an experienced player now, Rooney can offer great advice and a mentor figure to the younger up and coming players. This could prove invaluable to the squads hopes of achieving something this year. Equally you wouldn’t want to hinder our chances but potentially leaving a ‘game changer’ at home just to include Rooney in the squad.

    If I were Hodgson I would take him. If not to start him, then to purely us him as a mentor and an option form the bench. By no means is Rooney a bad player, and his quality speaks for itself. He could very well come off the bench and surprise us all by sealing a victory, or help play out a uncomfortable match. To leave him behind would be naive, as the value of his knowledge could prove priceless to Vardy, Kane or Welbeck.

    I would certainly take Rooney over Sturridge, thats for sure……

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