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Articles > Money December, 01, 2016

The Guys Guide To Buying Girls Xmas Gifts

Andrew Williams
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It’s a well-known fact that us guys can sometimes really struggle when it comes to buying Christmas presents for the women in our lives. We’re all familiar with that last minute panic, only to end up going for the generic bed socks option and having to see their not-quite-disappointed-but-still-fake excited faces. Well, in order to help you avoid such a disaster this festive season, we’ve asked some girls what they would want for Christmas. There are options for budgets big and small, as well as for Mums, Sisters and Girlfriends!

So sit back and relax, because we’ve done all the hard work for you:


makeup brushes

Most girls love to experiment with makeup

  • Luxury – Naked palettes (Urban Decay), Debenhams £38.50. Every girl that’s into makeup either has one of these or desperately wants one. If you’re sister or girlfriend is a makeup fiend and you want to really treat them, then these eye shadow palettes are perfect. There are 3 main palettes so, if they already have one, make sure to check which one it is so you can avoid getting them the same one! Otherwise a nice Mac lipstick is another option. Check online for the most bought colours to get an idea of what most people like.
  • Affordable – Revolution palettes, Superdrug £10. This eye shadow brand is the perfect alternative to the Naked palette if you’re strapped for cash, as it’s great quality! Check out the Superdrug website for the best sellers, but one popular option for girls that like to experiment is the ‘Ultimate Eye Shadow’ palette, which gives you 144 shadows for only £10. Nab one of these and you’re guaranteed to watch your sister or girlfriend’s face light up when they see that many eye shadows in one palette! NYX is also a very popular affordable brand right now so check their section out to get them an on-trend gift.


girls christmas gifts

What’s that smell? That’s quality perfume for cheap

  • Affordable – CKIN2U For Her 50ml (Calvin Klein), Boots or Superdrug £20. This is a great perfume which is a staple scent for many girls. However, there are plenty more out there for similar prices, just make sure you do your research. It’s easy to get ripped off – especially at Christmas time – so make sure to compare prices (as well as physically check in store), as there may be special offers available that you can’t see online and vice versa.
  • *Personal touch* find out your mum’s/sister’s/girlfriend’s favourite celeb and see if they have a perfume that you can surprise them with.


girls christmas gifts

Top up their jewellery collection with some unique high-street pieces

  • Luxury – Pandora charms and rings from around £25. Every girl loves seeing that white and pink Pandora bag knowing there will be something really special inside. This is a particularly good choice for girlfriends and, although this is a high-end retailer, you can still purchase the nicer charms or rings for a reasonable price.
  • Affordable – High-street Jewellers. If your wallet can’t stretch to the prices of Pandora, then you can always turn to your local high-street. It’s easy to pick up some really nice jewellery pieces from any high-street shops such as New look and Dorothy Perkins for under £10. However, if you’re still hoping for sterling silver or crystals, you can try high-street jewellers like H. Samuel, who always have big sales with items starting from around £10.
  • *Personal touch* you can always take items to an engraver and get your special someone’s name, or a personalised message, put onto it.


girls christmas gifts

The gift of great memories is always a shout!

  • Luxury – Family photo shoot. Every Mum loves a good family photo, so why not make a whole day of it? Get all the fam together for a fun shoot, then at the end of the day you can collect a nice canvas photo of you all to hang up in the living room. This is really two gifts in one – an unusual and exciting day out for the family, and a special reminder of the day to keep forever too!
  • Affordable – Photo frame or album. This is always a winner and really, really cheap to create. You can get cheap frames in places like Poundland or Asda and photos can be printed from as little as 5p per picture. Alternatively, if you want to really save money, you can simply print pictures off your computer onto photo paper (or normal paper, whichever you prefer).
  • *Personal touch* You can also buy house hold items that you can incorporate photos into like coasters, or get pictures printed onto a pillow or blanket.

Hopefully, having read our handy gift guide, you’ve now found some inspiration and won’t be reaching for another pair of festive bed socks any time soon. If you haven’t found inspiration, however, and all else fails, just buy them a puppy. Works every time.

BUT REMEMBER puppies are for life, not just for Christmas! Please gift responsibly 😀

Happy Holidays!




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  1. Dharmesh Chauhan

    I think. It’s amazing

  2. Ieva

    Christmas is about spending time with your loved ones, of course gifts arent important but if you want to show your love, you can combine the two things together. Think about a special place you would like to take the special person and spend that time with them, having fun; which is what Chirstmas is about.

  3. amy

    not every girl is interested in make up and perfume. Get her something you know she likes, such as books or cuddly toys. buy her favourite movies or food.

  4. Kixi

    every girl is different and unique. In order to pick the right gift u have to know what she’s like, what she enjoyed the most ….

  5. harethi

    You could also have the guy cooking a meal for the girl, thats a good idiea

  6. ibrahim

    very useful

  7. De

    This was very helpful! Thanks Xx

  8. jamila

    I think christmas is a very crucial moment for lots of guys, to show that thy are interested in a girl by bringing them the best gifts.