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Articles > Sports & Fitness October, 07, 2016

Where Do England Go From Here?

Aaron Cahill
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Oscar Wilde once said “The only thing I cannot resist is temptation.”

Recently, temptation of a tasty six-figure sum was too much for Sam Allardyce as he blew the best job he’ll ever have only 67 days into the role. I mean it wasn’t as though he was exactly hard-up for cash to begin with as the England manager for goodness sake!

arsene wenger england manager confused

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As you may know, there was cautious optimism about Allardyce’s appointment after Roy Hodgson quit due to England’s abysmal Euro 2016 showing. The 61-year-old was poached by the FA from Sunderland after he steered them clear of relegation peril during his short spell at the club.

We were all looking forward to seeing how Allardyce would fair in the England hotseat. He’s been known to be a stickler for discipline, and his passion is plain to see. Most of all though, he had a proven track record of getting results. All of this only made the Daily Telegraph’s revelations all the more shocking last month as they uncovered advice he gave to undercover reporters about how to avoid the FA’s rules for third-party ownership of players.

“The only positive for Allardyce is that he’ll go down in history as England’s most successful manager ever, with a clean 100% record”

Allardyce also made derogatory comments about previous managers and players, as well as agreeing a fee to be an ambassador for a fictitious agency. He brought English football into disrepute and therefore made his position untenable, forcing him to resign by mutual consent (or, depending how cynical you are, he was pushed out by the FA).

On the face of it, bending the rules wasn’t the worst thing Allardyce could have done, but in such a high profile job, it was something he’ll never come back from, because his reputation has been tarnished indefinitely. The only positive for Allardyce is that he’ll go down in history as England’s most successful manager ever, with a clean 100% record, a fact which will undoubtedly become a popular quiz question for many years to come.

English football is now a real mess. The corruption scandal has put a dark cloud over the beautiful game, making this one of the gloomiest periods in its history.

So where do we go from here?

Even though there appears to be more deception still to come out of the woodwork, but once it all settles down, trust and integrity needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. The first important step is employing a manager who can bring England’s national team forward and put recent events behind it.

“Fans would like to see some ambition for a change – to have someone with real quality such as Wenger”

Gareth Southgate is in temporary charge for the upcoming games, but he isn’t a sustainable choice in the long-run, because he doesn’t have the proven track record or pedigree that an England manager requires. Early front-runners are Glenn Hoddle and Frenchman Arsene Wenger, whose Arsenal contract expires at the end of the season.

Glenn Hoddle would be the sensible choice to pick England up off the ground; he’s been there and done it before, but fans would like to see some ambition for a change – to have someone with real quality such as Wenger appointed to the dugout.

Who knows what direction English football is heading in? One thing is certain: it can’t get much worse. The focus needs to shift to what players are doing on the pitch rather than fixating on the Allardyce saga for too long. The best move for the next England boss would be to invest a lot of time and effort into giving fans as much as possible to enjoy, leaving less time for dodgy dealings. It’s also important to do a lot of preparation and research in order to make sure there are no surprises when it reaches match day.

Oh, and it wouldn’t hurt to have a refresh of the rulebook every now and again to make sure something of this magnitude never happens again.


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