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Articles > Money July, 23, 2016

How To Make Money Online As A Teen

Louise Dunne
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Whether you are a poor uni student or simply not ready for the world of work, it doesn’t mean you have to be strapped for cash. In fact, there are several ways to make money online if you’re a teen, that’s if you don’t fancy stacking bread at Tesco’s at 3am. And best of all, for most of them you don’t even need to leave your house, and you can do it on the side of other commitments. We searched far and wide,  and listed the best below:

1. Sell things on Ebay/ Gumtree… but the right way

Ebay and Gumtree, two websites that are so easy to use – have a look in your wardrobe or under your bed, in the garage or your Nan’s attic and put them on sale! But make sure you write a thorough description (spell check it!), take photos of the items in well-lit conditions, with an uncluttered background and post it on the same day it’s been paid for, if you can. This will help you build your reputation as a seller! After your item is sold, eBay takes a small percentage, but on Gumtree it’s totally free.

Make money online as a teen by selling things through ebay

Photo by Glenn3095 –

2. Take paid online surveys made specially for young people

You can make money online easily by taking part in paid online surveys any place, any time if you sign up to a mobile-friendly website e.g. on the way to school or while in a queue. Market Research companies want your opinion on their brands/products and you can get paid for giving it, usually in shopping vouchers. Sometimes you get to test unreleased products and get to keep them too! Some offer group chats which you can attend, which pay up to £70.

Just be careful to sign up to one which is certified by the MRS (they make sure the research is fair and legit and it won’t be sold on to third party spammers) and of course – make sure the pay out is good by checking reviews.

If you’re not a member, click here to join us and 140,000 others at The OpinionPanel Community! Made especially for teens or anyone aged 16 – 30 in the UK, you get up to £4 per survey and every time you rack up £25 you’ll be sent a voucher code to use in dozens of popular high-street and online shops. You could even get £70 for longer chats! Excuse the shameless self promotion 😉

Online surveys for teens

The OpinionPanel Community – paid surveys made specially for teens in the UK.

3. Get money back when you shop

A number of banks like Halifax and Santander offer cashback or rewards if you bank with them, as well as websites like ‘TopCashback’. This is where you receive a percentage of cash after you make purchases, either online or in store, using the bank card or via the cashback websites. It’s basically free money so why not take advantage of it?

4. Task Rabbit 

Fancy running some errands for people in your local area? On Task Rabbit, you can become a ‘Tasker’, doing hundreds of different things such as IT support, organising a closet, helping someone move house or wrapping Christmas presents for those who are too lazy, I mean too BUSY, to do it themselves!

Teens do tasks on task rabbit

photo by Robobobobo


5. Sell your old toys – and I don’t mean to young kids…

You might be thinking “but my toys are only from the last 10-20 years, they can’t be worth anything surely?” You couldn’t be more wrong! Original Furbies, rare Pokemon cards, Tamagotchis, poly pockets, beanie babies, Gameboy colours and so much more are going for big money these days. So get nostalgic and go through you’re old toys in the loft. You never know, you may find some hidden treasure!

make money online by sellign toys like furbies

6. Take photos and sell them

Think you’ve got some great pictures sitting in your Instagram account? If you sign up to stock photography websites like Shutterstock, Dreamstine or iStock, you can make money online by uploading any of your own pictures that you’ve taken and submit them for approval. Once they’re approved, people can purchase the image or purchase a license to use your image. You’ll then get a cut of the sale from the stock website. So now’s a good time to sharpen those photography skills!

Make money online as a teen by taking photos and selling them

Photo by naixn

7. Review websites and apps for cash

Websites like Usertesting pay members to review websites and apps for money. You’ll be asked if you want to review a site/app and once accepted, you’re given instructions on what to do on the website. You’ll then record your voice and mouse movements using a software they provide, and talk through your actions.

8. Sell second-hand course books

That 620 page molecular physics book burnt a £90 hole in your pocket. Now it’s gathering dust, but remember – those in the year below will need it now! Consider selling the coursebooks you no longer need to a friend or family member, or if no-one you know needs it, there are websites specifically set up as marketplaces for student materials, such as You can also go to the Facebook page or forum (if your younger peers have made one), and broadcast your sale there!

Sell old course books

Photo by Walt Stoneburner

Use any of these 6 simple methods to make money online and you’ll be stretching out your jeans pockets with a wad of cash in no time. So you can finally start planning that weekend break, purchase those designer trainers or simply buy a Tesco finest meal for once. Which ones are you going to try out? Comment below if you have any other ideas!

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