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Articles > Student Life July, 23, 2016

Weird And Wonderful University Societies You Need To Join!

Andrew Williams
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If you thought that going to uni means you need to ‘be like everyone else’ to fit in – you couldn’t be more wrong. This is the time for you to express who you really are, and with 100’s of societies helping you do just that, they’re also a great opportunity to meet new and like-minded people. You’ve got your sports, film, food and drink socs, along with the downright weird but wonderful societies that are formed out of the deepest corners of someone’s brilliantly unique mind; bringing together those with quite specific interests.

So just in case you were worried about fitting into uni, don’t!

There is something for everyone, and I mean EVERYONE…


1. Quidditch – University: Oxford 
The wizards and witches of the Oxford Quidditch team - Photo by

Photo from the Oxford Quidditch FB page

We know how relentless Potterheads are, so of course they conjured up a way of making this happen. So how it works is, players are given a broom which they run around with between their legs, aiming to put the ‘Quaffle’ (ball) through one of the three hoops. They must do this while being pounded by ‘Bludgers’ (smaller balls), dodge ball style.

They even managed to incorporate the notorious ‘Golden Snitch’, which takes the form of a student dressed in yellow. They run with a small ball in the back of their trousers that the ‘Seeker’ must grab, and can move around the field trying to evade capture. Captain of the Chimera team, Abby Whiteley, said:


“it was the first sport [she] felt able to join as a complete beginner without feeling judged or hugely outmatched… even those with sporting experience take time to adapt to the complexity and rigor of the game”.


2. Jailbreak Society – University: Warwick
36 Hours to get as far as possible with no money!

Photo from the Jailbreak FB page

WARNING: This club is not for the faint-hearted. The aim is simple, get as far away from the uni as possible within 36 hours. But there’s a catch… you can’t spend any money on transport!

Now you might be thinking “pfft hitch hiking your way to Newcastle is hardly a challenge”. However, some students have made it as far as Morocco, Rome and New York! Holiday in America without having to pay for flights? Sign me up! President of the Warwick Jailbreak Society, Rishi said:


“I initially took part in Jailbreak because it looked like a bit of fun and it was for charity. It turned out to be one of the most exciting, adrenaline-fueled and challenging weekends of my life”.

By the end of the weekend, Rishi and his team managed to reach Cologne in Germany and “couldn’t have felt prouder!” Their aim is to get as many other Warwick students as possible to experience this “once in a lifetime opportunity”.


3. Assassin – University: Hertfordshire
Assassin Society is drop dead fun!

Photo by Rusty Clark

On joining this society your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to be assigned a target for you to KILL… well fake kill using creative, harmless methods! But watch your back as you are being hunted as well. The Hertfordshire Assassin Guild Leader says:

“one of the best kills was when someone constructed a fake book case out of cardboard and ambushed their target in the library”.


4. ZomSoc – University: Brunel

Photo from ZombSoc FB page

The end is nigh every day with this lot! Apart from watching films and having zombie debates all year round, every month this society holds a major Humans vs Zombies event. This is where members are given survival tasks to complete whilst being chased by crowds of your flesh eating friends!

President of the Zombies, Ean Richardson, says she joined because of the “wide variety of people it brought together” and enjoys running ZomSoc as she loves “watching people grow“. One of her fondest memories is:


“a shy person sitting quietly whilst I read the rules; then watched them run around our campus, Nerf gun in hand, screaming at the top of their lungs and pursued by a pack of zombies”.


Would you brave the dorm of the dead?

Heard of any other weird and wonderful societies? Comment bellow!


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  1. Alisha Shah

    I need to join the jailbreak society as fast as possible!

  2. Sam Stark

    I don’t know what it is like to join a society, but reading this article really helps me understand how much fun societies really can be and I can’t wait to experience that.

  3. Eshath Miah

    I think joining a society could be great, I myself would like to join a film society at Manchester Metropolitan.

  4. Alisha Shah

    I think…the jail break society is so my thing!!! #NeedToCreateOne