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Articles > Sports & Fitness October, 01, 2016

Gym-timidation: How To Beat Your Gym Anxiety

Joshua Farmer
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7.13 / 10

A lot of people suffer from gym anxiety. I mean entering the gym can be daunting for those not accustomed to the culture thriving within. Much like a cave of silverback gorillas, they seem vaguely familiar, almost human in fact, but still distinctly different.

Most new gym-goers end up cycling aimlessly, running towards nowhere, or just giving up before they’ve even started; but that doesn’t have to be the way. You can lift weights, you can be stronger and healthier, and you don’t have to feel gym anxiety. The gym is a place for everyone to come together and work out while understanding that you‘re all going through the same process at different stages.

How to beat gym anxiety - men crowding a man struggling to lift weights

Don’t let your gym anxiety stop you from working out and becoming a healthier you

Below, there are a few tips on how you can overcome your own gym anxiety, and start building a better, healthier, you.

1: Ignore The Haters

While I understand it’s much easier said than done, this is an essential part of overcoming your nerves. You have to find a way to stay motivated. There will always be people glancing at you; sizing you up; trying to find flaws. These people are most likely gym buffs who are despised by most people at the gym. So don’t worry about them because they’ll embarrass themselves more than you ever will.

What anyone else thinks doesn’t matter: concentrate on becoming a better you, and soon all the ‘haters’ will be the ones you overtake with your dedication. However, consider that it may just be paranoia that people are watching you, and others probably feel the same.

2: Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

The vast majority of people who go to the gym, and the ones that you would want advice from, are generally willing to give you a little help if you really need it. One thing you have to take into account though, is that they are not your personal trainers.

If you really want some good advice and guidance, a personal trainer is your best bet. An alternative would be to find a gym buddy you can tag along with who is willing to be your workout partner. If you cannot afford a trainer and don’t have friends to go with, then the next best thing is YouTube: the amount of information out there is absolutely astonishing, and I highly recommend Omar Isuf, to get to understand the basics.

3: Determine Your Own Environment

If you still feel that gym anxiety, then there are ways of making the environment suit you. Try going at non-peak hours to avoid a large number of people. Take your headphones with you and blast some music to get in the zone. As Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson says best, “FOCUS!”

Wear clothes that fit you now; not ones that you hope will fit you 6 months down the line. Gym clothes tend to be tight, form hugging, and expensive (I know the last one from experience), but going to the gym in a baggy top and a comfortable pair of shorts is just as acceptable. Also, if you sweat buckets like me, and you are afraid of people noticing, don’t wear grey or red.


When it comes down to it, you should enjoy the gym. You’re getting healthier and stronger. The flood of endorphins in your system will make you feel great, and you’ll be more confident in yourself. You’ll be able to hold yourself upright and take the world by storm.

In the end, remember that life is too short to get caught up in the little things, and the world is what you make it. So ignore what other people think, lift safe, be strong, be healthy, and go conquer your own life!!

… But if worst comes to worst, you could always end up in Planet Fitness – subject to a ‘no lunk’ policy and an ‘everybody is welcome’ attitude.

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  1. mohamed

    I liked this article, I am a novice bodybuilder and have experienced this problem

  2. Vikas

    Are you paranoid about other people watching you workout? At the mo I just do it I think

  3. Mukesh choudhary

    I think you should ask your trainer, he tells you lot of thing about body

  4. marco

    I think…gym sweat the my ass a aday makes me stronger than ever

  5. suresh makwana

    this is very useful.

  6. don

    working out reduces anxiety and stress.