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Articles > Student Life June, 13, 2016

26 Funny School Memories That Every British Kid Has

Louise Dunne
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Secondary school. A place with the greatest friends, food and fights. We all have our own memories, but I bet you never realised how similar all our British school experiences were until now. Here are 26 different things we can all feel nostalgic about…

1. Running to the canteen before all the good food is gone

2. Buying Pasta King (despite it being 100% water) without cheese (because you didn’t want to cough up an extra 20p) and wondering how it actually managed to get worse every day!

3. Those cakes with the white icing and sprinkles though…

4. Feeling utterly betrayed when school turned healthy half way through the year and you had to say goodbye to burgers and curly fries… Cheers, Jamie Oliver!

so long... partner

So long… burgers


Classroom antics:
5. Making PowerPoint presentations for which everyone volunteered to operate the mouse to avoid speaking

I volunteer as tribute!

I call the mouse!

6. That one overly emotional teacher who would cry every time she had your class

Miley Cyrus crying

That moment you knew you’d cracked them

7. Getting the Bunsen burners out and doing your own experiments (burning rubbers, rulers and anything else you could get your hands on)

8. Spending days and days on your still drawings or self portraits and having them turn out like this:

bad art

Photo by Peter Cooper


PE problems:
9. Faking a note from your parents to the P.E teacher to get out of shitty rounders in the rain

10. Having to do P.E  barefoot in the gym and almost puking when things stuck to your foot

Hermione disgusted

Doesn’t anyone clean this gym EVER?!

11. Staring longingly at that pointless jungle gym, which you never got to go on because it was a health and safety hazard


12. Spending all of lunch walking trying to find that epic fight that was apparently happening, only to find that it was one push which ended hours ago

Mean girls fighting in canteen

Lunch and a show!

13. But everyone flocked like seagulls to that one fight that was worth watching

14. (On that note) Where do all the seagulls come from when there isn’t a beach for miles???

seagulls MINE

Seagulls… Seagulls everywhere!

15. That rival school just down the road that you met with regularly for fights and hated with a burning fury for no reason at all

16. Seeing another school on a school trip and sizing them up like you’re preparing for war


17. Walking down the corridor through a sea of giant backpacks with year 7’s on them

18. Walking past your mate’s lesson and pulling faces through the window to try and make them laugh

eyebrows gif

Might as well entertain myself while I wait for you

19. Pushing people into classrooms and then running off so the teacher blames them

20. Talking after the fire alarm has gone off and the teacher looking at you like you created Satan himself


Toilet trouble:
21. Who needs the newspaper or even twitter when you can get all the gossip by reading what’s written on the girls toilet walls?

22. Asking to go to the toilet to get out of a boring lesson and then making it last as long as possible

23. Counting all the wads of soaked toilet paper stuck to the ceiling and walls. If your toilet didn’t look like this then your school had tall cleaners:

Wet toilet paper on the school toilet ceiling

Photo by Michael Coghlan


Extra curricular activities :
24. Poking your thumbs through holes you’ve carefully chewed in your jumper because those little guys need the freedom (and it looked awesome, too)

25. The self-proclaimed badasses smoking at the back of the field or behind the school buildings and bike-sheds

26. Annoying the librarians by simply breathing. And how they firmly supported the belief that they had the most important job in the whole school

librarian gif

Typical big librarian ego









Let’s keep the reminiscing going by commenting any of your school memories…


Feature image by National Assembly for Wales – altered

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  1. Rebecca J

    I remember the terrible school uniform. Through years 7 and 8 my mom made me wear an ankle length pleated skirt which was constantly getting caught on things or in doors.

  2. Joe Bloggs

    I remember in year 7 there was a kid who made a fake fiver in his copier and tried to buy all of the crisps, well the dinner ladies saw they were obviously counterfeit and called the police and he got expelled

  3. zane matthews

    True so true but when theirs another culture it makes your education so much funner because theirs a diversity and some body to look at and be like dam do i wanna mess with him

  4. Tamzyn Platt

    Our library was one where all you would do was play cool-maths games on the computer . The library had around 7 computer all used for that game

  5. Art And Craft

    An excellent post, thank you!

  6. Shante

    Haha number 8 was me all over!

  7. Ryan Totterdell

    My funniest secondary school memory would be the time I got a detention for burping in class because I didn’t say excuse me

  8. Sahar Mahmood

    Also, we’ve all had those embarrassing assemblies for Christmas or Easter where the teacher messes up and say’s something incredibly wrong!

  9. Emma Kitson

    I remember that emotional teacher every time we had her for class, no matter what was said she would always run out crying and we would always get the blame even if we didn’t say anything to her.