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Articles > Student Life August, 15, 2016

What To Take To Uni – 10 Tips To Save You Money!

Abbie Griffiths
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If you’re off to university in September, then chances are you’ve started to write a list of what to take to uni. However, among the mayhem that is the start of uni life, there are a few things that might not occur to you until it’s too late. So here are my top 10 tips on what to take to uni for your brand-new, independent life. You’re welcome.

what to take to uni

Photo by Jacob Starkey

1. Don’t bring the whole kitchen with you. All the main features such as microwave, toaster and kettle are already supplied for you. One component I do suggest is to buy a George Foreman Grill, which you can get for around £20. This will last for your whole degree and is so much easier (and nicer) than the oven grill. Four glasses, two mugs, one or two saucepans and two oven trays will be plenty.

2. Invest in a printer/scanner. It’s so much cheaper and easier than queuing for library printers that rarely work. Again, it’ll last for your degree and longer! Basic printers start from £30 and usually come with ink!

3. University halls don’t have the biggest rooms, so the more organisational components you bring, the easier it will be to keep your room clean. Small woven baskets are useful, especially for toiletries. Also, girls, a make-up box will be a life saver for keeping your desk neat.

4. Double check if your accommodation provides an ironing board. If not, buy a travel-size one from shops such as Home Bargains and B&M Bargains, but wait to see if there’s one in your halls. However, in my experience, previous students may have used it to “surfboard” down the stairs or as a cooking surface to make grilled cheese (you’ll be surprised the extremes students go to to save money). As fun as that sounds, a wrinkled dress for Freshers? Much worse!

5. Mum and Dad will just do your washing every weekend right? How nice that sounds! Working part-time or living far away from home sadly ruins this plan. Washer-dryers can be expensive, so bring a clothes horse. (£1.20 for a dryer?! That’s £1 bomb on a night out, plus 20p saved!)

6. Base your bedding and towels on your current wardrobe. Does your style include black, all black, with a hint of black? Snap! Dark linen therefore makes washing so much easier. My towels and bedding were light colours, meaning my washing basket consisted of 80% colours and 20% lights. This becomes an issue when you never have enough laundry for a light wash, but your towels need a clean…

what to take to uni - fully packed car

Photo by Martin Thomas

7. Putting off washing is easy to do, trust me! To ensure that you aren’t turning your underwear inside out, bring enough towels and undies! Uni life is hectic, so if you haven’t got round to a laundry wash in a while, you need enough undies to keep you going! Scour shops like Primark for emergency supplies.

8. Don’t leave WH Smith’s shelves empty from your stationary overload. As pleasurable as it is having purchased unchewed pens and highlighters, there’s no point. Pencils? Haven’t used one. Note-taking is the main use of stationary, and even then you can type instead! A handful of pens and highlighters will be enough. However, think of your degree: Maths students will need special supplies. And of course, art students, go wild!

9. Another must-have is a full-length mirror! Not an item I thought of buying when making my list. The first few weeks of university were tough, having to jump up and down to catch a glimpse of my outfit in the bathroom mirror!

10. Lastly, bring things that have sentimental value. Moving away from home for the first time can be scary and lonely. Print some of your favourite photos to pin on your board, or make a photo book. There are plenty of online sites that print them for you for reasonable prices such as Snapfish, Freeprints andVistaprint. Bring extra comfy pillows and throws to make your bed snugglier and more homely. They’re also a god send when hungover! There are lots of other ways to make your uni room feel like home, check them out here!

Have fun guys and I hope this helped you decide what to take to uni! Remember, everyone is in the same boat, waiting to make friends and have a good time. Go to as many fresher’s events as possible to dive into an incredible university experience.


If you want more uni advice or similar articles check out my blog here!

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  1. Stacey webb

    Everything that’s stated above is so true. The only thing I will say is I’m in my second year away from uni and I’ve never used an iron. Just make sure you hang or fold it right Will save the trouble

  2. Melissa Brassington

    I move Saturday so thank you for the tips!

  3. Rachel Heald

    Really good tips! Will definitely be taking these into consideration!

  4. Megan Bendall

    I think…sweet! I definitely will take these in and work toward completing them

    • Abbie Griffiths

      I’m so glad you enjoyed them! It was my first article on here, so I was a little anxious about how it’d do!

  5. Sophie Hughes

    Great advice, thank you for sharing!

  6. Marta Teodora Constantin

    Awesome tips 😉 Thanks

  7. Alexandre Arnasalon

    I think… for the first year of study, you should not cook but rather opt for a meal plan at the uni itself at least for a semester just for you to get used to the new world and of course less luggage.
    Basic things to bring! Clothes, some technology (phones, iPad, etc…), Documents (Passports, ID Card, etc), beauty stuff such as toothbrush, some make-up, body lotion etc *BUT not too many! those things can be bought in the nearby store of the uni who knows even at a cheaper price!
    Addition: Towel, bed sheets, blankets and a laundry bag
    NOTE: instead of hard copy manuals, textbooks etc have them on you computer or tablet – thus you have more kilos to bring up some more clothes.
    Also bring along with you souvenirs of your friends or family to avoid feeling lonely.


  8. Adhnan Khan

    I think… Im not moving away, just looking at these articles for the bants. Great tips by the way.

  9. Jaime Brizuela

    I think… it gives good advices.

  10. Zain Athar

    I think…it sounds great 🙂 I will remember these points for sure

  11. Jarrad Bridge

    Very useful, definitely make use of this advice.

  12. Samia Khan

    Great tips, I move in next week Friday, these tips have been a help to take down as notes!

  13. Sania Mallal

    Great tips

  14. Emma

    I heard taking an extension cable is a good idea

    • Abbie Griffiths

      Yes it’s a great idea! I had mine so I could have my phone charger closer to my bed ha!

  15. Abdulkadir Maxamed

    Great advice, thanks. Going to start doing this now

  16. Libbie Edwards

    Thank you so much for the advice, I hadn’t even thought about a full length mirror!

  17. joywin kosgei

    I think…It probably just needs a few tweaks from you based on your own personal needs…

  18. joywin kosgei

    It probably just needs a few tweaks from you based on your own personal needs…

  19. Fope Bakare


  20. Imogen Hann

    Great thank you! Didn’t even cross my mind about the full length mirror, so thank you!

  21. Ali Suleman


  22. Boryana Dzhivdzhanova

    Nice topic for an article here. Good job! 😉

  23. Shiquine Mensah

    Everyone is different there’s not a right or wrong way to prepare for uni. In my opinion do whatever you feel is comfortable if that is buying everything you need while you are there or buying them in advance. Everyone has their experience. You can take notes but don’t take it as belief. Me I am currently planning and getting together everything I feel like I may need and I am buying them before I get to my uni and this is because my mom wants to make sure I have everything that I need. Do what is right for you.

    • Fope Bakare

      But that printer one was really good though

  24. Kirsty Campbell

    Very useful tips. Thanks!

  25. Charlotte Pluck

    Great advice. Thanks

  26. A clark

    Thanks for the help! Needed this before I go off!

  27. Lois Edwards

    I think… I’ve just moved to uni last week and these are some things I wish i’d known before!

  28. Leonie Robertshaw

    The printer tip is one that my flatmates and I have been discussing, so now that it’s come up again I think we’ll definitely buy one, thanks! Very helpful

  29. casey drury

    can’t wait!

  30. casey drury

    great tips!! will be so helpful especially with the moving stress!!!!!

  31. Lina Sidabraite

    It is a good idea to match your bedding with the colours of most of your clothes but don’t choose black. It’s kind of hard to tell when it really needs a wash. When you can tell – it’s too late

  32. Michael Nosakhare

    I move last week Friday thanks for your tips

  33. Marissa Lim

    I think…good tips! thank you

  34. Debasis patra

    its great

  35. Semi Kuti

    thank you so much for these tips, I love how condensed they are to the basics!

  36. Shanice Sealy

    That was really helpful, 80% of the things listed I would never of thought of! Those tips will really come I handy for movein this weekend

  37. Tayla Rogers

    Love all of these tips! I move in on sunday and tis has been helpful for last minute tips and packing help! 🙂

  38. Zain Athar

    I think…it sounds good to me

  39. Fope Bakare

    Thank you for the tips!

  40. Victor

    Well…to be honest you don’t really need to move all the stuff from your house into uni.
    In my case (as I am international student) I brought my clothes only with some stuff for my studies like my laptop.
    Cheers for the tips btw they are useful.

  41. Tolu

    These were amazing tips. Honestly! You touched on some points I wasn’t even aware of.

  42. Melek

    Very good tips! I’ll definitely take them into consideration.

  43. Shubham

    This is a very helpfull article and will certainly influence lives of students under a tight budget.

  44. Mark Oguntade

    love this