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Articles > Student Life June, 28, 2016

Freshers Week Dos And Don’ts

Courtney Hartley
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6.45 / 10

First year of uni. Your life will be full of alcohol, friendship and the exhilarating sense of independence. After just finishing my first year at uni and surviving Freshers’ week, I have learned numerous dos and don’ts to help you in September.

DON’T: you will be bombarded with so many ‘freshers’ Facebook events and groups to join. These are not usually affiliated with your university, they are extremely irrelevant to your life and just give you annoying notifications about joining other groups – don’t waste your time.

Dos and don'ts from a fresher!

DO: Freshers week is the most important week of your university social life. Fact. Whether you like drinking and partying or not, there is something for everyone, don’t be that person that stays in over freshers’ week alone, because you will regret it.

DON’T: be that person that gets too drunk in freshers week. As much as it is fun, you don’t know anyone and being known as the person who ‘can’t handle their drink’ isn’t the best first impressions. You still have the rest of the year to get slaughtered to the point of no return, take it steady for now.

DON’T: During freshers week you will meet so many people. Don’t worry about making these your ‘lifelong friends’, people will come and go throughout your first year; you still have 2 more years to find your BFF’s!

DO: Joining a sports or society will make your university life 100% better. Not only do you meet tonnes more people, from all years, but you are also doing something that you enjoy. Naturally, as part of this, you will be that person walking home at 3am on a Wednesday social night, face paint galore, contemplating whether that last tequila shot was necessary or not. Have no shame, it happens to the best of us.

DON’T: Don’t be that person who stays up until 2am blasting out music. You will irritate everyone on your floor/flat and the surrounding people, you will not be popular, don’t do it.

DO: be that person that looks after themselves, cleaning and washing your pots will take 20 minutes of your life – maximum. Your popularity in your flat/hall will be minimal otherwise, this is a stage of maturing after all.

DO: remember why you’re at uni in the first place. Attending lectures and doing work is important…You will have a lot of people use the generic “you’re only first year” and “it’s first year, it doesn’t count ” as a persuasive device to make you go out when you have a 9am lecture the next morning. But just remember, this isn’t true for everyone. The things you learn in first year bring everyone up to speed and provide a foundation for forthcoming years. Although you just need to pass, if you don’t have high attendance you won’t be able to re-sit if needed.

DON’T: be ashamed about being homesick. There will be points of first year where you feel like you ‘can’t do it’ and want to give up. Being away from home for the first time is a massive thing but you do get over it. Not watching a film with your housemates and skyping home is sometimes necessary, don’t be embarrassed, everyone needs it!

DON’T: be that person that goes home every weekend, especially if you decide to go to university close to home. As much as it is nice to have someone else wash your clothes and have food that doesn’t taste like plastic, people will begin to forget you. Weekends are usually the time when no one’s working and you can spend all day with your friends, you’ll miss out on so much, your family aren’t going anywhere!

You may think A Levels/Btec or your access course results are the most important things in your life right now, but make sure you have a work-play balance sorted. You’ll get to uni and realise you’re all in the same boat and have no clue how to be a successful uni student whether you got an A or a D. First year is the start of your adult journey, put yourself out there and make the most of it; thrive off your drunken regrets. It will be the best year of your life to date.

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  1. Lydia

    I’d ignore the advice on relationships. Me and my boyfriend got together before moving to Uni. We are now both about to start our second year and both still very much committed to our relationship. Freshers week is supposed to be fun and so you can meet new people. No one ever created a rule that just cos you’ve met them you have to cheat on your partner or break up. It’s all about trust, if you trust your partner to go out and get wasted and still call or text you at the end of the night and not be with someone else. Then you won’t have any problems.

    • becky lees

      Totally agree with this. Me and my boyfriend have been together for a year and a half before moving to uni, we live in the same flat, different rooms. We go to different societies and have different friendship groups (though i do occasionally go to the physics soc if i get invited) and its all been fine. Aslong as your not that couple who are ONLY with each other 100% of the time and you do different things and go out individually you will be fine

  2. Lauren Corless

    me and my boyfriend started off in a long distance relationship and university has never effected us! every couple is different, I guess it just depends how much you really care about each other! if you are willing to give up a great relationship with someone you love over one week you obviously can’t care that much haha, each to their own…

  3. Samuel Slinger

    Agree with it all, except for the relationship part. I’m going to Uni with my partner to the same Uni this year, and I’m not throwing away 1.5 years of being with her just because you see and meet new people throughout the years. You do that all of your life any way, why is it so different now?

  4. Sara Smith

    I’m just about to start University and I found this really helpful, except the one about relationships. Everyone is different so if a couple want to try to make it work then they should as its about them not about what others will think and if you don’t have self control while away from them then you should probably have a think about why that is.

  5. Amy Strevens

    Loved this article apart from your opinion on relationships. I am just about to go into my 3rd year of University and I got together with my boyfriend 3 months before I first started…we are still together now. People can still have fun regardless of whether or not they are in a relationship. Ever heard of friendships?

  6. Joe Morilla

    Great article just finished first year myself and I agree with everything apart from the relationship comment
    I stayed with my girlfriend of 2 years from back home who went to a different uni and we’re still together, seeing each other about every other week, and I know a lot of people who have done the same. I think it’s an individual thing; if you’re willing to put the effort in do it but at the same time if you don’t find it working out after a while that’s perfectly fine you just have to adapt to the new situation and make the right choice for you.

    • Gareth

      I think the relationship comment is completely off. You shouldn’t let a week of alcohol ruin a relationship that means a lot to you. Relationships easily work if you have any sense of self control and actually like the person you’re with.

      • Ben

        Exactly Gareth, relationships often don’t work out when one or both people go to uni, but freshers week and going to university shouldn’t be an automatic reason to leave your partner so you have “options” at uni. Don’t like that blanket rule statement when some couples have very healthy long distance relationships and engage in uni life too

  7. Jamie Lee Foley

    Agree with most points however someone other than the people in the relationship can define how strong their relationship is

  8. Emma Hamilton

    Totaly agree with most points, but no one can give a fact about relationships and if there going to last or not.

  9. Enock Kitu

    I like this

  10. Kirsty Macleod

    I generally agree with this, but I still think glorifying being spectacularly drunk needs to stop.

  11. Kyle Mcmahon

    So the first night of freshers night, we have already discovered why drinking while you have health problems is not a good idea. If you are going to, let your flatmates know. But he didn’t and ended up on the toilet floor and passed out. So just be carful

  12. Kafayat Basaru

    I think… This is a awesome read, thoroughly enjoyed it & it really prepped me for uni.

  13. Grace Morris

    I think… Theres some good information here, dont completetly agree with 100% if it but a lot of it makes sense!

  14. Naomi Mills

    I found this really useful as I am about to start university in a weeks time 🙂

  15. Fahmida Hussain

    Thank you these tips will be useful for starting my uni life

  16. Alejandra Tapia

    I think…some of the advice was great.

  17. Stuart Grant

    Very good advice in this article will definitely be using it during my freshers week

  18. Jamie Thorburn

    I think…good advice. Will use it

  19. Javeria Amin

    I think this was really good advice and it really helpful as I am going university this year.

  20. Simranjit Kaur

    Really good tips. I heard that freshers week, is probably the only time during the year you can truly enjoy your self at university . The rest of the year its just books, lectures, and work .

  21. Nazli Dur

    I agree with it all but it still depends on a person. Everyone is different.

  22. Atlanta Wingrove

    I’d ignore the bit about relationships, me and my boyfriend got together in the middle of freshers week, going to different universities and in different years (i was first year and he was third). We’re still together a year and a half later and we now live together 🙂
    He trusted me to go out on freshers and not to cheat or anything like that, and we both made a huge circle of friends from both our uni’s!
    Apart from that I agree with the article.

  23. eric murithi

    Definitely i agree with the don’t of not going home doing the weekends.University life meant o shape someone to become all round person.this is where you need to be personal in all things that you do.Become independent in your decisions and start directing your life.

  24. Abeer

    I 100 % agree to it.

  25. Ceri-Ann Hitchens

    This is quite helpful, it is true that once a routine of going home starts. You begin to miss out on the enjoyable stuff with your university friends. Although, events back home should still be a big part of your life, shouldn’t miss out too much of what old friends are getting up to as well as new!

  26. Lauren Hitchcott

    Agree with it all , pretty much the same advice as my big brother is giving me before I head to uni in sept , just hope I don’t forget it all by then , learning from the mistakes of others seems like it may be the way to go !!

  27. Thahira Khanum

    This is really beneficial for me although I will ignore getting drunk and partying late night because I’m a Muslim and I would prefer to spend time with a few and eat food.. But I will consider enjoying myself without alcohol and try to make good friends around me. Good company = good vibes.

  28. Katie Blunt

    Reading the relationship point just made me not want to read the rest of the article… Such an ignorant point

  29. Jason Antunes

    The best thing to do is enjoy it! Go out to as many freshers events as you can, even better if you can go with friends. Also try and be as social as possible as you never know who you will meet!

  30. Amir Ayub

    I think… 1 thing that needs to be added here is, DO NOT PRETEND TO BE A BAD ASS. People like simple, decent and loving people and acting all bossy and rude would make them hate you and help you make enemies real quick. Be nice, be friendly and try avoiding the mistake I did.

  31. Alfie Witter

    I think Freshers is sound and the nights out are immense, is my first year this year and met so many legends so i would recommend trying to make friends

  32. Asia Ballard

    Everyone should read this before starting uni, so helpful for those who are worried about finding friends and how to live with strangers 🙂

  33. George Inglis

    Long distance relationship with my girlfriend and moving into accommodation next week and not sure what it’s going to be like. Going to see how first few weeks are and go from there

  34. Tanya Sharma

    Dayum !the first point is so very right.I wish I had gone through this article before

  35. Tomas Dzobak

    so much details on what you should and shouldn’t do to keep away from this situations.

  36. Borislav Nikolov

    Can someone tell me where can I find info about the “official” freshers? Is there such thing and how do I know where to go or I will find out once I go to uni? Because I know some people are buying tickets now. I don’t know why, but I find it a little suspicious who organizes these events.

    • Hey! If you go to your university website, there should be a page/ linked website about your unis student union/ freshers information. If you can’t find it there, try finding your university on facebook, i’m sure there will be information or links to your SU/ freshers events organised by your uni there!

  37. Freddie Snelgar

    It’s all about nobbing birds

  38. Dmitriy Ryabichev

    It really depends on a person, some are smart but choose the wrong way, so are dump but still headed that way, you should relax time to time, but drink yourself to point of stupidity is a huge mistake…