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Articles > Relationships August, 16, 2016

Should We Break Up Before I Start Uni?

Georgie Elliston
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8.85 / 10

It’s a well known tragedy that going to university is often a catalyst for break ups. But I’ve always wondered, what is the point? After having completed my first year and gone through the whole freshers experience, I can confidently say that the time I spent at University being apart from my hometown boyfriend, and the time I spent at uni after having gotten back together with him, was really no different. 

Those that break up so that they can experience the true University life have a tough lesson to learn: drunken, sloppy kisses, random strangers in your bed and unidentifiable sick in your Uni room’s sink is no more enjoyable than dancing, getting shitfaced drunk and returning home with your friends for extra drunken kitchen dancing.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Is staying in a relationship the best way to start uni?

I will admit that at the beginning of the year, where I was still with my current boyfriend, it was a bit of a hold back in the friend-making region – to tell someone that you were in a relationship, not just because it makes the guy you’re talking with disinterested, but also because it makes you look big headed. However, I’ll tell you this for free, boy does it come with some advantages. For one: it allowed me to make genuine male friends without having to go through the awkward stage of them becoming friends with you for attractions sake, and two: it made me damn well respect myself more in the clubs.

People, club grinding is not only a thing, but its a thing that will happen way too many times against your will. I can’t tell you the amount of times that I had someone come and grab me from behind without even seeing their face, let alone knowing their name. Being single, this was just a shit thing that I accepted would happen and that I tried to avoid by being with female friends. I still remember with vague hysteria the time when I got so impatient over the extra attention my backless dress was receiving, that without a backward glance, I removed his hands from me and pushed him away by his hipbones.

The other reason that people break it off is the whole long distance thing, but in all seriousness, this is the last of your worries. University is a lot of damn work, and seeing your significant other won’t be possible often anyway. My survival tip is to firstly, simply to book a Skype date weekly, maybe drink some wine over that brilliant app and maybe try not to boast too much about all your new differently sexed friends. Jealousy is a bitch, guys.

And secondly, if you’re lucky enough to be a train ride away, book tickets in advance! It’s something to look forward to so it gets you through the term, its a hell of a lot cheaper to do in advance too, and seeing each other less often… it honestly makes it that much more exciting and valuable to you. The fighting will go down because damn, did you miss their face, and the loving will go up because for goodness sake, you’ve dealt with the sounds of your drunken flatmates sexual encounters all term. There are lots of things you can do to survive a long distance relationship

So the money question… for those wondering whether or not to break up for Uni? As so many of my friends are doing at the moment..?

I’m going to assume that if you’re reading this, and you’re all torn up wondering if you should or shouldn’t, that you’ve found a keeper and I promise that Uni life and all the new friends you’ll make, are so not going to change that.

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  1. Shannon Foreman

    This article really did help me, thank you!

  2. Dmitriy Ryabichev

    I have been in a long distance relationship for 4 years, Yes had my ups and downs, but in the end it was worth it, now I’m married and we been together for 2 years and they are great… Don’t be afraid to go beyond the unknown…

  3. Ben Jones

    I stayed with my girlfriend, sure it was testing but it’s made us stronger. If it breaks it up then fine but I don’t understand why some people end it before they even get to uni, kind of makes the previous time fraudulent

    • Kira Jarvis

      I think…it depends on how you cope with being apart, the stress of a break up may not be the best way to start you uni life the same with always being with your other half

  4. Ceri-Ann Hitchens

    This is honestly one of best blogs I’ve seen about relationships and university. It makes so much sense, I was meeting up with someone before going to university and kept pushing away the idea of being in a relationship because it would be ‘too difficult’. I was so wrong, and so happy I changed my mind the week before I left. It makes meeting up, going out and just sleeping next to each other feel so much more valuable and I appreciate it more then I did before. Everyone finding it difficult to decide whether to stay in a relationship or not needs to read this.

  5. Lia Minty

    I’d always thought that by the time university came around, I’d break up with any boyfriend I had and start my new life without baggage. However over the past few months my viewpoint has changed, my relationship is amazing and definitely worth keeping because I can really see a future with him. Sure the thought of being single and free during 1st year sounds fun, but mad parties, flirting and the odd hook up really aren’t worth losing a meaningful relationship. Saying that, if your relationship isn’t meaningful dump his ass. I think what drives most couples away is the sudden distance in their relationship, when your boyfriend is miles away and the guy down the hall is pretty damn fine, commitment gets harder. But relationships are entirely dependent on the two people involved, as long as you’re both willing to put the effort in you can stick it out through uni.

  6. Laura Isla

    I totally agree with you… I’m a Spanish girl studying in England whose boyfriend is Austrian… He is gonna start Uni this year and I just have to say that distance means so little when somebody means so much. We are together since last year and we deal with the distance perfectly and the time spent when we see each other is simply awesome…

  7. Phoebe Shepherd

    Completely agree with this article! My boyfriend went to Uni this year (I’m going in September) and even though it is pretty rubbish only seeing him once a month it makes the time that you do see each other so much better! I’ve currently booked a ticket to go see him in a few weeks and can’t wait! We talk most days which is great because after being all dramatic when he first went thinking he was going to forget about me, I realized all the partying and socializing isn’t 24/7 and they will get bored of people around them sometimes and make time for me too:) From the first week of him being there his friends and flat mates were all told about me and (even his female friends) were all looking forward to meeting me! This also makes it better when you visit if you get along with your other half’s friends as well because you can go out as a group rather than staying in together all the time!! I can’t wait to go to Uni in September& have my boyfriend visit me and get to know the people I make friends with just like I have with him!!

  8. shonica

    I think…I have never agreed more with an article before now.

  9. Charlotte

    Do what you think is right, me and my boyfriend have been at uni for a year and our relationship is better than ever!

  10. Sana Ahmed

    Going to try and not make my boyf jealous. Very good and well written article in my opinion.

  11. Dominika

    I think if you are trying to end a relationship due to going to university then you really need to rethink the relationship because you wouldn’t be thinking about ending it when you are really in love and you would just get through it. On the other hand it depends how you would deal with it because if you can’t deal with a long term relationship then you will have to rethink whether breaking is the better option as I know some people can’t cope without their partner for some time. I do not think breaking up is a good idea though.

  12. Maja

    I think the same way you do but my story ended in tragic.

  13. Stacey

    I think…the heart grows fonder, it is good to spend time apart, you will have loads to talk about and you will see each other again, if its ment to be then it will work out.

  14. Ujjwal

    I think sex is part of the life and if it is love you’ll wait, anytime that you that you are free you can go meet each other

  15. majid

    I think long term relationship is better.

  16. Elisabetta

    I think that this article shows how difficult could be single in a new place and to be in a relationship while you are in uni far away from your lover. I think that if is love it will last, anyway you are still alive so anytime that you that yoi are free you can go meet each other

  17. iqs

    I think that people should break up before university, this is because there is no point of a long distance relationship. Once you go university people change and by this it would cause problems with far distance relationship this would mean that there would be so many fights so there’s no point and if your meant to be you may be with them in the future, so its best not to be with someone while going uni so they should breakup.

  18. Lilly Grant

    I totally agree, me & my girlfriend are both going to different universities and we have no problem with that, distance means nothing if you love someone

  19. Sophie

    Coming from a long term relationship and finding out that he cheated on me (reason why we are no longer together) I feel like long distance will be a challenge for me when I move abroad to the UK to study. This article has given me a little hope that it will work out in my new relationship

  20. Erica Naa

    distance shouldn’t be a barrier girl! if truly you love him please don’t quit and if he also loves you he will wait for you.

  21. felicity

    finally someone talking sense! university is not about sleeping with strangers

  22. Jasmine

    I think that this is so true, so many people tell me that I won’t be able to stick with my boyfriend whilst I’m at university and it’ll become complicated etc etc but honestly it’s not that hard if you both put the effort in and if you really love them, then they’re worth the wait:)

  23. Ashleigh

    Yes, keep it safe and just have a close friendship whilst you can. This way you can enjoy uni and get the best experience you can without the doubt of potentially hurting one another due to your actions.

  24. Jessie Watson

    Thank you for this, I’m off to uni in September and I was really worried about how our relationship would work but this has made me sigh a breath of relief.

  25. Raj kumar

    I think…This is honestly one of best blogs I’ve seen about relationships and university. It makes so much sense, I was meeting up with someone before going to university and kept pushing away the idea of being in a relationship because it would be ‘too difficult’. I was so wrong, and so happy I changed my mind the week before I left. It makes meeting up, going out and just sleeping next to each other feel so much more valuable and I appreciate it more then I did before. Everyone find is different.

  26. Sunshine Ramos

    If you go to uni just to have fun and talk to guys then yes, you’re boyfriend/girlfriend deserves someone better. But if you’re going to uni to focus on studies then don’t break up, it’s not worth it unless you and your other half discuss some arrangements.

  27. Jordan Macdonald

    Personally i think if you are having doubts about your partner cheating or finding someone else whilst you or them are at University then it isnt going to work because you are already having doubts about the relationship. yes you can give it a go. But unless that relationship has trust and is strong and long term, things might start getting tricky.

  28. Charlotte Mall

    I definitely believe that uni shouldn’t have to affect your relationship, given that we’re in the digital age, your significant other is only a Skype call away etc and if you truly want to be with them, distance shouldn’t have to affect it! Plus there’s nothing wrong with going back to your flat partying with your friends WHILST being in a long distance relationship. A long distance relationship simply can just make it all the more worthwhile, given the fact you won’t see them as much. Or maybe I’m just too optimistic.

  29. Tim Taylor

    Me and my Girlfriend managed to stay together through her 1st year of university. However, we have now broken up as she can no longer cope with the distance. It’s not a case of she misses being single, it’s a case of she said she spends nights crying herself to sleep because of how much she misses me and doesn’t know if it’s worth the unhappiness in between. The way I see it, if you really belong with someone then the both of you can make the distance work. But only if there is an end in sight. For example, with me and my gf there was no time in the forseeable future that our situation was going to change.She changed to another course so had another 3 years of University and I plan on going to Uni next year, but not the one she is at. So that would be roughly 4 years before we are both done with education and to be honest even then you don’t know if it’ll work out. I say stick with it and see how it goes, you got in to the relationship for a reason so there is no reason of ending because of distant without even trying.

  30. Saeed

    I think it is a helpful article
    Thank you so much..

  31. Francesca

    This is exactly what I am going to go through…

  32. Siena

    Thank you so much! Come to think of it I’m not all that far away from my girlfriend. I’ve had so many people tell me it’s going to be hard but she is such a keeper!

  33. Jay Edgar

    I think… getting in relationship is hard

  34. queenzim

    In my opinion, I think you should not, if you have been together for a long time and you guys are close, if you can manage not seeing each for other a while like how you can cope not seeing your best friend after a long time, this should apply with your SO, the only thing that is breaking up your relationship is the negativity that surrounds you and the people who claims it won’t work out.. You will always have the holidays to see each other also

  35. Rach

    I think do what makes you happy, don’t leave a relationship for uni, see how it goes it’s always worth trying

  36. Geoffrey Adevor

    love is about choices we make everyday. It will be unfair to breakup with your partner just because you are going to uni. But then on second thought, try to think through it before making any decision

  37. Tom

    Exactly what I thought!

  38. charlotte

    uni is a big step and one where you dont want to take any baggage from your past with you, mixing uni and a bf will be hard and if you are going away for uni will you have time to see each other and will it cause you to naturally break apart,maybe you will find someone at uni?

  39. Mohib

    This article is very helpful

  40. lola

    This article made me worry less about my long distance relationship

  41. Mariam

    I’m currently in a relationship and this is going to be my first year at university. Depending on my opinion, I don’t think it’s worth it to breakup just because you want to have a fun experience at university. If you truly love your boyfriend or girlfriend, you have to understand that there are apart of your happiness just as much as university is. If your partner truly loves you, they should be able to understand the fact that all you want is to have a fun at university and they should be happy enough to give you enough freedom as long as you’re doing anything out of disrespect or doing anything they wouldn’t like while there are not there. If you decide to breakup just because you want to have fun at university that only shows that you two don’t understand each other enough and it also shows that your relationship wasn’t strong enough. Overall, it’s you that’s in the relationship and you probably have a reason behind why you’re having this thought. At the end of the day if you and your partner are in a healthy relationship filled with connection, trust, happiness, understanding, respect, love, caring and effort, it’s worth it to decide to throw it away because it’s true that no relationship is perfect but it can be hard to replace a healthy relationship with someone you truly love and you’re happy with. So think about your relationship and the part it plays in your life before deciding to breakup.

  42. Ciara

    I think you’re 100% right. I won’t be breaking up with my boyfriend. We can still have just as much fun

  43. Mollie

    I think that as you start university you should definitely not break up with your partner. I mean if things don’t work out after a while then too bad. But at least you’ve tried and at least you won’t be wondering what would have happened if you hadn’t broken up with your other half.

  44. Wahida

    I think you should break up after uni because that just shows how much you used that person and you were just going out for the sake of uni

  45. Asco Mumba

    i totally agree with you. First of all what we need to understand is that distance is not BARRIER especially for lovers/ those in relationship out there. think of this right? how long have yous guys been dating? is it a week, months,years….. i mean if your relationship it has been more than a months or so am sure you guys have been through a lot already maybe even much worse than we may all think and the strange thing is that you guys did not chose to cut your relationship, the bonding between yous two remained tight until today that yous both have decided to jump into university life. Therefore the question is: why would you ever want to break you relationship for the sake of “new students life”, I clear don`t see the points unless if there is been few problems already before going to uni. But that shouldn’t be the reason either regardless of how much hard work is needed outside there.However if your boyfriend/girlfriend is serious with you, they will be much happy and willing to help you to success through out your education because yous both knows what you guys want to come up with by the end of your years. good luck but don`t break it for the sake of hard work or scared of lacking male/female friends because they will know you are in a relationship.

  46. Emilia

    I totally agree with your opinion. There is no point breaking up with the person you love only for your own benefit (freedom at University life). If you love someone then it does not matter if you’re studying or working or wherever you are. I think if you are considering about the break up- you are not in love enough. Because love means that you put your partner before yourself.

  47. Mandy Croft

    I have been in a relationship for 3 years and my boyfriend just started uni this September, there have been no problems at all so far (except missing each other) but it makes it even better when you see each other after the time apart. just like this article says just make weekly skyping sessions.

  48. Veronika Sigutova

    Thank you for the article, this is what I am about to go through now (Czech Republic -> London), and although I never wanted to break up, I had my doubts… seeing that other people did renews my faith. 🙂

    • Veronika Sigutova

      I mean that they made it through, of course… late night!

  49. Eleanor Morley

    I’m currently in a long-ish distance relationship and have been for the past 1 and a half year. I’m hoping to go to uni next year and so of course I’ve been stressing about whether we can cope with an even further distance, plus as you rightly mentioned, the work load, new friends, partying and basically just having a whole other life without your significant other. This article has really comforted me and was extremely useful and relevant to me and what I’ve been worrying about right now. Thank you so much!

  50. Gamal Mohamed

    I think…we can get our dream by choosing the perfect body and if he perfect he should treat u as a queen save u in this heart as big diamond that prevent any body annoy u

  51. Syanne Symington

    Interesting read and eye opening thanks x

  52. Meryll Gonzaga

    I didn’t break up with my boyfriend when I went to uni and I think it’s one of the best decision I’ve ever made. Yeah sure I’ve missed some opportunities of how single life would be life in uni but I honestly don’t think that was a big deal to me.

  53. Sana Butt

    It depends what you want in life if you don’t want a serious relationship and just want to fool around breaking up would be a good thing. However if you are mature enough and think you have experienced enough or think you just want you experience stuff with your significant other then there is no point breaking up. I am married and 20 years old, also starting uni in October so that shows everyone is different. Just do you boos.

  54. Jasmine Cox

    I don’t understand why someone would want the ”full experience” just because you’re in uni? I think you’re doing that person a favor if you’re going to be that childish. I think it’s rather silly if you feel pressured to be single so you can be with the ”Lads’ or ‘Girls’ and sleep with some loser and do something you’re obviously gonna regret.

    I don’t know…it’s just something that has always annoyed me.

  55. Megan Clifford

    I think… That if you love each other enough then univerity shouldn’t be an obstacle for you both however if you really feel like you’re going to do things at uni especially meeting new people then don’t hang on or people will get hurt!

  56. Andreea Cristina Tuluc

    I’ve been in a complicated relationship for almost 2 yrs now. It wasn’t that much of a relationship, I’d rather say it was an open relationship but anyways. We got back together for real one week before he went to uni. I’m going to uni in England and he stays in Romania so we’ll have to try the long-distance thing for 4 years. He put me through a lot in those 2 years and now he changed his attitude towards me 100%. He said we’re going to be fine but I just can’t trust him again. I always think of how a girl starts a conversation with him and he just refuses to tell her that he’s taken. Jealousy is indeed a bitch. How do you manage this kind of overwhelming feelings? how can he hold on when he’ll only see me twice a year?

  57. joywin kosgei

    I think…o the money question… for those wondering whether or not to break up for Uni? As so many of my friends are doing at the moment..?

  58. Ismael Onilearan

    I think if you are in a relationship with the right person you shouldnt break up.

  59. Marie Robert

    I think.this article is very helpful full ..

  60. Nicholas Jarvis

    I think… You shouldn’t because long distance relationships work

  61. Jennifer Taylor

    I would consider myself a lucky gal as my boyfriend and I ended up studying in the same Uni.
    We both live in the same flat and, believe me, it’s the best thing a girl could wish for. I have therefore never considered a break up, not even close. However, this article is so explanatory and complete to the point where it seems like we are actually experiencing it. Although I might not be able to fully understand it, I couldn’t agree with you more.

  62. Victoria Moyosola

    To be totally honest with you if you guys have a healthy relationship I see no reason why you should break up. You can try long distance and if it does not work out then so be it.

  63. James Bennett

    I think in these scenarios you have to be honest with yourself. If, when you are going away, you lie either by saying that you can or cant stay together, your going to end up unhappy when you realised you’ve lied to yourself and your other half.
    Instead you have to be truthful, and better yet to communicate with your boyfriend / girlfriend, because chances are they are having similar concerns as you and you could both do with voicing your opinions and getting some ease of mind.
    If when you’ve had a serious talk, you decide that its not going to work it is best to break up, otherwise you will be stuck in a purgatory where you are disintegrating as a couple but still delusionally saying that you can make it work, and it is a very dark place. But if you break up, it probably was meant to be and life moves on. You’ll make new friends, meet new people and experience new excitement.
    However, if you talk about it and decide that you and you other half can stay together during this period, providing you were both truthful and are willing to make allowances for each other, it is possible. It will be hard work but it will pay off. And by best wishes to the both of you.

  64. Enny

    I think that if it really bothers you and you’re actually thinking of breaking up, chances are you’re gonna do it anyway, whether it before you enter uni, or after. so i would say you do it before it goes any further, to save wasting time. so then you can focus on the important things like your studies.

  65. elfatih babkir

    I think…yes cuz in real way if u look at thing , its nearly “impossible” for a man stay with the same woman for long time in today’s days,,,,,

  66. Rebecca Bentley

    Staying with my boyfriend over uni was trying but defintley worth it – expect some hard times but I’m glad I didn’t end my relationship before uni

  67. Shae Fox-holmes

    I agree with this completely, why end a relationship to have one night stands with people that will probably turn out to look a lot worse than first thought that night than actually have someone you know looks good when your drunk and sober

  68. gobdj

    I think…after studies you both can continue your relationship

  69. Zeynab Caba

    I just recently started seeing someone this summer, and the idea of me going to university soon is making us take things very fast, mainly because we think we don’t have much time together.

  70. Enisa Marku

    It even depends on how is it going before you leave…if your boyfriend is being nervous or detached. You should reflect on it a lot, though. I actually don’t know what to do

  71. Anju Lama

    This basically tackled everything very well, it was great thanks.

  72. Diogo Ganga

    Great article! I’ve been ambivalent on the idea of a relationship before university (now’s probably too late anyways) but I would strongly recommend this article to anyone in doubt over whether to stay in a relationship or break up.

  73. Chiamaka Onuoha

    I think you shouldn’t break up with your partner because you are going to uni, if you can still keep in touch at least once a week or once in two weeks and if you’ve got strong communication over phone or Skype and they are very understanding, the relationship could last. But if it’s opposite of all these then there’s no need keeping them because you would need full concentration in your studies without love life getting in the way, so it all depends on how mature your partner is

  74. Kayleigh

    This helped rest my mind about making the decision to stay with my boyfriend, I start uni next week, I know it’s going to be tough but we will get through it together

  75. Connie

    All my fears about staying together feel less and I can breathe again!
    This is faith restoring.. Thankyou!

  76. Sharmaine Clifford

    Yes at first it may be difficult to balance it all, but just because you are off to higher education does that mean you can no longer be in a relationship? No because in the future you will be working loads but you still have time to have a relationship, many people manage it, as long as you try, work hard at it and are committed to that person, it should work out!

  77. Jack Cooke

    My friend has gone through this yesterday, I believe she sorted things out for what this article suggests, is to the better. I think what drives relationships to a close is this pressure of being away from someone, a pressure of change. Just talk it out and overcome it, you don’t need to fly off to uni’ with them and get some dead job in a bar/shop to stay close (keep an eye) on them.

    • Jenni Lane

      As much as I agree with your answer, I just moved out of my parents house to go to uni. My boyfriend moved in with me. Not because he wanted to keep an eye on me, but because we’ve been dating for two years and long distance wasn’t going to work anymore. We lived 50 miles apart and went to different colleges, so for our entire relationship, it has been long distance. It was hard, we got through it, and now I am living with someone I want to spend the rest of my life with. He is not going to uni. He is doing what he can to support himself, and to some extent, me. And you know what? It’s the best decision I have ever made.

  78. Maddiei Jarvis

    If the relationship is worth having, you’ll survive the distance! It’s also fab to have an actual excuse to avoid dates with guys who just aren’t your type in your flat.

  79. Alexander Reeder

    I do agree with this article on a personal level, as a year ago I was torn between leaving my girlfriend or keeping it going long distance (we would be at opposite ends of the country). It is by no means easy, but the time that you do get together feels so precious in a good way that you always make the most of it. We got by with skype calls on most days, sending each other voice notes and letters and stuff like that. It was often in the little things that you find the most emotional support. I think its almost always worth a shot at long distance, even if its a few weeks or so to test the waters – although it is completely down to the individuals. I am no longer in a relationship with this person however, as other issues became involved as well as the long distance. Even with that in mind, I am still glad I tried the whole long distance scenario, even if I was thrown in the deep end a little at first.

  80. Annie Johnson

    I think this is so relevant. I was contemplating the same thing to be honest. I’ve only been with my current boyfriend for just over a month and it’s a lot of work. I’m always willing to try and I really do care about him but I wasn’t sure if putting all my effort in would be a waste once I start uni. This article has really put it in perspective for me, especially with the part about genuine guy friends. I’ve had way too many fake friends and really want a fresh start with a clean slate. Commitment is the way to go.

  81. Raz Bibi

    I don’t think its worth breaking up before you start Uni! If you can make it work then make it work, I’m starting uni in september and me and my boyfriend are moving in together!

  82. Mohammed Amc

    I think…I think…you should be true to yourself, you know you best…if that makes sense. Don’t doubt yourself, if you trust and know yourself and your partner then you know you can or can’t do a long distance with them. Let then know, it’s for the best.

  83. Martina

    I’m so glad I read this. I’ve been with my boyfriend for two and a half years but people keep saying things which is like encouraging us to break up. We had to intentions to until we had a talk one night and it left me really doubting everything. This has left me so confident. Thankyou so much!

  84. Liam Craddock

    I think… I totally agree, same conversation i had with my girlfriend so we are definitely not breaking up. If you break up before you go then it was never meant to be anyway

  85. Helena Zucker

    I agree, if you have found a good thing and have confidence in it, it can be worthwhile to stick with. As someone going into uni life with a long-distance relationship, which has every hope of continuing, I think you should see how you feel during the experience rather than breaking it off prematurely.

  86. Adele Hare

    My boyfriend broke up with me before uni because he “couldn’t deal with the long distance”. I’m heading down to London and he’s as far north as you can get. I respected his decision in the fact that it would be difficult and would test our relationship. However, I feel that if a person is worth fighting for you would compromise and it wouldn’t be all that bad. This guy never even tried a long distance relationship and I think that shows the lack of interest and possibly suggests that the relationship is not going to succeed??

  87. Megan Forster

    I have known people in this situation both when it worked and if it didn’t. This article has been a great help and something i will send on to them. In this situation it just depends on the couple i guess and how much they don’t want to fuck it uo!

  88. Amy Barrett

    I think…this advice was really helpful

  89. Michele Bishop

    Hi everyone. I believe that as long as you can meet with your partner without having to travel to the other side of the world then no, don’t break up, use all the amazing memories that you have to motivate you, use all of the feelings that you shared to carry on. But if you’re in a distant relationship and you’d see your partner only for “special occasions” then what’s the point? All the important things just disappear, physical contact (not talking only about sex) and being able to look in each other eyes and pour your heart to that person.

  90. Sidra Fatima

    Everyone is different, it just depends on yourself and how your partner feels about it.

  91. Isobel Knight

    I think…there’s no reason you shouldn’t try and see what happens. What was the point in the relationship if you were both ready to give up on it without trying. If you break up then at least you had a good time along the way but now you’re both ready for something different. I hope this helped!

  92. Olivia Cullen

    I personally don’t find the whole serious commitment thing to be to my own likeness at this age. I know eventually I have goals of marriage and a family but just not right now.. being 18 I think we should be out there having fun with friends and yes some flings because if we drill ourselves down to one person now, we won’t be able to look back at funny embarrassing stories, it’ll just be all about 1 guy and theres only so much fun you can have with one person at this age, in my belief anyway.

  93. Hala Dou

    I think…the true love keep whatever you went to uni or not.

  94. Name Toby Compton

    I think…pretty good read!:) I have the problem of having a girlfriend going into uni.. So this helped a bit 🙂

  95. Marty McFarlane

    At this precise moment im in a realtionship, but I’ve never contemplated breaking up just to experience the ‘true’ University lifestyle. University will change you and you’ll develop your character along the way, but doing that with your partner is more valuable( in my opinion) than being single and having those cheeky one night stands.

    It will be tough going through Universiry whilst everyone or at least majority of everyone being single and enjoying freshers. You feel as though you should break up just to get that full experience, mess around, go wild, live life as they say… but personally, if rather live life in University experiencing events and issues with my partner than just a face that in the future will be as unclear as a psychic with a crystal ball.

  96. Michelle

    This article has really put my mind at ease. Thanks very much 🙂

  97. kjj

    I think this is awesome and amazing advice Thankyou so much

  98. Alice Saint

    So many people have told me that me and my boyfriend won’t last when I start university next week. Even my driving examiner on my driving test told me we won’t last! (which I thought was a bit out of line!) But this article has really assured me that it is possible to get through it. I hope it just makes us a stronger couple, and I feel like it does work out as long as you have a lot of trust in your relationship! Thank you! great read!

  99. Emma Tilsley

    I totally agree

  100. alex schrecke

    I would say that it depends on the people. If you aren’t comfortable with distance and trusting your partner it is not a good idea to be together while in college. As is, college is a stressful time and it doesn’t improve stress when you have outside stressors.

  101. Amy Park

    This really helped. Some of my friends say to break it off, but due to the distance we’re at right now anyway, the distance isn’t a problem. I’m staying at home through Uni and my boyfriend literally works about 5 miles away. I’m hoping the stress of uni won’t make me delirious

  102. Azeez Yahaya

    honestly mine girlfriend is about to enter a uni and it scares shit out of me im even thinking about parting with her but i dont know i love her so much

  103. Meg

    I think that if you truely love your boyfriend/girlfriend then breaking up with them wouldnt even come into question, if you’re pondering on the matter, then maybe they arent the right person for you anyway

  104. toto toto

    I think…It’s difficult to be in a relationship far from your partner, but I wouldn’t end my relationship over distance. It is only a few years and I am hoping to marry my partner during or once uni is finished. I don’t feel it’s worth ending it.

  105. Marwa Fares

    I don’t think you should break up just because you’re going to collage

  106. Elaine Asuo

    I think…breaking up with your girlfriend or boyfriend before you going uni, isnt the ideal thing to do. In my opinion the distance between the two of you tests the trust between the two people and also creates a greater bond. By locking off the relationship before entering uni comes acorss as the person leaving isnt committed and is willing to give up a relationship which could go far for fun..

  107. sibulele mditshwa

    some people are not strong enough to hold long distance relationships and can’t help but fall for temptations. I think if a person knows that they going to fall for someone new, then they should save their current partner some heartache and split up. However, if you loyal I don’t see the need to break up.

  108. Anik Barua

    I believe sometimes distance brings us more closer to each other, we can feel our dearest one more. From my personal experience I can say although I am far away from my girl friend, but I still feel her from my heart 🙂

  109. Ella Last Name

    My boyfriend and I are still together, the distance is tough but its worth it

  110. chloe-louise stevens

    i agree, ive stayed with the boyfriend i had before uni, after watching so many relationships fail during the first term or first year, it made us stronger knowing that we had each other. i am glad i made genuine friends with boys that knew that there was no attraction. people who break up to go to uni just dont even give it a chance.

  111. Izzy Croton

    I’m going through this now, it’s so traumatic 🙁 i just think, if it’s meant to be, it will happen. i hope it does.

  112. Hannah Green

    Relationships can last through uni!! Like everything it takes commitment but it can be done. I’m tired of people talking about sacking their other half off because they think that they’ll ‘hold them back’ from having a mint time at freshers

  113. Sophie

    I believe that you shouldn’t because you never know this might just make your relationship even stronger between you both. Of course it maybe tough but if you truly love someone you will do and go through anything just to be with them.

  114. Alyson Louise Crowley

    Why not give things a go to start with? No need to make any rushed decisions into breaking the relationship up before you start university! If all goes well and you and your partner are happy together whilst making time for everything at this busy point in your lives then hey presto! If on the other hand it doesn’t work out then just see it as a lesson learned & that it wasn’t meant to be! At the end of the day, life’s all about learning lessons!

  115. Morgan

    I feel like we realise a lot about ourselves as individuals at university, and that your able to do that more effectively independent of your boyfriend/girlfriend

  116. Konstantina Marinova

    I’m facing this dilemma at the moment. Things have gotten serious and I’m not willing to leave everything we’ve had behind. However, starting Uni in a different city or a different country can be a huge impediment. The long distance, questions, new people, new lifestyle…. Is it really worth it…. The article has helped me realise some things but I have a lot more thinkig to do. :/

  117. Leigha Betts

    this is brilliant such amazing advice, people should seriously take note !

  118. Heather Terry

    I stayed with my boyfriend, where he proposed and we got married once I graduated. So, for me it wasn’t an issue staying together while I was in uni. I wouldn’t break up with a boyfriend just to get a “true uni experience…” Doesn’t seem worth it.

  119. Anna Kathrine Schott

    As you said, I’m really scared that it’ll prevent me from making friends, especially in the beginning. We’re about to start uni next year, but neither of us know where exactly. All we know is that we haven’t applied to any of the same places.
    We’ve talked about it a bit, and we agreed that if (this is the most likely scenario) we break up, we will remain friends, but I don’t know if i can do that… I don’t know if I would be able to take hearing about, or much worse seeing him with another girl. Part of that is that he’s my first, and we’ve been together for almost 2 years now.
    But on the other hand, he’s also my best friend, and I definitely don’t want to lose that. I think we will try to be apart for the summer, and see how we feel. We can always get back together, and if it’s meant to be, it’ll happen! (I’m not sure if I actually believe this or if it’s what I’m telling myself to make it easier…)

  120. Rebecca Turner

    I think…University is not purely a reason to break off an otherwise good relationship, think about things! When I was younger my boyfriend at the time ended it with me as he was leaving for uni! Looking back it was the best thing he could have done, we wanted different things and he has now met a lovely girl, much more suited to him, and they are engaged! That said I have two friends together in different uni’s, and they are one of the best couples I know! They love the quality time together when they get it, and are both so motivated and supportive of each other! It’s great. I am joining university this September, with my little girl and fella in tow, and I have no doubts about our relationship, and am excited for us as a family! There’s no way uni would ever be a reason to end my relationship!!

  121. Katie Cheetham

    This article has helped me a lot and made up my mind to stay with my man instead of ending it just because of the distance. Thank you 🙂

  122. Lauren

    I think…this is a really accurate representation of what it’s like to have a relationship in school and at uni… I mean, I know I’ve been with my boyfriend 4 years now and I couldn’t dream of splitting up with him to ‘experiment’ at uni

  123. Timothy Lawson

    The year is 2016 and I think we can all agree, Traditional values are pretty much extinct. Breaking up before you hit the Uni Hmm…. That’s a miss step. If you have a good healthy relationship then why jeopardize that simply due to a change of scenery? If you have doubts then maybe discuss an open relationship? A daunting topic but why not take both of your happiness into account. You see miserable couples all the time, and if you have doubts about your relationship your probably in that boat. But if you could find a way for both of you to be happy and be together isn’t that the whole point of a relationship? All in all every relationship is different and you have to communicate with your significant other to plot the best course of action but simply breaking up because your attending a Uni.. that’s pretty shallow in my opinion.

  124. Jessica Welford

    If your considering breaking up with them then i think that says all you need to know, its not impossible to work at distance but if your thinking you should or your not sure then 100% break up with them for their sake.. because the fact its crossed your mind shows that your not willing to invest into this and personally i think your other half is worth more than the doubt you clearly have..

  125. Joshua Spuetz

    I think…That is 100% the truth… if you are in love or at least have strong feelings for a person.. why would or should you give that kind of connection up for a few one night stands…

  126. Hayley Mercer-Bliss

    My ex partner said he would leave me if I went to uni, especially if it was a distance away! For me that was something I didn’t need in my life and an extremely selfish ultimatum. Don’t get me wrong it was hard but you have to think about yourself and your future! Long distance relationships DO work if you’re committed and truly want it and when it works it makes you so much stronger. For anyone who is worrying, just chill, have a talk about it, it will be tough and you will have your ups and downs but concentration on YOUR future. There’s always Skype, phone calls, trains etc and the travelling might do you both good, get out and see new places, do what makes you happy and if it’s meant to be it will be! (:

  127. Kiran Pooni

    I think long term relationships are unlike the movies… It’s so hard to keep hinge going in terms of contact and maintaining a closeness! Phones are a barrier in relationships and if this is the source of communication, there lacks emotion and feeling! However some relationships can work and for those I commend you! I have a friend who hardly sees her boyfriend and she has become very paranoid that he is uninterested… Depends on the individual and how they deal in these situations

  128. Amber Mansell

    Finally seeing some sense from people! People think my boyfriend and I won’t last when I go to University but we’re in a long-distance relationship anyway and the University I’m going to will actually be closer to him? I don’t see a need to break up with him as I treasure the chance when I do see him, it will be no different at Uni. I definitely agree with your point also about making proper friendships with guys as they won’t have an incentive for other stuff and just an honest friendship 🙂

  129. Jessica Truong

    When you love each other distance shouldn’t matter, it will defiantly be hard but it will be worth it at the end! I’m going to university this year and I am very lucky that I got into university close to home and my boyfriend.

  130. Hannah Wetten

    This was really helpful! Me and ny boyfriend have been together for about a year and a half now, and I’m going to uni in september, dreading the fact that I would probably have to break up with him, but as we’ve got closer I think long distance doesn’t have to be a big scary obstacle, as there’s skype and trains etc, and if you really care for each other then you should understand that you’re not going to be able to see each other all the time, and that it won’t be the end of the world.

  131. Deeksha Agrawal

    Firstly, Hats off to your relationship!!! <3 so glad the two of you lasted after the distance… But I also think that taking a "break" can be healthy. It is not because it is challenging to maintain long distance, but because, if even after your days away from each other the two of you still have feelings for the other one, you can get back together and live the same days all over again ☺

  132. Amin Abdullah

    … I get what you mean. Even though I’m stil a college student and won’t start uni until September I have a feeling you’re right. Relationships end with a new beginning, not just boyfriend/girlfriend relationships but also friendshipsz

  133. Olumide

    I think…that she’s right! What’s the point of a relationship if you give up every time something goes wrong lol

  134. Nick Andreou

    I’m Going to University soon (hopefully) and often think to myself, is it actually that important to not be in a relationship? I recently started seeing someone and to read this has helped me to decide that the only thing that matters is whether you’re happy with the person you’re in a relationship with. So, thanks for the article, and here’s to staying with people you care for instead of getting smashed and regretting an awkward night clubbing with strangers!

  135. Lewis pettitt

    I think…life is too short to tie yourself down too young, if you really feel that the person your with is the one then this conversation or topic wouldn’t of ever surfaced. Obviously some people do find their child hood sweet hearts but in this life if it’s meant to he then it’s meant to be. Just go with what you feel, if your considering it your not in love and do it.

  136. Monika Stoyanova

    Keeping my relationship healthy has always been my number one priority and it was so hard on me when my bf went to university and we broke up. I don’t feel any better and I would do anything if we could be back together. A relationship is the one thing that can make me not want to go to uni straight away. I don’t think that relationships should be over when going to uni. Couples should find a way to stay together no matter what. That’s my opinion

  137. Tanya

    I think…it depends on who you are but if you don’t try then how would you know if it will work out. I know loads of relationship thats got stronger but others that have crumbled because one member doesn’t trust the typical uni student….. so I think it depends on the relationship before hand

  138. Lazarus Williams

    I think…instead of breaking up, l will rather not have a lover untill I get into the uni…..but is good that you go for the best when you can have him/her.

  139. Alessia Di Costanzo

    I actually started dating my boyfriend three days before uni started…
    It sounds crazy, I know, but I really don’t wanna loose him

  140. Luke Wheatley

    I have kind of the opposite problem. My girlfriend doesn’t want me to go and seams to be on the edge o breaking up with me as she feels like she will worry too much :[

  141. Vriland Pemaj

    If you love each other you shouldnt break up but you should fight for your love and try to save your relatioship

  142. Hayley loader

    Do you love each other? Thats all that should matter.

  143. Emily Watt

    I completely agree. I’m just starting Uni this year, and I know that my relationship will keep me sane in the next few months… My boyfriend and I have been together for about 4 years now – I survived him going to University, now he has to do the same for me!

  144. George Inglis

    I move into university in 2 weeks and i’m in a long distance relationship where i go to uni in the midlands (england) and she lives in east scotland. I plan on breaking up with her maybe but going to see how the first few weeks at uni go for me and go from there

  145. Bethan Thomas

    Me and my boyfriend have been together 6 months, and we use to live 2 hours appart from eachother. With me moving to an university closer to him I’m hoping it will make us closer and make life a bit easier! Sometimes you’ve got to just try the experience before deciding what to do! Give uni and the relationship a go first

  146. Bethany Drake

    I have been in a relationship for 6 months and he wanted to break up with me even though i am going to a uni about 7 miles down the road?
    is there something more to this than meets the eye?

  147. Jessica Sanches

    Ending a relationship just to have fun at university is definitively out of my to do list. I mean… you if don’t try to work it out you never know if it’s going to work. I will be studying at London and my boyfriend currently lives in Spain. Imagine that! But still we are hoping for the best.

  148. Desislava Zehireva

    My boyfriend already left for uni in Denmark and I’ll be studying in England. It has not been easy this first month but it’s not as hard as I imagined. We talk or chat daily, we watch movies together sometimes, it’s almost as if we were together except the physical contact. I think that it really doesn’t matter whether you’re able to touch someone physically if you’ve found a special connection with them. I will see my boyfriend in 2 months and just for 2 days, but for the time being I think it’s worth it and so does he. We do miss each other but time really does pass quickly, I promise 🙂

  149. Patience Chatsika

    its simple to assume distance is not an issue unless you’re in the situation like you have to be a special kind of person to do long distance relationship i think but its hard.

  150. Leanne Lynch

    im going to uni next week and my boyfriend is a year younger and is still at school and im so worried about not seeing him as often, but definitely not worth ending it

  151. Sian Frowen

    This article has made me 100 percent sure that I’m making the right decision to not even think or worry about a far distance relationship that’ll I’ll have soon, now that I can see that I’m not the only one!

  152. Estelle Yeats

    It’s difficult to be in a relationship far from your partner, but I wouldn’t end my relationship over distance. It is only a few years and I am hoping to marry my partner during or once uni is finished. I don’t feel it’s worth ending it. 🙂

  153. Layla Witham

    This article has made me so much more confident about my relationship. Thank you 🙂

  154. Leahmay

    I think if you feel yourself questioning whether to stay together or not due to long distance do you truly believe that you are 100% invested and really if you are questioning it doesn’t that answer the question on whether to stay together or not straight away? I believe that if you begin to question the relationship due to manageable obstacles then maybe it’s best to move on.

  155. bini zymberaj

    I think we should totally be aware that going for high level of education is really complicated when you are in love. You feel homesick and cant cope with the transition. All the time you think of her and cant concentrate in your study. Dont fall in love, its a trap. 😛