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Articles > Latest research May, 17, 2016

Students Shun Booze For Coffee – End Of The Stereotype?

Louise Dunne
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When some people hear the word student they automatically think out-of-control boozer.

Well, by taking part in our latest research for NUS, you’ve helped prove that stereotype wrong. Our findings were featured in news papers such as The Independent and The Scotsman, So prepare yourselves for a refreshing perspective on students…

students shun booze

Students seem to be opting for shots of coffee in their cappuccino rather than tequila, as we found coffee shops and cafés were the most-used service (87%) compared to bars (74%).

And when they aren’t sipping in Starbucks, they are splashing the remainder of their student allowance in the union shop, as 81% said they used this service. Students are even more likely to be gathering at clubs and societies (78%) rather than their SU or local.

Is this the end of the hungover, reckless, lazy student stereotype? The NUS vice president seems to believe this preference is due to the £9,000-a-year fees regime that was introduced in 2012, which has subsequently caused students to  become more sensible with their time and focused on making the hefty fine well worth the money.

Thinking about your uni, do you see this pattern too? Do these findings surprise you? Let us know in the comments…

That escalated qucikly drinking coffee

The popularity of coffee shops with students shot above that of bars!


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