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Articles > Gaming July, 12, 2016

15 Things You’re Now Doing As A ‘Pokemon Go’ Addict

Louise Dunne
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8.90 / 10

Unless you’ve been living inside a Pokéball for the last few days, you’ll know that ‘Pokémon Go’ is the latest gaming phenomenon which uses GPS to transform our locations into a Pokemon world, and projects the beautiful beasts into our reality using our mobile’s camera! It has sent kids, teens and adults alike physically wandering around their towns, hunting down and capturing Pokémon that seem to be lurking in every Tesco and on every park bench!

If you’re as addicted as we are, you’re life right now probably looks a bit like this…

1. Actually admitting you like Pokemon (It’s time to come out of the closet guys!)

Pikachu haters gonna hate

Pokéfans unite!

2. Or, alternatively, actually liking Pokémon for the first time in your life

3. Physically getting out of bed

Pikachu waving

When you wake up and there’s Pokémon in your crib

4. Walking to school or work instead of getting a lift from your parents or public transport

5. Walking across a road without looking both ways (we’ve lost all morals!)

Selena Gomez staring at phone happily

When people think it’s bae but it’s actually Pokémon making you this happy

6. Stopping dead in the middle of the side walk, causing people to bump into you

7. Not caring about getting detention or fired because you bagged a rare one!

Drake Hotline bling dance throwing pokeballs

I know when that Pokémon bling, that can only mean one thing…

8. Exploring areas of your neighborhood that you haven’t seen before (since when did we have a park here?!)

9. Awkwardly pointing your phone towards people and not caring at the weird looks you get

10. Offering to walk the dog…10 times a day

throwing pokeball at dog

What kind of Pokémon is this? Grass type?

11. Actually agreeing to meet up and socialise with people… but only because it’s a new area and there might be some sick Pokémon there!

12. Charging your phone 50 times a day

That's so Raven charging her phone

Charge god damn you! The Pokémon need me!

13. Going for spontaneous outings at 12am and trespassing in people’s gardens to catch ’em all!

14. Suggesting Pokémon hunting as a date (no netflix and chill, that’s dead)

15. Closing your Tinder account because Pikachu is the best match you’ll ever make

Caught Pikachu in car

Pikachu is the catch of the century, JUST SAYIN!


What has ‘Pokémon Go’ got you doing? Comment below…


Feature image by Eduardo woo (adapted)

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  1. Emily Challinor

    This is totally correct , I’ve done 14/15 of these , the only one I haven’t done is the tinder one as I don’t have an account !!

  2. Awab Patankar

    great article, very interesting.

  3. Ajdin

    this is awesome article its truee

  4. buba

    this game is absolute because I remember last year summer I spent a lot of time playing this game , cool game and i love

  5. Pedro Jose Garate Pirela

    amazing, very hilarious article.

  6. joshua Paffett

    I think that this is an alright game but I don’t play it anymore. But my friend’s play it everyday.

  7. nadin

    A beautiful game that makes you feel you are in another world

  8. ranamehul

    Nice game, I really enjoy it

  9. elina

    nice article

  10. Luqman

    I think everything is true .

  11. Ravi

    good game

  12. Harsh kumar

    this is totally right and true

  13. celia carreira

    Hahaha soo true

  14. Kieran Maiden

    Love it or hate, we can all agree is damn addictive

  15. Ayman JAIL

    this is totally right, i couldn’t agree more (y)

  16. megah mbahmomo

    I agree, I’ve done all 14 things, but all of that could have been avoided with gps spoof or bot (Cheater), but it is cheating

  17. Fran Ftr

    I agree with all of this exept one and that was the tinder one,

  18. Kunni Kumar

    I agree with the motion but there are many other uses too.

  19. Jay Shembekar

    Pokemon go !!! yes its a fantastic game, one could imagine people are so crazy about it that they cant even wait for the official release. This augmented reality game is so cool. As a gamer I dont generally go out of my room and I’m not so social but this game made me move out of my room like really it was so fun going out of the home in public just to play a game and meeting friends to know what pokemons they have caught. Even my parents like this new change in me that I started going out. So yeah a big THUMBS UP for the POKEMON GO!!!

  20. Kira

    Let’s add “using all my data” to the list….. and having withdrawal from having to wait for wifi to play

  21. jenny

    I think…that Pokemon go is one of the worst games to ever come up with because people do not realise that it could lead them to a stranger who is capable of doing something bad to them

  22. Rosa

    This is too accurate. I have discovered areas I never knew existed!!

  23. Emma Kitson

    My phone doesn’t allow me to download pokemon so ill have to wait and see what this craze is

  24. Aishah Rao

    This post is so accurate XD The one thing I’m disappointed about with Pokèmon Go, is that Microsoft phone users can’t download the game and have a slice of the fun. If your like me, you probably have made an account and ask friends and family to log in to theirs when they’re not on it XD

  25. Rachael

    I think it’s a great way to get people outside, but I have been caught using it at school.