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Articles > Student Life June, 25, 2016

12 Ways To Make Your Uni Room Feel Like Home

Louise Dunne
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So, all the hard work has paid off. You’ve just about recovered from the nerves of Results Day, and you’re starting to plan for the big move. Leaving home is never easy, but take it from a recent grad – your uni will start feeling like home pretty soon. I still remember the first time I accidentally called my university halls “home”, and the weird look I got from my Dad. But it was true – it really did feel like home – where you have the freedom to do what you love, surrounded by your best friends, in a space that you’ve made your own – your uni room!

So here are our top tips, for making your uni room homely (and pretty awesome)

1Bring your own bed sheets (and even your own curtains if you have money to splash).
Even though you will be provided some by your halls of residence, the bed takes up a lot of space in a small room, ultimately setting the tone. So if you want your room to be colourful, delicate or dark and edgy, get a duvet which matches your personality. You can get some pretty good deals from Primark and Argos


2Fluffy pillows and duvet
Whether you were out all night at the SU, or up all night working, you’ll need quality pillows and a duvet when you hit the sack. Although your uni will provide these too, they may have lost some of their oomph… A cosy bed is one of those little luxuries that will make you feel like you’re in your own bed back home.

3Pictures of your friends and family
This has to be one of the things almost every fresher had in their room when I was at uni. Not only can you get pictures printed really easily online and mailed to your door, but you can use your creativity to arrange them in a way to make it a piece of art! And of course, it’s a lovely way to take a piece of home with you.


4Candles/ air fresheners
Got a candle you use at home? Take it with you! Besides, they make great decorative pieces, and will give your room its own fragrance (and it will mask that unloved-uni-room smell!) Just be careful that you’re allowed to use candles, a lot of unis might not allow this. In which case, take an air freshener.


5Fairy lights
We’re getting quite tumblresque here, but fairy lights really amp up the cosy factor, and sometimes those uni lights are a little too harsh. Turn on your fairy lights and have a nice relaxing evening/ movie night.


6Wall art and posters
Type in ‘Wall art’ or ‘Wall stickers’ on eBay, and you’ll find hundreds of cool designs which peel off your wall. A pretty cool way to make your room your own and stand out from the rest. Posters work great too, especially something motivational.


7Make room for important things
Like course books and your laptop/ computer. Storage is always an issue, but try making the most out of your floor space under your bed by buying storage boxes and filling them up with some of your belongings. And you can buy them in almost every colour/ pattern. Try stores like Wilkinson, Primark or random (but inexpensive) home decor shops in the high street.


8Rearrange your furniture
Why not look into a little bit of Feng shui? You can move your bed and desk around in a way that suits you, but make sure you put it back in its original place.


9You can’t keep pets but…
I once got sea monkeys – pretty low maintenance and cool to stare at. Or just get a plant, and pump some fresh O2 into your room. What’s more homely than one of your mum’s plants?


10A good pair of speakers
You’ll need a decent pair for movie nights in with your friends, for watching TV, and for occasionally blaring that music before a night out at the expense of waking and annoying your flatmates…


11Bathroom Mats

Uni bathrooms aren’t the prettiest sight known to man, but you can make them a little more cosy by adding a fluffy bath mat and shower mat. No one likes a cold floor in the morning.


12A heater

University heating usually switches on and off according to a schedule, but if you get colder than the average person, get yourself a little heater.


And that’s it! If you have any tips, comment below to help out yer fellow freshers. And remember, just bring things which give you comfort – and if that’s a teddy bear which you’ve had since you were 6, who cares – bring it!

But a quick word of caution:  if you’re going to be sticking things to your wall, get white-tac instead of blue-tac, or adhesive strips which easily come off your wall, otherwise you will be waving goodbye to that deposit. Good luck and enjoy your freshers week!

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  1. Prateek

    a very good idea


    I think these are the best ideas

  3. Alejandra Tapia

    Useful information.

  4. Kelly Hartland

    Great advice. The more homely it feels, the nicer it is to live there

  5. Gillian Jackson

    I think… This article is very helpful for new students who need guidance

  6. Sophie Hamilton

    Loved it!

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  8. Emma Gaffney

    I’m moving in this week and I’ll definitely be considering some of these tips 🙂

  9. Scott Sefdon

    oh yeah the uni things, just bringing my boombox and some things from home

  10. Rachel

    Literally primark, ikea and tesco do the cutest things for uni! I’ve spent about £200 altogether on everything!! Gonna be so homely 🙂

    • Ahh yes, how could I forget? I remember that Tescos, Asda and Sainsburys do a lot of nice home stuff and it’s not too expensive. Never checked Ikea though, thanks for sharing the idea!

  11. Grace Lelliott

    I have the majority of those things however I was really upset to find out that I couldn’t have candles in my room even if I wasn’t going to light them! In my room at home its covered in candles all in my favourite colour and I feel like that’s whats missing in my uni home 🙁

  12. Jade Cross

    really useful tips , love it .

  13. Sarah Stokes

    Although I was already going to do the majority of these things. Thanks for the tips! 🙂

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    I think thats amazing and a good way to help students feel like home.

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