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Articles > Entertainment August, 17, 2016

Opening My A-Level Results On Camera – [Live Reaction]

Luke Birch
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9.35 / 10

Results day was, without hesitation, the worst day of my life. As you’ll see in my video below, I went from rock bottom, to cloud 9, to rock bottom again. There were more tears in my video than Niagara Falls – no joke.

I chose to open my A Level Results on camera because I know myself – in the build up to results day, I am glued to YouTube watching other people’s results videos to calm my nerves. So, I thought I would share my experience with other people.

Here’s me opening my A-Level results on camera… warning, there is *some* swearing 0.0

In the end, after being rejected from both my firm and insurance choice Universities, my firm choice Uni offered me a place on an alternative course.

To prepare for results day, coming from someone who had the worst experience possible – just try not to panic. Prepare for a stressful day mentally and physically. I’d suggest in the weeks building up to results day, search around other Universities for the course you want to do just in case, like me, both your firm and insurance choice reject you: this will make clearing stress free.

Remember, one way or another, if you know you’ve worked hard, in the end it’ll all work out for the best.

Comment below with the link if you made any similar reaction videos! How did results day go for you?

Check out Luke’s YouTube channel here

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