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Articles > Rant January, 05, 2017

Guy Goes Viral For NAILING What’s Wrong With Our Generation

Louise Dunne
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Everyone is going crazy over this guy’s insanely accurate explanation of what is wrong with millennials (i.e YOU reading this right now!) and we want to know if you agree.

If you haven’t seen the viral video (below), renowned optimist Simon Sinek perfectly summed up why our generation, or millennials (people born between 1981 – 1997), face so many problems today. He explains why we have the lowest self-esteem, are unsatisfied with life and jobs in particular, and can’t form deep and meaningful relationships. See if you can relate to his key points and share your comments below…

MTV News | This Guy Just Nailed What it Is To Be A MillennialThis guy just NAILED what it is to be a “Millennial” 😱👌😱👌😱👌😱

[Simon Sinek Via Inside Quest]

Posted by MTV Australia on Monday, January 2, 2017



Sinek says this is our main flaw and it’s because we have grown up in a world of instant gratification. For example, if we want to buy something we can get it next day delivery, if we want to watch a TV show we can binge it in one go on Netflix, and if we even want a date we can simply swipe on tinder.

This is causing us to be impatient with things like love. It’s also making us impatient at work as we want to instantly make an impact in our jobs, and when we don’t achieve something straight away we want to give up and quit.

We love filters

Growing up in an Instagram world, it’s made us good at putting a filter on things. We like to show people that our life is amazing even though we are actually unhappy. We want to seem tough to the world – as though we have our lives figured out – when deep down we don’t, and this is ultimately making us dissatisfied and lowering our self-esteem.

Can’t form deep and meaningful relationships

Most friendships these days are superficial. We have fun with ‘friends’ but we can’t rely or fully trust them. This is causing us to turn to social media when we are troubled or stressed instead of people. Every time we get a like or message it makes us feel good and so creates addictions to things like Instagram and Facebook, ones just as bad as drug or alcohol addictions – which we also turn to instead of people.

BUT it’s not our fault…

It turns out we’re not the ones to blame for our problems. We were dealt a ‘bad hand’. We grew up subject to failed parenting strategies where we were told we were special and can have anything we want in life. Schools awarded us even when we didn’t really achieve anything substantial. Therefore, when we face the real world and get a job, we find out we’re not special and can’t just get something because we want it. Shattering our self-image and self-esteem.

So do you agree?

Most people would probably admit to being guilty of everything mentioned above, or at least know a lot of people that are.

Do you agree with everything this guy is saying? Let us know in the comments…

If you want to watch the full video of Simon Sinek’s breakdown of our generation click here.


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  1. Yaeesh Khan

    This very true. Everything said by Sinek perfectly puts into perspective of how spoiled we have become by modern luxuries today. I think we need to take a step back and reevaluate our lives.

  2. Melek Sidibenali

    Sinek is right about all these things, and the following generations are more likely to be more addicted to social media.
    I’m not that addicted to social media, and I see how it’s today, it will only get worse.

  3. Marites Gibson

    This guy really did his research and to be honest he nailed it.

  4. Maisie McDavid

    I have to undoubtedly admit that Simon is extremely accurate here. An interesting point made is that millneials are made to feel like they are special. I particularly agree that in schools we are too often given rewards for not actually achieving much, which does not prepare us well for the world of work where it takes a long time to receive gratification.

  5. nuyannnn

    I think everyone has their own opinion about something.

  6. Lorna

    I couldn’t agree more with this. We are filled with perceptions of what perfection is and people need to be able to find what’s right for them and what makes them happy rather than what the media portray happiness to be.

  7. syra

    i completely agree with this guy, especially the part where the younger generation is becoming impatient.

  8. nataszija

    I thought I was going to disagree with this guy, but instead I completely agree. I almost feel called out, but not entirely in a bad way. A lot of things have been pretty much subconsciously handed to us through the constant growth of technology and society and now we’re impatient.